Leaders are Readers

Successful people are continually reading good books. If a book is really good, it might pay to read it again so the ideas of that book will become more permanent and powerful. One of my favorite books (besides Ben’s) [put a smiley face] is Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. Much of this book is written as if the author had the opportunity to interview the enemy of our souls and the adversary was mystically bound to answer every question truthfully. The following is a revealing and I believe a vital key for our success or failure in life:


I have countless ways of gaining control of human minds…my greatest weapon is poverty. I deliberately discourage people from accumulating material wealth because poverty discourages men from thinking and makes them easy prey for me. My next best friend is ill health. An unhealthy body discourages thinking.

People who have not mastered themselves overfeed the appetites. Self-mastery contemplates sufficient control over the appetites to enable one to feed them what they need and withhold food not needed. The majority of people are so weak in self-discipline that they fill their stomachs with combinations of rich food which please the taste but overwork organs of digestion and elimination. When people eat wisely their body is sound and their brain functions properly.

Outwitting the Devil – The Secret to Freedom and Success
by Napoleon Hill

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