Our Naturest™ Sleep System changes lives!

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Our Naturest™ Sleep System changes lives! We are working on sales aids that can help share all the important benefits. We would love to have some feedback on the tools we are creating. Consider printing it out and asking a potential customer if they would look at it and let us know what they like [...]

The Power Of Affirmation

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What do you think about?  This is an important question because our life is what our thoughts make of it. These are ideas that have changed my whole life. We really do become what we think about.  We can direct our lives by directing our thoughts. One of my first teachers concerning this all-important subject [...]

Do You Have A Personal Growth Plan?

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Wake Up And LIVE, Ideas from the book by Dorothea Brande   “All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this: Act as if it were impossible to fail. That is the talisman, the formula, the command of right-about-face which turns us from failure towards success.”   “Act boldly and [...]

The Art of Learning

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  My notes from an interview with Zoro – see: goo.gl/je62hp By Elysa Morrison   Knowledge is key to our personal and collective progression. However, the knowledge of mankind can be either a gift or a tool for great accomplishment and progress or it can be a curse and a weakness, restricting our ability to [...]