A Quantum Leap

My name is Julie Tara and I’ve been deeply involved with Nikken for over 25 years now! The reason I got involved in 1995 was because I have been an Energy Healer and Teacher since my early twenties, and am continually passionate about finding and sharing natural modalities for health that are simple, non-invasive, easy to use, and highly effective. When I discovered how extraordinary the results were with Nikken’s technologies I got wildly excited to share them with the world. I promoted everywhere I could think of, and thus found some great, like-minded leaders relatively quickly. Together my team rose to the levels of Platinum, Diamond and Royal Diamond, and, as a result, I became a Royal Diamond myself in less than 4 years. By 1999 I was blessed with a team of over 15,000 people in many countries. Distributing energy technologies that really work, and helping people build solid businesses with Nikken continues to be a great joy in my life.

One of the key things I’ve always seen with Nikken is the critical need for third party validation. It’s one thing for a Wellness Consultant to tell a newcomer that the products are unbelievably effective, but it’s quite another when you can offer an outsider’s unbiased point of view on the why, what and how of nature’s marvelous health promoting qualities. This validation from an independent source is hugely important. Newcomers will often listen more to that than to you! Knowing this, when I discovered the conscious media company called Gaia, with over 8,000 videos on Alternative Healing, Transformation, Yoga etc. I was very curious. To my delight I found interviews and films on the power of Water, Magnetic Fields and Health, the great benefits of Grounding for our wellbeing, and much much more. There were films on the mind, manifestation and other transformational guidance that were in total alignment with our focus of Humans Being More!

What I then found, to my utter joy, was that, once I was a member of Gaia, I could send these videos that pertained to our Nikken business, to anyone for free, as often as I desired. This has been a revelation for me, as now I can simply refer my new friends to these videos and watch for the light bulbs to go off in their heads! It has made my work of engaging others with Nikken so much easier. I highly recommend you leverage certain Gaia videos and films to build your businesses. Smart leverage is the key to success. And I wish that for all of you in Nikken. Our work is vital, noble and extremely timely at this very potent moment in our world. I am so grateful that Nikken exists and that we are one big amazing family, transforming the lives of others one precious life at a time!

I named my Nikken business “Quantum Leap International” as I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this way of keeping people safe, healthy and thriving with Wellness Homes is absolutely critical now and into the future. Every home needs to be a Wellness Home!! Here is my Gaia Portal for you to explore for free for 7 days, if you so choose: https://www.gaia.com/portal/quantum

Have a wonderful time being a blessing in our world with Nikken. And don’t forget the art of Leveraging!!