Diamond Summit Huge Success

We just returned from our Diamond Summit at Nikken world headquarters. One Diamond described this as the most incredible event he’s been a part of during his 29 years with Nikken. Many voiced that Luis is the best person we could possibly have as our President. I wholeheartedly agree!

Luis shared that although he’s been offered many lucrative opportunities, he loves Nikken, and the exciting challenge to not only grow the business, but also have a ‘Huge Emotional Salary!’ Luis is committed to building a strong team with a love of the game and for going big!

[New paradigm] Rather than Pillars of Health….The 5 Pillars of Wellness is an empowering shift! Global Wellness Community: We are a Global community focused on the well-being of both human beings and nature.

[A good script] Get an account to connect with Nikken and enhance your life. Upgrade to Nikken Prime to access all the benefits and enhance your cash flow.

[Check Growing] I love sales, sales love me…this is the only way our products can see the light. (get out of the warehouse!)

Everything worthwhile is uphill!

I’m reading a book with a valuable message about ‘the lies of the loud popular nouveau sales “experts” whose deadly advice leads salespeople and sales leaders astray. These experts preach to all who will listen that prospecting-proactively pursuing prospects-no longer works. What’s particularly dangerous about this false teaching is that it is exactly what the struggling, reactive salesperson wants to hear. Why do the hard work to prospect and self-generate new sales opportunities when some “guru” lets you off the hook by telling you that it’s “old school” and “doesn’t work anymore”? Why block time to pick up the phone if instead you can tweet, write blog posts, or play for hours posting comments in a LinkedIn group? The truth is that there is no Easy Button in sales. There is no magic bullet or secret sauce. No one sales tool, gimmick, or mystical new process guaranteed to fill your pipeline. In spite of what the social selling Kool-Aid pushers and inbound marketing companies tell us, the truth is that top producers and sales superstars are fanatical prospectors who take personal responsibility for identifying and creating their own sales opportunities.

A business needs 3 things to work: A meaningful product, compensation plan, and the individual. Nikken products WORK and Nikken pays us when we move them, what’s left is our desire. Having a dream big enough, something you want to get. Believing all these things, and then the discipline to keep moving.

Kaizen: A philosophy of never being satisfied with what was accomplished earlier. As business owners, we can waste our heritage, or we can grow our heritage.

The field leaders and the company are working together better than ever for a great 2020 and beyond. Don’t just hope to win… plan to win! Start 2020 now!!

From us to YOU!