March 11, 2017 | Ben Woodward

What Kind of Telephone Pole
Are You?

Many years ago two businessmen were traveling through cattle country in Argentina. A bush fire had swept through the land a few months earlier, leaving many fences and telephone poles burned to the ground. While the wires remained, their purpose was seriously compromised. One man observed, “I think that telephone lines and poles are a little like people. They are built for one purpose and sometimes can serve another. Telephone poles are made to give support; but in many cases they are leaning and swaying and sagging until communication is impaired, if not actually cut off.”

Think about the lines of communication in your business.

What kind of telephone line or pole are you?

Are your wires lying on the ground impairing the experiences of others, or are you sending a purposeful and clear message?

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Carl W. Buechner

Communication is so much more than an exchange of words or the transfer of information. It is the primary and most essential method used for building relationships. In fact, we could say that even the absence of communication can send a message of its own. There is so much to learn, feel, and understand in Nikken.

Are we creating clear lines of communication?

Are we building communicating building faith and trust, confidence, and belief with our communication?

Communication is a two-way street.

In Nikken, we must identify two important lines of communication: up-line and down-line. As a Core Consultant you play the role of both. You MUST stay in contact with your active up-line to be sure that you have an experienced mentor to work with you.

Please do not sit back and do nothing.

Ask for help!

Communicate often and well with your down-line. They rely on you for encouragement, training, support, education, recognition and inspiration. Remember again, this may not only be communicated just through simple words. Often words are just not enough.

It was once said, “What you do shouts so loudly that I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

The power of example is an essential method of communication.

What do your daily activities tell your team?

Dave and I want to encourage each of you to stand a little taller and a little stronger in sending clear communication to your team.

Up-line and down-line!

Be courageous! Be kind!

Show confidence and encouragement!

Plug people into the field programs:

Core Consultant Newsletters,The World Tour, The Orlando Event, The F.A.S.T. Teams, and the weekly webinars.

We promise you that as you work on this fundamental behavior, your team will grow in confidence and as a result, performance will both increase and improve.

Perhaps there is a YOU inside of you that you haven’t discovered yet, at least not on a continuous basis.  It’s the YOU able to achieve more than you ever imagined.  It’s the YOU who is inspired by a magnificent purpose.

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”
― Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones

Becoming a ‘Core’ Consultant through reading, listening, watching, and coaching will change your thinking which will in turn transform your life!

You cannot go silver all by yourself.
Nikken is a team sport and you need a coach.

Nothing great was ever accomplished alone.

I can trace every goal I’ve achieved in my life back to a mentor or individual who helped me achieve it.

Call your active up-line today!