PiMag Waterfall Filter Product Test Results
Find out which chemicals and contaminants are removed when you use a PiMag Waterfall Filter to filter your tap water.

With an increase in publications that suggest our water supply is contaminated with various metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides we (Nikken) have completed tests that show reductions in a large number of these contaminants.

The process conducted in our laboratory is to deliberately contaminate the tap water with a high level of each contaminant and to then take a reading for each one after filtration.

Nikken has no information on water quality in your area. The substances removed or reduced by this device are not necessarily in your water.

PiMag Waterfall Filter showed a 90% reduction in chlorine compared with UK tap water.

The metals below are regularly tested for by water companies and filtered through their systems to make sure that they do not exceed the regulation PCV (Prescribed Concentration or Value). The PiMag Waterfall Filter showed the following reductions versus UK tap water:-

Name of contaminant (- % reduction)

Arsenic (68%)
Cadmium (87%)
Chromium (90%)
Lead (91%)
Copper (87%)
Nickel (83%)
Aluminium (95%)
Iron (73%)
Mercury (96%)
Nikken has tested 91 various contaminants and the consolidated results are shown here.

These contaminants are not necessarily in your tap water, but where any contaminant residual is present in a treated water supply, the PiMag Waterfall Filter is effective in significantly reducing the level of contamination.