The healthcare system really isn’t a “health” -care system at all. Rather, it is a disease-care system that is not built to support, educate, or inspire well-being. – Dr. James Rouse

  • Theirs: Disease – What Pill to Take
  • Ours: Wellness – What Environment can I put myself into

There is a wonderful abundance surrounding us as well as captivating temptations. Which foods will nourish you? Which foods cause you harm? Food isn’t just like medicine, it is medicine! We have a ‘pharmacy’ in our body, food is an epigenetic modulator. So also, is sugar and processed food – in a very bad way! What we eat greatly affects how we think. A major health topic today is the brain-gut connection. Perhaps this is a reason why 80% of the population are half-hearted about their work.

The quality of our lives = the quality of our thoughts =

the quality of our habits

Besides food, psychologists say that our brains feed on negative triggers. While our computers and phones are phenomenal tools that help us work, they are also purposefully designed to addict us! Social media, video games, YouTube, checking email or the news can be extremely addictive. Protect yourself from all toxic or addictive substances!

Most jobs and many leisure activities – especially those involving passive consumption of mass media are not designed to make us happy and strong. Their purpose is to make money for someone else. If we allow them to, they can suck out the marrow of our lives, leaving only feeble husks. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

If we’re working on a task or project that’s difficult or unappealing it is so easy to succumb to the distraction that prevents us from getting things done. The more often we do this, the more it becomes a habit. A BAD habit! If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much! -Jim Rohn

We need you! Our world needs examples of inspired living. Everyone around us can be elevated when we decide to realize our best life. We improve our lives when we improve what we think about. We can improve our lives when we improve how we eat, drink, breathe, and how we sleep, and we are what we say and do. This is us! Nikken helps us to optimize all of these essential elements!

Life gets better when you have an exquisitely good night’s rest through using our Naturest sleep system. You are setting up yourself for a day of total awesomeness when you begin each morning with JadeGreenZymes in a tall glass of PiMag water, have some good exercise; feed your mind and body a KVB shake, daily read and listen to good things. Nikken is a fantastic habit!

Let’s continue to discover it, live it, and share it with gusto!

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Controlling our focus is the single most important thing in life. What you focus on is how you feel. ~Tony Robbins