March 15, 2017 | Diana Hawley

As an Independent Nikken Consultant, you’re likely exploring the various ways to enhance your marketing reach. You’ve probably heard the phrase “social media is the new word of mouth.” You may even realize that digital or web-based marketing is the next wave in advertising and that a good amount of it can be done ‘DIY’ (Do It Yourself) at little or no cost. While this may seem like exciting news, it can be overwhelming and frustrating for the person who has limited web experience.

It’s important that you understand that as you go forward with this, if you are still left feeling lost, it is okay to just hone in on one or maybe two avenues that are clear to you and work those. During my time as a web consultant, the most frustrated business owners I worked with were those who took their DIY too far. Time is money, so don’t underestimate the value in hiring someone to handle your digital marketing for you.

This is the first blog in the ‘Managing Your Online Presence’ series covering a social media channel. I’ve decided to kick things off with Twitter! Not only is Twitter a great avenue for putting #hashtags to work for you, it can be a blast. Folks, social media is social! Twitter happens to be my favorite platform for networking and I have connected with key influencers
via Twitter.


What exactly are they and why are they such a big deal?

Hashtags are a smart way to mark your posts for search purposes. If you type a phrase into a search engine, content bearing that hashtag will populate. Specific to Twitter, some hashtags trend. Tapping into these trends is a great way to meet people, gain followers, and even scope the competition. There is already some good information on current hashtag trends in the Social Media Connection Facebook group, so I won’t spend too much time on trends, but Kevan Lee has an excellent blog with a 12 minute podcast on how and where to use hashtags. He has compiled some key resources for using hashtags, and considering that hashtags are a free way to reach your market, it may be prudent to schedule a day to dig into this blog and get a good grasp on how, where, and when you can use hashtags to enhance your online efforts.

Access Kevan Lee’s blog>

It’s also smart to outline what your going to post and establish your goal for each post. For example, while hashtags won’t increase an immediate reach on Facebook, they will categorize it for search results. We’ll dive deeper into Facebook in another blog.

There is a plethora of information on Twitter, and if you decide to give Twitter a go, you’ll be absorbed in it unless you find a way to stand out. Take the time to find influencers in your niche. Explore hashtags related to network marketing (#mlm, #mlmsuccess, #networkmarketing), health, wellness, and fitness. Observe what others are doing and how they are doing it. What can you do to stand out? If you’re struggling for inspiration or direction, post in the Social Media Connection Facebook group and ask for guidance.

As you consider growing your business with the help of social media, especially Twitter, don’t forget to have fun. Twitter is notorious for their 140 character limit, and those who apply creativity and cleverness to their Tweets attract a following.

As I write this blog, #GoodNewsIn5Words is trending, and those savvy with Tweeting are having fun with it. Examples of others involve manipulating song and movie titles. Not everything you post needs to be a Nikken promotion.

Promote yourself!

If people trust and like you, they are more likely do business with you!

Who knows, you may have a knack for clever one liners. If so, you would be remiss not to invest good time on Twitter. This all said, your Twitter profile is highly visible, so don’t forget the basic online etiquette rules when it comes to using social media for business. I discuss some of the basics in another blog in the Managing Your Online Presence blog series called “When Is It Advantageous To Use Your Personal Profile For Business?”

Access it here >

It’s also important not to overlook the power of engagement. Posting alone will limit your experience. Support others by giving them a ‘favorite’, a ‘retweet’, and even leave a comment. When the resulting notifications show up, so will YOU! People may or may not see your Tweet, but they will see your notification. I set time aside just to engage others, and as a result, I have gained some rewarding relationships.

There are apps and software out there that will automate your Twitter activity, but use them selectively. As you go and grow on Twitter, you will experience how others automate their activity, namely in the form of direct messages that prompt users to buy or to visit their website. It can feel ‘spammy’ and many of those go ignored. As an Wellness Advocate, you may find better results with a more personal approach.

Finally, be consistent. Establishing an online presence takes time, and it takes consistency. You will notice times that you lose followers. Don’t take it personal, and don’t get too caught up in numbers. Anyone you see on Twitter with a large following has either purchased followers or has been consistent with their engagements and posts, building their audience with time. And beware of offers that sell a following. Many utilize click farms which result in a dead audience.

Social media trends change often, and there are sources out there that predict Twitter is losing their footing at a marketing tool. All social media platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, their ups and their downs. For the Independent Nikken Consultant, it will be about discovering which one fits your personality, aptitude, and marketing message the most.