Week in Review and a Look Ahead - July 16 - 22, 2016

Week in Review

There is no doubt about it the Nikken community is hyped after Monday night's Pathfinders Prime show w/ Rick Murphy and his special guests. Rick spent a day with Nikken CEO Kurt Fulle talking about a new compensation plan. If you missed the show you can watch by clicking here

On Tuesday's Leadership Call Ben Woodward talked more about what it means to be a core consultant and the tools that come with this distinction. The core newsletter is designed to:

  • Inform
  • Inspire
  • Recognize and Celebrate Achievements in the field

Whether new to Nikken or a vet this newsletter is for you. To get the link to sign up for the newsletter please email support@magneticleaders.com. If you missed Ben's show you can watch the recording here.

A Look Ahead

This week's show line up is exciting, informative and fun! You can't love what you are doing if you are not having fun and as a Nikken independent consultant you will be having fun. You work for yourself, set your own schedule, work at your own pace... be your own BOSS. Our shows give you the tools you need to succeed when you own your own Nikken business. The background on our shows are: 

  • Monday's are prime time with Pathfinders Prime hosted by Rick Murphy. This show is *self care for finances. Rick and guests keep you informed on what is happening with Nikken corporate and give you the tools to succeed as an entrepreneur. Showtime is 7PM/PDT
  • Wednesday's are educational when you watch Self Care Awakening hosted by *Dr. Gary Lindner. Dr. Lindner has identified five key elements (water, air, sleep, weight, and energy) that can help you be healthy by choice and not by chance. Showtime is 6:30PM/PDT
  • Saturday's show Stump the Doc hosted by *Dr. Ash puts you in the drivers seat. Dr. Ash answers your health questions and gives you invaluable health and self care advice. Showtime is 8AM/PDT

This weeks shows

Saturday's Stump the Doc show will not only be informative but a lot of fun. Dr. Ash will be joined by Dr. Gary Lindner, live from Israel. Sparks Johnson is stepping in as guest host. Tune in at 8AM/PDT

Pathfinders Prime this Monday is "The Need for Speed." This show will cover how to focus on key activities that allow you to efficiently and effectively build your modern Nikken business.  It is not only what you DO - It is what you can DUPLICATE!  Understanding these key principles will not only work for you, but allow others to see a business THEY would also like to do! Tune in at 7PM/PDT

Self Care Awakening this Wednesday is "Activity Matters" and will be hosted by entrepreneur, athlete and mom Karen Messersmith. Karen is a physical therapist and owner of Athletes Aligned in Lodi, Ca. Karen has some amazing tips and heart warming, triumphant stories that will make you choose to be healthy by choice and not by chance by getting up and being active. We also hope to see Dr. Lindner on the show, live from Israel. Showtime is 6:30PM/PDT

To watch/participate in a show: magneticleaders.com/nconnect or by telephone:

 Dial: +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) Webinar ID: 976 690 439

 International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=vrAAK90iH5vdG94xTblqXSNEPVcus_eF

*self care for finances is taking control of your own financial situation.

*Dr. Gary Lindner is a physiologist and Self care Ambassador

*Dr. Ash is a osteopathic family physician



Is Lack of a Sleep Turning You into a Sleep Zombie?

Are you are one of the seven out of 10 Americans* that are plagued with sleep problems? Lack of sleep or not sleeping well has been shown to lead to:

  • Weight problems in adults and children
  • Anxiety symptons in adults and children
  • Depression
  • Immunity problems

This only a short list of problems that can be induced by a lack of quality sleep. OTC sleep aids or sleep medicines are not necessarily your safest option. For many people the problem is just not being able to get comfortable.

In 1953 "The Father of Modern Sleep Science" Dr. William C. Dement, MD, PhD turned the study of sleep into a scientific field by recording brain activity and eye movement of subjects while they slept all night. During this study Dr. Dement was able to document actual sleep patterns (five stages) that people complete during a night's rest. 

In 1970 Dr. Dement founded the world's first Sleep Lab at Stanford University. This lab used it's research to identify several sleep disorders and discovered that "drowsiness is a red alert."  Dr. Dement came to the conclusion that "you are not healthy unless your sleep is healthy." Further studies support this and add that quality sleep enables us to live longer and lead more productive lives.

Nikken founder Isamu Masuda in an effort to achieve overall wellness identified five areas of health. What is called the Five Pillars of Health. These pillars are Healthy Mind, Family, Society and Finances. The foundation for these five pillars is a great night's rest on the Nikken Sleep System. 

Years of research and product testing has lead to a new and innovative sleep system using DynaFlux Magnetic Technology, orthopedic support and all natural materials that cocoon your body in sleep inducing comfort.  Dave Johnson has been sleeping on a Nikken sleep system for years. Below he demonstrates why the latest incarnation of the best sleep system on the planet is even better.

Don't be a sleep zombie. One simple change could dramatically improve the quality of sleep you are getting every night. To learn more about Nikken's amazing sleep system click here. 

*as reported in Time magazine, Life magazine, US News & World Report and CNN

Week in Review and a Look Ahead - July 9-15, 2016

What a week!

This week went by amazingly fast! The good news is it was a very productive week. I want to thank everyone for watching the Nikken Connection shows and inviting guests. We want everyone to have a healthy body, mind, finances, family and to live in a healthy society. Nikken products and the Nikken business model gets everyone moving towards this balanced lifestyle. This week Ben Woodward introduced a "working" plan for a new daily rhythm we will have more information and supporting tools on the way. We will keep everyone updated on our progress. 

Please watch Ben's presentation here

This weeks Nikken Connection shows

Special thank you goes out to Dennis Williams and Karen Messersmith for stepping up to the plate and filling in for our regular cast. Dennis's Monday night business building presentation helps you get started with your own business. He then gives helpful tips for growing your team. Karen's "Movement Matters" show was incredibly informative as to why you need to get up and move, any kind of movement is beneficial. You can watch the recorded shows on the magnetic leaders youtube channel.  Don't forget to click the subscribe button to get the latest content automatically.

New Product Demonstration Playlist

We are building a new playlist on the magnetic leaders youtube channel for product demonstrations. We posted two new videos this week that demonstrate how Nikken's new Dynaflux technology offers superior magnetic coverage and performs far better than past technologies. These demonstrations include Nikken's insoles and the Nikken sleep system.  

A Look Ahead

Join the knowledgeable Dr. Ash for "Stump the Doc." 8AM/PDT  

Monday nights are prime with Pathfinders prime presented by Rick Murphy. This Monday Rick will be using the Nikken business model to prepare for the Nikken Field Convention and showing you how to do the same. Showtime: 7PM/PDT

This Wednesday join Sparks Johnson and cast for "Water Matters" part of the Self Care Awakening series. Water is arguably our most precious resource not a "beverage choice." Take the first step and be healthy by choice and not by chance. Showtime: 6:30PM/PDT

Week in Review and a Look Ahead - July 5-9, 2016

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend! It was beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Dr. Gary Lindner, physiologist and Self Care Ambassador's "Self Care Solutions" show was a huge success and another must see. Dr. Lindner  delves deeper into three of the five key, self care elements: water, sleep and weight. He then offers easy to adopt "common sense" solutions to issues with all three. 

A Look Ahead

Upcoming Shows for this Week: 

"It Is What You Start" w/ Dennis Williams & Dave Johnson

Please click the link below to join the webinar: 


Or iPhone one-tap:  16465687788,976690439# or 14157629988,976690439#

Or Telephone:

    Dial: +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)

     Webinar ID: 976 690 439


   International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=vrAAK90iH5vdG94xTblqXSNEPVcus_eF

Water: Pure and Simple on the Go!

Municipal water systems around the US have been making headlines and spawning growing public concern over drinking water. Naturally the public is turning to bottled water as an alternative drinking source but is bottled water safe? *Studies conducted on the 10 most popular US bottled water brands have produced some alarming results.  Up to 38 toxic chemicals were identified in these bottled water brands. 

*Recent studies conducted on the plastic bottles shows that the BPA replacement used to manufacture these bottles speeds embryonic development and disrupts the reproductive system in laboratory animals. 

There is a safe, cost efficient alternative to bottled water on the go. The PiMag Sport Bottle exclusive to Nikken. The PiMag technology naturally filters tap water cleaning the water, making it better tasting with a silky smooth texture.  The PiMag tech adds minerals and adjust the pH for acid/alkaline balance. 

The construction of the bottle is completely biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and bisphenol or phthalates free (BPA/BPS).  

For more information or to order click here

Water is not a beverage choice.
— Dr. Gary Lindner, physiologist & Self Care Ambassador
*ewg.org (oct. 15, 2008) comparison of the 10 most popular US bottled water brands
*“Chemicals Used to Replace BPA in Plastic Accelerates Embryonic Development, Disrupts Reproductive Systems.”
www.UCLAHealth.org 2/1/16: “BPA Replacement Not Safe” Taste for Life  6/16
Independent Nikken Consultant  

Turn Up the Heat! 90 Day Push

What are our favorite things about Nikken? What sets Nikken apart?

Here are our top three favorites:

The Products

Nikken products have enhanced and improved the lives of so many for over 40 years. Nikken is constantly improving their ground breaking technologies and their 100% organic nutritional products and you can always be certain a Nikken product is a top quality product. 

The Philosphy

Nikken's five pillars of health is the foundation of a well balanced life. When you improve your physical and financial health you also begin to strengthen your mind, your family and when these essential things align society benefits from this balance.  As a Nikken customer you can improve the health of your body and your mind. As a Nikken independent consultant you can maintain your healthy body and mind while ensuring healthy finances. 

Only Self Care company in the world

As a Nikken Independent Consultant we are all Self Care Advocates. Self Care is the choice to be healthy by choice and not by chance. Nikken products and the self care lifestyle set us apart from other alternative health care choices making the choice to be healthy easier for the consumer.

Self Care is not just about your physical health it is also about your financial health. The Nikken five pillars of health is a prescription for a well balanced, happy life and self care is the medicine to fill that prescription. 

So, what would make this better?

Nikken is and always will be committed to bringing the very best in self care products to the market and now Nikken is committed to present the very best self care for finances business model around the world. 

Jeff Isom, Nikken VP of Marketing/Sales announcement in the July kick off call was just the beginning. I had a meeting with Nikken CEO Kurt Fulle and Royal Diamond Ben Woodward to discuss the future business model and a NEW compensation plan watch the video below. 

Every successful person in Network marketing that I know including myself and all Nikken leaders launched their business’s with a big push, often described as a 90 day blitz.  Nikken just announced they are dramatically improving our Compensation plan - to be announced at the Fall Nikken Field Convention in San Antonio, Texas this October 20-23 - Just 90 days away! This plan will be more streamlined, enable an organic flow from customer to consultant with no encumbrances. 

This would be a really good time to launch your own business or grow your business even more with a 90 day push towards getting people to San Antonio, to see the new vision of Nikken's amazing compensation plan.

Nikken has provided a 90 day planner for you to download that can help you remain on track. Log in to your mynikken.com then go to the Business Success Suite the 90 day planner is on the left hand side under Helpful Office Tools. 

Your life can change in 90 days. Let's make the Nikken Field Convention THE EVENT of the year. 

Week in Review and a Look Ahead

What is your story?

Today's savvy consumer does not want to hear a worn out, rehearsed sales pitch. They want you to tell them a story, not a fictional tale but a true story, your story. Everyone has a reason for what they do and what they are passionate about. This is your story and your story can promote your business. 

Self Promotion!

Last Monday's Pathfinders Prime show was all about self promotion and how to effectively tell your story. You can watch that here.  Have you crafted your story, yet? Click here to download a printable your story journal page that will help you prefect your story. 

Self Care Success Stories

Last Wednesday's Self Care show, "How Self Care Matters" was individual self care success stories. The transformation these folks and their families experienced when they chose to be healthy by choice and not by chance is stunning. These stories are truly inspirational. You can watch the recorded show by clicking here.  

July Will be a Pivotal Month!

July will start with a very exciting announcement from Jeff Isom, Nikken VP sales/marketing. Due to Independence Day in the USA the call will be on July 5th at 6 PM/PST. You can listen to the call by dialing: 

641-715-3570; 444801

641-715-3570; 444801

Following Jeff's call we will have some very important announcements to make on our blog. Stay tuned for those. 

ALL NEW Self Care Series! 

Dr. Gary Lindner, physiologist and Self Care Ambassador is launching a new series July 6 at 6:30 PM/PST; "Self Care Solutions". This series goes beyond the awakening for a more in-depth look at the five elements vital to self care and what you can use to decrease body pollution and improve your health by being healthy by choice and not by chance. 

Tune in here: 


Or iPhone one-tap:  16465687788,976690439# or 14157629988,976690439#

Or Telephone:

    Dial: +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)

     Webinar ID: 976 690 439

   International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=vrAAK90iH5vdG94xTblqXSNEPVcus_eF

Weekly Round Up and a Look Ahead

Let's Talk Business

Monday’s Pathfinders Prime show with Rick Murphy “Talking Points” gave us all key points of conversation that sets Nikken apart as the world’s only self care company. You can use these “talking points” to keep the conversation going. If you missed the show or need a recap you can watch the recording here: https://youtu.be/nxiPgvK_IL8. Remember to share this with your team. 


Rising Concerns and Solutions


Unfortunately we had some technical issues with Dr. Lindner’s “Self Care Solutions” show Wednesday night and we were not able to broadcast/record the show. Dr. Lindner will rebroadcast the show Wednesday, July 6th at 6:30 PM/PST. You can watch the live broadcast at: magneticleaders.com/nconnect. Dr. Lindner’s “Self Care Solutions” show will address some of our major health challenges shown in the graphic above and how self care can help you make healthy choices and avoid becoming a statistic. 

Coming Attractions


This Saturday at 8 AM/PT Dr. Ash will be joined by Dr. Gary Lindner for “Stump the Doc” their self care Q&A session. Participate in this show and be better informed about self care and Nikken products. Ask your self care, health care, Nikken product questions live by clicking here: magneticleaders.com/nconnect. 

Monday, June 27 at 7 PM/PST Pathfinders Prime show is about “Self Promotion."

Your story is the best way to promote your business. You can use this show to leverage your story to reach more people. Tune in live Monday at 7PM/PST at magneticleaders.com/nconnect.

Wednesday, June 29 at 6:30 PM/PST tune in to “How Self Care Matters” with Spark Johnson and Rex Olson. Sparks, Rex and their guests will be talking about their transformations when they chose to be healthy by choice and not by chance. Tune in live Wednesday at 6:30 PM/PST at magneticleaders.com/nconnect

Healthy Diet Saboteur: Sugar!

I don't like sweets so I have never worried about how much sugar I intake in a day. No sweets means a minimum amount of sugar, right?

My wake up call came when I was flipping through a local publication that contained an article entitled Becoming a Sugar Sleuth*. Subtitled Don't Fall Prey to the HIDDEN sugar in Our Food it was the word hidden that caught my attention and began my sugar education. 

I challenge you to visit your pantry or fridge right now and actually look at the ingredients in yogurt. The picture below is out of my fridge and it is one of my favorite low fat yogurts. 


There it is that healthy diet saboteur (HDS) 26 grams of it! The recommended daily allowance for an average male. I recommend you visit http://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/ to get the latest dietary guidelines the guide also addresses the growing health concerns over sugar. 

Gary Lindner, PhD in reproductive physiology and Self Care Ambassador presents a weekly Self Care Awakening webinar in which he identifies five key elements for a balanced, healthy life. one of the latest episodes in this series is Weight Matters. Dr. Lindner talks about the dangers of hidden sugar.  Please take a moment to watch his presentation. 

*Darci Barman, MSN, RDN, LD, Becoming a Sugar Sleuth, Coeur d' Alene, May 2016

You and Plus One or 20 are Invited to...

I want to thank everyone's participation in the weekly Power Calls with our super stars; Rick Murphy, Dr. Gary Lindner and Dr. Ash and there guests. I also want to thank Dr. Herbert Patino for stepping in for Dr. Ash while she is on vacation. 

I want to invite everyone for Stump the Doc: Round Two with Dr. Patino this Saturday 8am PT but I also want to encourage you to invite as many guests as you can to the show. This is a great way to introduce your guests to amazing products we offer and the concept of Self Care as prevention not just treatment.  You can right click and save the image below to email to your guests.

The information for joining the webinar is: 


Or Telephone:

    Dial: +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)   Webinar ID: 976 690 439

    International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=vrAAK90iH5vdG94xTblqXSNEPVcus_eF

There is also a new RA LIVE schedule. You can click on the image above and then go to RA LIVE/Power Calls Schedule to download the new PDF. 


Helping Yourself by Helping Others: Live, Free Webinar

Why am I so Excited?

It’s often stated that the three essentials for real estate success is: Location, Location and Location!  For growing a Nikken business we may say that the three key essentials are recruit, recruit and recruit….and…don’t get these three out of order!  We may also declare: prospecting, prospecting and prospecting…however you say it,  contacting and inviting new people to join you either as a customer or as a business partner and teaching others to do the same is the the very foundation for success.

Don't Miss this Live, Free Event!

I like the simplicity in which Eric Worre covers the nuts and bolts of business building.  I feel his small Go Pro book an essential for anyone wanting to become successful. 

Recruiting is the gateway into this business and Eric is doing a live FREE webinar next week.  

Here are the details…   http://networkmarketingpro.com/recruitingmachine/

Nikken has the Best Compensation Plan


With Nikken's compensation plan you can earn retail profits right away and as you continue to grow your business you earn bonuses that are paid monthly.  You can see in the easy to follow chart below. 

Go to www.nikken.com/davejohnson to learn more. 

Nikken Products Work

Nikken products work, the price and value are astounding, the timing is perfect and the market is immeasurable.  I also love the newly announced incentives Nikken is offering those just joining us and on up to the Gold level.  Pass this on and help others achieve thereby helping your own business grow and prosper!

Ready to Launch!

Do you feel like being healthy is hard or that you don’t have the time? Does being healthy mean you have to schedule a time each day? Or can you simply choose to be healthy? In fact the answer to the last question is yes. You can be healthy by choice not by chance by making simple choices everyday, all day.  Dr. Gary Lindner has developed a concept of Self Care in an effort to brings awareness to what choices we should be making daily. Dr. Lindner’s Self Care Awakening series, airing every Wednesday at 6:30PM PT at theroyalalliance.com/powercalls , focuses on five essential elements, in a commons sense approach to good health. 

Dr.  Ash earned her BA in Biology, followed by a BS in nursing and went to Osteopathic Medical School to become a Family Physician. Osteopathic medicine looks at the whole person and not only diagnosis’s and treats illness but emphasizes giving the body what it needs to heal itself, become stronger and fight disease. Fifteen years ago when Dr. Ash learned the Nikken philosophy of healthy body, mind, family, society and finances (The five pillars of health). She not only identified areas in her life that were out of balance but wanted to share this philosophy and the Nikken products with her patients.  You can tune in every Saturday at 8AM PT, at theroyalalliance.com/powercalls  to our “Stump the Doc” webinar and ask Dr. Ash health care questions. Can you stump the doc? 

Nikken’s, diamond, power couple Rick and Paige Murphy are dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams. Every Monday night 7PM PT, at theroyalalliance.com/powercalls  they host “Pathfinders Prime” this webinar helps you get your Nikken business started by first setting three goals. Goal 1: Launch Your Nikken Business. Goal 2: Duplicate by Teaching Three People to Launch. Goal 3: Help Your Three Duplicate Their Launch. When you teach three to reach three you can increase your monthly income between $500 and $1280 a month. You then repeat this process with three new people to continue to grow your income.  Can you think of three people that could use extra income? Rick and Paige give you the tools you need make money and to teach others how to make money as an independent Nikken consultant. 

I Am Now Getting the Best Sleep of My Life with Nikken's Newest Sleep System

Are you having a happy National Sleep Awareness Month? We hope you are, but if you are one of the seven out of 10 Americans* that are plagued with sleep problems we want to help. This is the beginning of our Self Care series that we have developed to not only raise awareness of growing health concerns but to also give you solutions to these concerns and offer preventative measures for future concerns. So check back often our goal is to help. 

In 1953 "The Father of Modern Sleep Science" Dr. William C. Dement, MD, PhD turned the study of sleep into a scientific field by recording brain activity and eye movement of subjects while they slept all night. During this study Dr. Dement was able to document actual sleep patterns (five stages) that people complete during a night's rest. 

In 1970 Dr. Dement founded the world's first Sleep Lab at Stanford University. This lab used it's research to identify several sleep disorders and discovered that "drowsiness is a red alert."  Dr. Dement came to the conclusion that "you are not healthy unless your sleep is healthy." Mounting research further strengthens this conclusion. There are now over 3,000 sleep clinics in the US.*  Obviously, lack of sleep is a national concern. 

Nikken founder Isamu Masuda in an effort to achieve overall wellness identified five areas of health. What is called the Five Pillars of Health. These pillars are Healthy Mind, Family, Society and Finances. The foundation for these five pillars is a great night's rest on the Nikken Sleep System. 

Years of research and product testing has lead to a new and innovative sleep system using DynaFlux Magnetic Technology, orthopedic support and all natural materials that cocoon your body in sleep inducing comfort.  Below is a cross section of the new mattress topper. 

You can see the even distribution of the Dynaflex magnets which covers a larger area. The perforations allow air to flow which maintains bodily temperature control. The construction is all natural latex which is naturally hypoallergenic. The base is 100% wool which is naturally flame retardant. 

People that are using the new Nikken sleep system notice a remarkable improvement over the old Nikken sleep systems and other sleep systems they have tried. 

Watch  our own Dr. Gary Lindner  in the video below talk about how sleep matters and what you can do to get the best night's rest. 

* as reported in Time magazine, Life magazine, US News & World Report and CNN

Nikken Independent Consultant

Weekly Round Up and a Look Ahead - Week 3 March 2016

 Happy last day of Winter! 

I went skiing yesterday with my friend Gary Hall and had an amazing time. We stopped for a breather and Gary told me an amazing story of a friend of his who is an alaskan dog sled racer. She set off on the Iditarod with only her Nikken ThermoWear to protect her from the cold. Listen to Gary's story. 

You can get Nikken's ThernoWear, for a limited time, 25% off of the regular price. Valerie and i never hit the slopes without ours and when the mountains thaw we wear our ThermoWear when we go hiking or camping. ThermoWear is designed for body temperature control using
far-infrared technology which absorbs the heat and then distributes the heat for maximum comfort. Click here for more details. 

We now have an easier way to access the Zoom Broadcast.

All you now need to remember to catch the live video broadcasts is theroyalliance.com/live. This link will take you straight into the live Zoom broadcast. For a schedule of upcoming broadcast click here.

Have you reserved your seat at the Spring Wellness Expo, yet? 

Royal Diamond, Susan Carver has been fervently working on the agenda for the Spring Wellness Expo and it is looking awesome! You will not want to miss a day of the expo because there is something new, exciting and educational every day. This week we released via our social media sites just a couple of enticing session titles featuring the heart of Nikken, Julie Tara and Royal Diamond William Todd.

My favorite concept for measuring success is that the person who does the most good for the greatest number of people is the most successful. Julie Tara recognizes that most people have a desire to do the most good and affect a change in the world. Julie will teach you how to make the change you want to make. 

Have you ever watched William Todd presenting on the stage? If you have then you know that he has control of the whole room and the undivided attention of his audience. William will you teach you how to master your presentation skills and engage your audience.

Want to succeed? We want to help. Go to springwellnessexpo.com to reserve your seat. 

Next week we will talk more about getting an amazing nights rest so that you can take full advantage of the longer days. We will also address the growing concerns of lead in our water supply and how you can keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. 

Weekly Round Up and a Look Ahead - Week 2 March 2016

I hope everyone had a happy Brain Week and everyone knows a little more about how to take care of their brains. Healthy Mind is one of the all important pillars in the five pillars of health. If you didn't read my Healthy Mind blog post please catch up on it this weekend. 

If you live where Daylight Savings Time (DST) is observed remember to set your clocks forward. It is exciting to think the days will be getting longer but also sad to think we have to leave the comforts of our beds an hour earlier. Sleep is one of the most important things you will do in the next 24 hours. Visit our products page and watch the informative video about our bodies and sleep. 

if you live in the US the entire month of March is National Sleep Awareness month. Next week is especially important as we have our sleep patterns interrupted by DST. We will talk more about the importance of sleep next week. 

The zoom broadcasts this week were all very carefully thought out, informative and inspiring. We hope to post links to those as soon Nikken has them posted. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the new Magnetic Leaders website. Your comments are always welcome. We will start working on The Royal Alliance site soon and want to make sure it is a site that will give everyone the tools they need to succeed. 

Social media is an amazing way to reach and help folks that are in need. If you need help getting started or just pointers Nikken has released it's Social Media Guide and you can get that here.

Have a happy, healthy week.

 Love Dave

Independent Nikken® Consultant

Healthy Mind

Nikken founder Isamu Masuda developed what he calls 5 Pillars of Health® — Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. When you maintain these 5 pillars they form a foundation for a healthy lifestyle that creates a sense of serenity and balance.  Obviously you need all five pillars but I want to blog about the healthy mind pillar because this is National Brain Awareness week in the United States of America. 

It does not take a neuroscientist to tell you how important to your overall being a healthy brain is we instinctively know that when our brain is "in a fog" judgment, responsiveness and an overall feeling of well being is impaired.  When we use prescription drugs this "fog" can become amplified. Most of us would prefer an organic solution. 

Nikken's Kenzen Ten4® wakes up your mind the healthy way made with organic ingredients. Organic matcha green tea known as "nature's own energy drink", New Zealand kiwi widely regarded as one of the most nutrient-dense super fruits and 80mg of natural, organic, caffeine work together to super charge your brain and body for up to 6 hours. Kenzen Ten4® is also formulated to burn calories and boost your metabolism. 

You can use Kenzen Ten4® in conjunction with Kenzen® Mental Clarity.  Kenzen® Mental Clarity is a multi-action formula that contains cordyceps sinensis and other nutrients to synergistically help improve brain circulation and increase cerebral function. 

If you want to take this even a step further you can combine these two supplements with Kenzen® Mega Daily 4®.  Kenzen® Mega Daily 4® includes every type of vegetable phytonutrient; red, orange, yellow, tan and green that help to keep your brain functioning correctly. 

All of these are eligible for a 25% autoship discount. Go to www.nikken.com/davejohnson scroll down to Nutrition & Skin care on the left hand side and click on Kenzen® Organic-Based Nutrition to order and for more information. 

The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are a matter of personal experience. Dave Johnson is an independent Nikken consultant.

Why You May Need to Change Your Strategy by Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward has been involved in many different roles in business. This has afforded him a unique perspective on what works but more importantly when it works. Timing is everything. 

You can read Ben's blog here: 


Nikken is the Real Deal and My New Career

Valerie and I were invited to a friend’s home in April of 1976 where we saw an “Opportunity Meeting” and I was spellbound!  I was transfixed with the idea of reproductive and residual income.  I got so excited that night I couldn’t sleep! 

WOW - that was forty years ago!!!

 Like many others, we began with Amway.   We personally sponsored more than 40 people over a 4-year period.  Although we gained invaluable experience we always spent more than we ever earned.

 When my dad got cancer, I became interested in natural health solutions and joined a nutritional products company, and another one… and another one!  Mind you I wasn’t jumping from one company to another; they just kept going out of business!

 After working almost 8 years with the last company, it disappeared.  After many years of doing something that I passionately loved – it was gone – now I had to go get a job.

In July of 1990 I discovered Nikken.  We have been full-time in Nikken for almost 26 years and I have discovered a whole new way of life.  We’ve had the honor and joy of bringing a whole lot of friends along the way with us!

 Recently Nikken has undergone tremendous changes and some leaders have decided to go do something new.  We want share with you that Valerie and I have also chosen to begin a new career path beginning next week…actually I have already been working it and the results have been remarkable!  I was just visiting with a Diamond and she exclaimed that we all should have done all this 10 years ago, and being right at the beginning of something new and exciting has awakened fresh enthusiasm in me!

 Let me share the most recent example of how our new opportunity works.  Tuesday was my first time meeting a new friend.  In getting to know Chad I found out that he loves competitive weight lifting and works out regularly with lots of other very serious competitor’s.  He also has an uncle who is a very successful chiropractor.  He’s 31 and searching for his life’s mission.  After getting to know him, this is my first correspondence:


Hi Chad,


I’m Dave Johnson who met you last night at the Honeysuckle building.

I was wondering if you would do me a favor?  Valerie and I work with energy medicine products.  Many chiropractors and physical therapists are using a kinesio tape to speed or aid recovery.  It has really caught on since high-level athletes have been seen wearing it at events.   

We are marketing a tape that in addition to the kinetic effect common to all tape brands, ours has an added substrate of materials that can provide pretty remarkable results by adding negative ion and far infrared technology.  

I would like to give you a complementary roll of it to try and also share with your power lifting buddies to test.  I can also send a box to your chiropractor cousin in Alaska.

 If you would like to learn a little about what it is and does, my wife interviews a Physical Therapist discussing it.  Pretty interesting!


 When it was released at a small sales meeting in SLC, the company gave out some boxes for the audience to try and I interviewed some with my iPhone:

 Let me know if you would like a free box.  I enjoyed getting a chance to meet you!


 This is his response:

 Hey Dave, Chad here;  I watched your videos and was very quite impressed and would love to give it a shot and possibly bring you new clients.  Let me knowJ

 And the chiropractor is my uncle in Alaska.  Lol not my cousin J

 On a follow up call we talked about the water webinar and he said he knew about structured water from when he sold Perfect Water™ as an Amway distributor.   I met with him today to visit more and demo the product.  Chad has great possibilities!

 Throughout our network-marketing career spanning 40 years including 25 years in Nikken my objective was all about sponsoring everyone.  That has been the definition and modus operandi of MLM.  Typically over 95% of a Network Marketing companies products are consumed internally by their distributors!  This WAS the case for Nikken as well.

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing our new business because it’s super easy to start conversations with people about our awesome products.  (DUK Tape should be called Prospecting Tape!)

 The world has changed.  30 years ago I could place an ad such as: “Exceptional Opportunity to Earn” in the newspaper and could get many leads.  Today no one would respond to something like that.  Asking someone “Do you keep your business options open?” used to be extremely effective.  Because of there being so many MLM companies today, people have “opportunity overload!”  Unless someone lives in a cave, they have already heard these kinds of approaches. 

Now we are entering an era where regulators are looking at Network Marketing with increased scrutiny.  The defining difference between a legitimate business and a “pyramid scheme” is if that company has retail customers.  It has been predicted that all of the changes Nikken has already made will soon be required of everyone by law. 

When having retail customers becomes a business-building requirement, an important question a company and its distributors should ask is:  How many people will continue to buy your product even if they don’t get paid? 

Many MLM companies are simply not retail customer friendly.  Their business plan is centered upon everyone joining and buying a starter pack of some kind and paying bonuses based upon pack sales.  If front-loading with a Starter Pack becomes illegal will such a company survive?  This is truly a relevant question:  Is your product good enough for people to continue to purchase it without a comp plan?

Once in a while a new idea (even when it’s forced upon us!) comes to an old industry and completely transforms the way that industry does business going forward.  For Nikken it has been disrupting and wonderfully transforming.

 My goal is to have 20 or more regular autoship customers giving me an automatic above 1500 in retail volume every month, qualifying me for those extra 225 Nikken Bucks.  

Before this reinvention when Nikken was essentially a “Wholesale Buyers Club” the average order per distributorship was around $150 and very little commissions were paid on retail profit.  Almost all income was based upon leadership bonuses.  Now I am hearing of new consultants sharing the products and earning checks of over $1,000 their very first month!  Now imagine being a leader and instead of your team members only consuming $150 a month, they are now doing $1500 a month because they have a base of retail customers! This is why our new career will be with the new Nikken.

This will become the easiest and best way to create new Silvers.  If you lead the field by doing 1500 with 15 to 20 retail customers, then 3 to 4 of them will eventually ask you if you are making any money with this and consequently upgrade to Wellness Consultant.  If you “Teach 3 to Reach 3” with the model of everyone doing 1500 retail, your 1500 plus your 3 new consultants 1500 adds up to 6000 and you are Silver in two months!  Teach your 3 who are doing 1500 to find their 3 to do the same.   They will attain Silver and you achieve Gold!

We have value pricing for customers and pay excellent retail profit to new people.  More product movement is the water that will raise all the ships.  The dramatic boost in opportunity to new people on the front will translate into enormous opportunities for the business builder.

Nikken is the real deal!

Dave & Valerie Johnson