Now Is The Time To Get Into The Game!

Each one of us has a most wonderful; yet sobering and inescapable responsibility – the influence you have upon another human being. I believe the very best and most productive thing you may do in life is to influence others to do something good, something they never would have done, but for your positive influence. Then true success would be creating the most positive transformation in the greatest number of people.

Nikken: An invitation to be a positive difference-maker!

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise! We become healthy through our products. We become wealthy from building a Nikken business, and our minds are developed as we study those things that can change lives.

We know that Nikken products WORK! What if you knew with just as much certainty that your Nikken business can work just as predictably and consistently as the products? Would your life and business decisions be different if you knew you could not fail? What if success is not only possible, but probable and predictable?

Everything is in place for enormous business growth. The timing is just right, and nearly everyone can benefit from Nikken, and almost no one has even heard of it! YOU are the only unknown factor in this otherwise certain equation for success. If you really desire to make your mark in the world, now is the time to get into the game…really get into the game and play hard!

The batting average in professional baseball is 260. You’re really good when you can bat 300. This means that out of 1,000 pitches, you can hit 300 of them. Do you know your Personal Batting Average in Nikken? I only do about 250 – It doesn’t matter so much if you just swing at enough balls! Success happens in Nikken and baseball when you to go up to bat…lots of times. Enough times will allow the magic of large numbers to work for you.

In baseball, it’s one, two…three strikes…and you’re out!!! In the Nikken game, you get to swing as many times as you want! Don’t try to do this by yourself. Learn to do it right with good mentors. When you do lots of 3-ways with them, hitting the ball becomes a certainty. Do this enough and you’re going to get home runs!

Leading by example is not the best way to lead…it is the ONLY way to lead! Use all of our products personally. Develop your own personal retail customers. Get out and personally recruit new partners for new growth. Read and listen to good stuff to grow daily. Teach others to do these same things. Ask yourself, “What kind of business would Nikken be if everyone were doing it exactly like me?”

Our current “healthcare” has itself become a leading cause of death, and this should not be. We need you to help us change this. Many people are going to be better when we’re the ones who win this vital “World Series!”

Dave & Ben

The most extraordinary people in the world today don’t have a career. They have a mission. – Vishen Lakhiani

Climbing Your Nikken Mountain