Pros vs Cons

Ben Franklin developed a system to help him make good decisions.  He created two lists in two columns that he divided with a line in the middle of a sheet of paper. He would list the pros in left column and the cons in the right column, and then weigh them in the balance.

Have you decided to do Nikken as a business?  Here are my pros and cons for doing Nikken:


  • To make a difference, make my mark in the world.
  • Ownership, building an asset, personal autonomy.
  • Freedom, Fun, personal growth, leave a legacy.
  • Amazing tax advantages, work from home, no traffic jams.
  • Meeting lots of people and building relationships.
  • Building a team and working with great people and being part of something that really matters!
  • In control of my own time, doing what I want to do.
  • Determining my own worth, recognition, travel opportunities.
  • Being in a career that is family friendly.
  • An unrivaled leadership development opportunity; then using your leadership to influence many others to become better because of your good influence.
  • Having work that stays fresh; when you recruit a new partner, you become reborn all over again yourself.
  • It doesn’t require large capital outlay and putting that capital at risk.
  • Day by day the only risk is putting your ego out for someone who might say ‘NO’.
  • No receivables/payables, no inventory, no licensing, no employees, very little overhead, great training and support from experts who are just a phone call away and won’t bill you – on going and for free!


  • People will say NO – Scary!
  • A fear of risk.
  • Will take time & effort.
  • I’ll need to develop some charisma and a pleasing personality.
  • It requires self-discipline.
  • I just don’t like to sell!

These are the important things on my ‘Pro’ list, and as I ponder over my ‘Con’ list, I believe that what I have listed shouldn’t be any reason not to do Nikken. I know from experience that every one of these ‘Con’s’ when overcome, can become valuable growth opportunities. Business is People; if you don’t understand people, then you don’t understand business! Learning how to sell, developing the emotional fortitude to handle the occasional “No,” working hard without supervision will make you invaluable in the marketplace and will strengthen your feelings of self-worth! Nikken has created a ‘playing field’ where we get to do the fun stuff of business and they do the hard things. To appreciate this, just listen to a small cookie business owner.

We hope you decide, really decide to do Nikken. All in and all the way!!!

Dave & Ben

Everything worthwhile is uphill.  No one has ever coasted to success.  No one has ever had accidental achievements.  You must climb to the top of the mountain.  You climb to have great relationships.  You climb to build a business. You climb to grow. Expect challenges. If it’s easy, you should get queasy, because what comes easy won’t last long, and what lasts long won’t come easy.    – John Maxwell, p.  20. The Power of Five for Network Marketing

 Nikken is an Infinite Game … Simon Sinek said so!