Whose 'Cat' Have You Been Kicking?

Dear Nikken Friend,

Zig Zigler tells the story of “Mr. B,” who was on his way to the office when he got a speeding ticket. He was very upset…and everyone saw this, as he walked in late to his office. While still angry he chewed out his sales manager, who in turn chewed out his secretary. Now the secretary was upset, and she took it out on the receptionist, who went home and scolded her 12-year-old son. Then her son saw his pet cat resting in the hallway… and kicked it! Now wouldn’t it have been better for Mr. B just to go directly from getting the ticket to the receptionists’ home and kicking the cat himself!? And the question arises: Whose ‘cat’ have you been kicking? There is a ripple effect that arises from every action we take. And just think, we may also indirectly pet a cat instead of kicking it!

Watch Zig tell this

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I highly recommend that you watch Influencer.

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