September 16, 2016 | Dave Johnson

I was sitting at an intersection this morning and to my right there was a payday cash loan store AND a title loan store. In front of me was another cash for titles store, and to my left, an abandoned outlet mall.


So many struggle just to make a living wage – and that’s scary!

But YOU could own your own business. No really, you could. You are likely sitting in front of your screen doubting this claim and doubting yourself. It is true that owning your own business is risky. Most startups do fail and many new businesses will not last more than four years. Statistics like that are common knowledge – and likely the reason so many turn away the idea of self-employment without a deeper look as to why this happens.

Some common first time business owner mistakes include:
Incompetence: nonpayment of taxes, lack of pricing knowledge, and many more.
Lack of Managerial Experience
Lack of Product Experience
The good news is that Nikken eliminates these areas of concern.

Nikken supplies the product, pricing, the warehouse, the shipping company, and the technical and customer support. When you decide to become an Independent Nikken Consultant, you will have a mentor that makes sure you have the proper business training (ie. taxes), product training, and training in sales. You purchase (for a very low price) your online store from Nikken, erasing the hassle of having to create your own webpage. Nikken even supplies marketing materials for your social media feeds.

You may set your own schedule based on how much you want to earn a month. You can work as a part-time entrepreneur or a full-time entrepreneur… and I haven’t even mentioned the best part!

You will be selling a product line that transforms lives.

You will find motivation in not only the money you make but in the tears of relief rolling down your customer’s face as pain or discomfort melts away.

Don’t take my word for it, do your due diligence before you make a decision to commit.