How To Rise Above Discouragement

Dear Nikken Friend,

A member of my team recently expressed her discouragement to me at the pace of her business development and her perceived under-achievement. How grateful I am that we had the chance to speak. As we ended our call together I thought of how common it is for each of us to get discouraged at some point along the way. To that end, I would like to share with you three key words or phrases that can help each of us combat discouragement (and importantly – teach others how to do the same!).

The first key word is perspective. We need to see discouragement for what it really is. Don’t blow it out of proportion. And try not to worry about the things that may never happen. As Mark Twain said, “I’m an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

The second key word is support. We don’t have to go through discouragement alone—nor should we even try. There are others who can help, who want to help. By the same token, there are others whom we can help. I have often found that if I allow my own thoughts of fear, discouragement and worry to fester alone – they can create a very different reality. How grateful I am for good people in my life that help me to see things clearly when emotions get in the way.

Third, get back to basics. I have often found that in moments of great difficulty or challenge the worry and discouragement I feel can make everything seem so complicated and complex. Often, the solutions lie in getting back to basics. This is the beauty of the Core Consultant message. It is always centered on the basics. Remember – speak to at least one new person every day, show the plan at least twice a week and fill your heart and mind with enriching things on a daily basis – if only for a few minutes. It is amazing how much good can come from the little things oft repeated.

Dave and I wish to encourage all of you on your journey with Nikken. Will you get discouraged from time to time? Absolutely! And that’s okay. This is all part of our growth plan in becoming more.  But we know you can do it and we have every confidence in your success.