The Power of Leveraged Sales

New buzz words permeate the marketing arena. Many of the prevalent ones in Network Marketing are: leveraging, compounding, 10X’ing your business, and so on.  Each of them highlights critical behaviors we are striving to create to improve performance and results.

Every great business woman or man recognizes the power of collaboration.  Royal families have strengthened their empires throughout history by utilizing allegiances, marrying into other equally or more powerful royal families to increase their power, wealth and status. 

Major companies grow even bigger by buying out their competition or joining forces with other sizeable businesses. LG Household and Healthcare recently bought Avon. Disney bought Lucasfilm and Marvel. They own 80% of ESPN and 50% of The History Channel. L’Oréal bought The Body Shop and Nestle owns over 20% of L’Oréal. And, Proctor and Gamble bought out Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Hugo Boss fragrances to build sales growth in their beauty division.

Can we utilize this concept in our own business?  This is the power of networking! Our business success is based upon a few very critical repeated behaviors (like microcosms of the examples above). 

We do three fundamental things.  We sell our products to customers.  Our customers have friends and contacts and associates or networks that we can connect with and sell more products.  We partner with other Distributors who do the same thing through their networks. 

We build alliances.  We help them connect their networks and see the opportunity for collaboration and leverage this connectedness of people for everyone’s mutual advantage. 

We can create a huge interconnected web of business activity with huge networks selling a powerful product to customers, which over time can create something that grows into billions in sales with team members in the field being rewarded month in and month out for their vital leadership contributions.

I invite each of you to review all of your existing connections – both in and out of Nikken. Could there be some great allegiances you can make?  Are there some fantastic connections that may be strengthened and lead both parties to a more exciting future of growth and fulfillment? 

One of the most powerful tools in your recruiting efforts is the ability to ask for referrals. In the words of one of my early mentors, “It’s not who you know…it’s who they know that matters.” 

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