You Are A Leader

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What difference would it make if everyone had NIKKEN in their homes? Would this change anything in our world? By witnessing the wonderful transformation NIKKEN offers individuals who use NIKKEN, one can only imagine [...]


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I just got an email from Peter Diamandis: I am on a global search to find my four key hires to join my personal team...If any of these positions interest you, or you know someone who is [...]

The Joy of Giving

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Dear  Dave  , Last night our living room was filled with people participating with us in an Active Wellness Preview. My heart was full as we shared our business and product experiences.  I saw our guests’ [...]

Why You Need A Waterfall

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Foundational to our good health is lots of pure and healthy water. Ultimately, your best protection from all the various pollutants that pervade our water sources is to have your own water treatment system. There [...]

Finish First!

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One early August morning, I nervously stood on the beach at Medical Lake, WA. I was about to participate in my first triathlon. As the starting horn blew, I sucked in my gut and ran [...]