December 20, 2016 | Magnetic Leaders

Even introverts bursting with an entrepreneurial spirit can struggle with networking. Extended periods in social situations zap an introvert’s mental energy and without working alternatives, they can become cumbersome. Successful entrepreneurs understand the value in making alliances and having a strong network, so those with introverted tendencies have found ways to succeed at and even enjoy networking.

Social media is a solid channel for networking, reaching a diverse audience. Quick and useful snippets let your content do the talking and open doors for quick introductions that can be followed up with in-person meetings (no all day event needed!).

Speaking of all day events, a bit by bit approach can work wonders. Attend gatherings and events that don’t require an extended presence. Show up, strike up a few
‘1 of 3’ conversations, pass out some business cards, and then excuse yourself.

Whats a ‘1 of 3’ conversation?

Introverts are far from dull. Develop 3 go-to questions that probe for the talking points you are interested in. Use any one (or more) of them to strike up new conversations. You’re likely to discover something that inspires your next step toward success.

Finally, commit to networking. The right collaborations are priceless and they don’t always come easy. Finding them takes a sagacious effort—the right timing with the right people. As an introvert, you are at an advantage. Good listeners pick up on details that extroverts can miss.