Do You Have FOMO? If Not, Get It And Pass It On!

What is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). This is what Ruth and I had when we finally realized the tremendous value of what Nikken had to offer. The possibility to share these life changing unique and innovative technologies with people we loved and cared about, and the ability to offer them the opportunity to have financial FREEDOM!

What kind of business does McDonalds have? Is it a retail hamburger business? Is it a franchise business? Or… is it a real estate business?

Actually, it can be all three… it just depends on what you want.

  1. You can be an employee and flip and sell hamburgers.
  2. You can be a franchise owner and have your store and pay royalties to the McDonalds Corporation every month.
  3. You can be the McDonalds Corporation and use the royalties you receive from the franchise owners to purchase real estate.

McDonalds owns about 36,000 properties value at around $30 Billion. Prime commercial real estate in 199 countries on six continents!

Nikken is exactly the same thing. It just depends on what you want. Take a look at the diagram of the three business models we created.

  1. You can have a “retail business” and just sell products and earn retail commissions.
  2. You can have a “franchise business” and sponsor a few people who have a “retail business” and earn some rebates from their sales.
  3. You can have a “networking business” and build teams, who build teams, etc., and create a huge organization that will provide you with exponential, passive, reproductive income for the rest of your life.

When you have a “networking business”, it will consist of many of the first two models, as people who join make their choice as to what type of business they desire, and are willing to commit to and work toward. We love them all!

That’s the beauty of Nikken! You get to chose which model you want your business to look like.

It is impossible to “retail” your way to Royal Diamond and Financial Freedom. It is impossible to “Franchise” your way to Royal Diamond and Financial Freedom. The only way to Royal Diamond and Financial Freedom is by “Networking” your way there, building teams of leaders, who in turn build teams of leaders, and everyone creates passive, reproductive income. More people that hurt will be helped along the way with the networking model than either of the other two.

We are here to help you with the model you choose. We chose the “networking model”, 25+ years ago, as we wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of as many people as possible, including our own family’s.

Our “job” is to help each one of you with whichever model you have chosen. Maybe you have had option one or two since you’ve been in Nikken, and would like to move into option three and make a positive difference in the lives of even more people, including your own. Let us know, and we’re here to help you.

Our mission statement: “To inspire individuals to discover a whole new way of life, and provide them the opportunity to live it by changing their lives through improved health and financial well-being.”

The timing has never been better. Let’s work on your option 3 together!

We appreciate and believe in you.

Dennis & Ruth