The Power of Purpose

The need for purpose is one the defining characteristics of human beings. Human beings crave purpose, and suffer serious psychological difficulties when we don’t have it. Purpose is a fundamental component of a fulfilling life… When you have a sense of purpose, you never get up in the morning wondering what you’re going to do with yourself. When you’re ‘in purpose’ – that is, engaged with and working towards your purpose – life becomes easier, less complicated and less stressful. You become single-focused, like an arrow flying towards its target, and your mind feels somehow taut and strong, with less space for negativity to seep in. Steve Taylor, Ph.D.

 Purpose is why you should choose Nikken!

Our Massively Transformative Purpose at Nikken is Total Wellness through the 5 Pillars of health and helping every home become a wellness home. We are happiest when we have a part in making another person happy. Last week I interviewed Tracy St. Clair who suffered severe pain continuously for eleven straight years. She placed a piece of DUK tape across her collar bone and in less than five minutes, all discomfort was lifted from her!!! A $20 roll of DUK tape helped her more than all the specialists she attended. One of her doctors suggested severing all of the nerves to her arm for relief, UGH! Which might stop the pain, but at the price of losing all control of her arm. Nikken has made her very happy! I recommend you listen to her story and share it with others. Tracy’s Testimony

Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

Everyone wants to be happy and successful; it’s fulfillment usually involves other people. Nearly everything depends upon our relationships. ‘One’ is just too small a number to achieve real greatness.  Nikken is an opportunity to do work that really matters, and as a team we can do work that really matters at an extraordinary level! Being part of a team that allows us all to add tremendous value to everyone is one of life’s greatest joys! Our new president Luis Kasuga recently shared his vision and purpose. here

We’re thankful you are a part of Team Nikken and encourage you to go out and make your mark. Destiny is calling you!   -Dave
Success is:
Knowing my purpose in life

Growing to my maximum potential

Sowing seeds that benefit others   – John Maxwell