Goodbye For Now!

My first personal Nikken experience occurred almost 31 years ago when I laid down on a Kenko Sleep Pad. In just a few minutes I could actually feel some kind of pleasant energy coming into my body. It was impressive! For many years, doing Nikken was all about bringing a KenkoPad into people’s homes so they could experience it for themselves. We could multiply the good effect by rolling a MagCreator or MagDuo on them. This was so fun, and we often saw miracles happen before our eyes!

Very early in my career I met Lenna Haus. When she was just an 11-year-old girl, she fell off a roof onto a pile of bricks. When I met her, she was 67 and still suffering from her childhood injury. After coming to Nikken home presentation and laying on a KenkoPad for less than an hour, she started to cry. In tears, she exclaimed that this was the first time in almost 60 years that she had no discomfort whatsoever! I interviewed her and made thousands of cassette tapes of her story. That cassette tape launched our business.

Some moments can change everything! Sometimes that moment is when you pick up your phone and call someone. One of my first phone calls to share Nikken was with my longtime friend Sandy Pack. Because of my enthusiasm and her trust in me, she decided to sign up before she saw anything.

Not long afterwards her husband Clyde courageously called their former Amway up line, Reid Nelson and asked him if he would do the favor of listening to a cassette tape. I like to refer to this call as a phone call that was heard around the world. The very reason that many of you who are reading this is because of the ripple effect expanding outwards from that particular phone call!

I believe Nikken is about to re-enter a defining new era of opportunity to grow the Wellness Revolution. We’ve been missing the sleep system entirely for quite a while. Very soon we’re going to be launching a sleep system based upon the original technology, where I believe, everyone is going to notice improved results. I think we tried to get too fancy in our magnetic designs, and that for sleep pad purposes the original magnetic structure worked the best. The new sleep system about to be launched is much like the original. It will cost less, it will be much easier to carry around and demo, and I am certain it will provide noticeably superior results. Now is a really good time to make a new beginning!

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. – Anais Nin

Ever open to a new challenge, I have the opportunity to meet and work directly with a very talented and visionary man. After spending a couple of days together he asked me if I would enter into a partnership/ownership with him. Perhaps it’s because I’m 70 years old now and I’m having a midlife crisis, I am captivated by this idea, and I have agreed to put forth all of my future efforts into what I believe can make a huge difference. For me, success is all about being able to do the greatest good for the most people. I also think that my stepping away could possibly help create some changes that will allow Nikken to become even better. I will forever be thankful for the amazing and rewarding life that our Nikken family has blessed us with. The most important thing in the universe are loving relationships.

With much love and sincere appreciation for all of you!

Dave Johnson


Nikken has asked me to close out the Magnetic Leaders Website.

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