Dear Nikken Friend,

Talking to lots of people on the telephone has always been the central activity for my business success. We are supposed to work from home because of the pandemic. I’ve been doing that every day for years! Every day I get to visit with people all over the country on the telephone.

Today it’s easier than ever to reach people and they are more interested in health than ever before. Obviously, we’re selling lots of Nikken Immunity!

Im reacquainting myself with old contacts and asking them how they’re holding up. I may mention that I’m doing something ‘new’ – we’re introducing a special kind of tape that looks much like the colored tape that Olympic athletics use… but with some kind of “Japanese energetic technology” built right into the tape. This stuff can provide amazingly effective relief of serious agony, often in mere seconds! We’re pretty excited about it.

Every business loves referrals – do you know anyone who hurts? I can send you some tape to try. May I text you a 2-minute testimonial about what it does? If you know someone who is hurting, perhaps you can forward it. What’s awesome is there is no downside or dangerous side-effects whatsoever!

(You can cut a couple of pieces along with some instructions and mail it in an envelope so you can do great remote demos easily and inexpensively!)

Success = Calling Lots of People Every Day!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… This is a superior health plan when compared to trying to eat all 30 apples on the last day of the month!

A healthy business growth plan includes talking with people every day! You can’t do all of the prospecting for the month in one day. It is impossible and it will never get done.

All the following I directly quote from: Fanatical Prospecting, by Jeb Blount

Salespeople put prospecting off – always with a promise that they’ll “get around to it tomorrow” – or later this week, or Monday, or whatever the prevailing excuse of the day is. They delude themselves into believing that they can prospect once or twice a week and it will be okay. But I know the real truth, and so do you. It never works out like that.

Procrastination is an ugly disease that plagues the human race. No one is immune. You’ve got it and I’ve got it. In fact, I have a PhD in procrastination, a bona fide expert. One year I bought a book called How to Stop Procrastinating (my New Year’s resolution). That book sat unread on my bedside table for three years until I finally sold it at a garage sale.

Every major failure in my life has been a direct result of a collapse in my self-discipline to do the little things every day. Frankly, that is all failure really is: The cumulative impact of many poor decisions, slips in self-discipline, and things put off until it is too late.

But there is no reward for procrastination. The failure to do the little things every day will cripple your efforts to achieve your goals. Lack of discipline will slowly but surely tug at your success and will eventually steal it away.

To be a successful prospector, you must develop the self-discipline to do a little bit of prospecting each day. You can’t wait until the end of the year or even the end of the month to prospect. You have to prospect every day.

Procrastinating is easy, but the cost is great. many salespeople don’t understand the price they have paid until they wake up one day and realize that they are facing a big pile of “shoulda-dons,” regret, and failure. As the saying goes: “Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.”

From: Fanatical Prospecting, by Jeb Blount -pg42

I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment!

Dave & Ben

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