Healthy Water And Salt

Good Morning World!

So how do you grow a Nikken business? How do you help to transform lives with Nikken’s amazing products and transformative business?

You bring someone with you! What? That’s it?

Each One Bring One. That’s a huge foundation to all that we do. NEVER GO ALONE. If you are joining a conference call…Who will you bring? Getting on a Nikken zoom? Who will you bring? Never go alone. Bring a friend. Bring someone who needs a friend. Bring someone who needs Nikken. Bring someone that Nikken needs. Bring someone who could become a Silver. Bring someone that could become a Gold. Bring someone that could be awakened. Bring someone who is a Royal Diamond.

Tomorrow is a trifecta…A triple hitter. You don’t need to plug into all of it. You can if you want to, but I do encourage you to plug into at least one part… and to BRING SOMEONE with you. Yes, invite someone, or sometwo or someten from your team, AND bring someone NEW as well. I Double-Dog Dare you!

THURSDAY, January 21

Conference line (605) 472-5543 Access code 721323#
Bringing Wellness Home 4:00 PM PST 5:00 PM MST 6:00 PM CST 7:00 PM EST
Back to Basics – training 4:30 PM PST 5:30 PM MST 6:30 PM CST 7:30 PM EST
Zoom Password: Connect
Nikken Overview 5:00 PM PST 6:00 PM MST 7:00 PM CST 8:00 PM EST
(History, Philosophy, The World Today, Innovations, Health and Lifestyle Solutions)

Bringing Wellness Home (Conference call) will air at its regular time on my conference line LIVE AT 5 pm MST. The topic this week will be: The Elegance of PiMag Water. This series is dedicated to helping educate our customers and teams about individual products. Each week we take on a new product.

“Back to BASICS” (Conference call): the fundamentals of BUILDING a NIKKEN TEAM. This call will be ideal for your new team members who want training and support. This call will also be held on my regular conference line.

Nikken Virtual Preview (Zoom). I will be asking if anyone loves their Nikken products…I hope to see lots of virtual hands being raised in show of your enthusiasm during this preview, and then I may call on a few of you to share that enthusiasm. Later I will ask who loves their Nikken Home Based Business. Again, I want to see your hands raised and I will then ask you to share what aspect of the Nikken business appeals to you and why. This, combined with a great powerpoint and a little enthusiasm on my end should make for a great opportunity for you to invite your prospects to get a great Nikken introduction. If it is a successful event (That means you have invited people who are GUESTS) than I will repeat this offering in the future.

Possible Text Invites (Change the times to fit your area):

GUEST: You’re invited! “Bringing Wellness Home” – health made easy. This week: a unique water technology from Japan called PiMag Water. LIVE at 5 pm MST. Simply call in: (605) 472-5543 Access code 721323#

GUEST: Your invitation: NIKKEN Virtual Preview. Innovate. Simplify. Transform. Thursday 5 pm MST with International Wellness Consultant Brody Craney. Password: Connect

To your team:

Nikken product training 5 pm (Bringing Wellness Home) followed by Back to Basics business training at 5:30. (605) 472-5543 Access code 721323#


Bring a Guest to: NIKKEN Virtual Preview. Innovate. Simplify. Transform. Thursday 5 pm MST with International Wellness Consultant Brody Craney. Password: Connect

We’re here to help!
-Brody Craney