The Positive Energy, Confidence & Enthusiasm Permeated The Atmosphere!

It’s always a pleasure to get together with teammates and friends from around our Nikken world and learn and grow. I want to begin this newsletter by saying a big thank you to Rick and Paige Murphy for hosting a fantastic event for everyone this past weekend in San Antonio. It has been a huge success. Some of the highlights for me are:

  1. It was great seeing people getting up out of their seats and working together to learn new skills. This event was hands on training on the fundamentals. So essential for growth is the confidence in knowing you have the skills to get the job done.
  2. I loved the new resources that Rick introduced. A one stop shop on his site that gives you a video playlist, and links to some very valuable tools. One new one being the new Nikken Live calls which can help everyone expand their businesses with new Distributors. New simplified messages that are kept under 10 minutes will be a powerful way to share, lift and support people in their business.
  3. The positive energy, confidence and enthusiasm permeated the atmosphere. Excitement and friendship bolstered this energy and I believe a lot of good will come into peoples lives as they take action on this and move forward in their businesses. We’ve been instructed on what is important. We were well trained on how to execute the fundamentals. We were inspired and reminded to believe in ourselves more, and reminded that no one is alone in this great cause! Everyone was challenged to pull out their calendars and plan consistent activities just like a real business!

On top of all of this – the community has been enriched. Lives enhanced because of love and friendships have been deepened. Such great reasons to be a part of these valuable events. If only we could bottle what we feel here and share it – it would be a number one seller all over the world!

These events are important for us to gain an understanding of the business; to get educated. In so many ways this benefit is secondary to other essential experiences that you just can’t get anywhere else. You might become well educated through attending webinars, reading books and getting coached by your upline. So why go to such great lengths to attend events like this? Because it is here that we foster friendships and grow in love for what we do. It is here that we gain more vision and our confidence expands. It is because of these events that people grow in loyalty to Nikken, their teams and our collective cause.

I am so very grateful to be a part of Nikken. To have you in my life and to be a part of yours is something that enriches me and brings me joy. Thank you for all you do in Nikken. Let’s all go out now and with love and loyalty, do a little better.

Our current “healthcare” has itself become a leading cause of death, and this should not be. We need you to help us change this. Many people are going to be better when we’re the ones who win this vital “World Series!”

Much love to all

Ben Woodward

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