The 5 Step Sales Process

Dear Nikken Friend,

Building a strong Nikken business requires doing the same simple things over and over. But simple isn’t always easy and as a result we may overlook the fundamental growth activities.

The diagram below exhibits how we help people move through the flow of being added to our contact list towards becoming a repeat purchasing customer who provides us leads for more customers – or a business partner who is engaged in the duplication process. This is what we all want!

We start by adding names to our list. These names represent people, and so it’s invaluable that we invest time in building strong relationships of trust. ALWAYS be nice, kind, respectful, courteous and selfless in this process! Be genuinely interested in what their needs and wants are. Nikken is an opportunity to serve others. Find what people need and offer a solution. (steps 2 and 3) Identify a need then offer solutions. That’s it! If they don’t have needs for us to meet or challenges where we can offer help, what do we do? Keep building the relationship.

What I love about this cycle (and it is a cycle because step 5 leads you back to step 1 …if you’re good! -is that starting out requires nothing more than a genuine interest and concern for others. Moving to steps 4 and 5 requires skill that needs to be learned.

Our invitation to you today is to commit to having an active list of good people. Call people every day and build your relationships. Really care, and don’t rush this part. Remember the old saying, ‘no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.’ Build rapport. Develop trust. Earn respect. Then offer service. Provide value. Make a difference!

Wishing you a wonderful week and many new contacts as you move the work forward of Humans Being More. – Ben and Dave

The 5 Step Sales Process Infographic