Daves KVB Recipe and Tips For Fasting

Ben Woodward stayed at our home and enjoyed our ‘fortified’ KVB, and asked for the recipe.  Perhaps you might be interested.

We have a whole cupboard devoted to making KVB which we have for breakfast nearly every day.  We start each day with a tall glass of Jade Green Zymes; then run to the gym or some other exercise.

Dave Johnson Shake Recipe:

  1. I start my shake with 12oz unsweetened almond milk, for me this is more satisfying than the recommended 8oz.
  2. I throw in some Chia seeds
  3. hemp seeds
  4. I add organic Triple Fiber (Inulin + Acacia + Psyllium husk) I like a thicker shake!
  5. I also add raw unsweetened organic cacao powder
  6. Turmeric powder
  7. Gelatinized red or yellow Maca powder
  8. Dried organic goji berries
  9. Dried organic tart cherries
  10. Walnuts
  11. Ice

I blend this on high, then at the end I add the KVB. We have a Vitamix and I combine the KVB on low at the end to avoid the possibility of busting up the micro-encapsulated & enteric-coated probiotics to ensure maximum viability.

When we’re on the road, I can enjoy KVB made with only cold water, but I love all the extra-enhanced KVB breakfast.  Imagine adding all of this super nutrition to your daily routine, plus all of Nikken’s other powerful supplements. You’re set up for a day of total awesomeness!  (much better than Ensure™)

Have you tried doing an extended fast?  Fasting has huge benefits, your brain loves fasting. It can actually perform better while you fast!  Your senses seem to be heightened and thinking becomes very clear.  Allowing your digestive system to rest is beneficial.  Fasting can strengthen your immune system and will really tone down inflammation and helps fight infection.  Calorie restriction also appears to help you live longer and better.  Going without food helps with self-mastery!  Roger Drummer and I did a podcast about our fasting for 10 days! click

Dave Johnson

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