September 22, 2017 By: Dr. Gary Lindner, Physiologist

The solution to our global water issues and the plastic pollution of our planet is very complex and people often wonder what can they do as individuals to make a positive impact. One thing we all can do is to not to contribute to landfills by filtering tap water rather than purchasing bottled water. In recent blogs we have talked about the pollution problem with bottled water and about how to choose a water filtration system.

Waterfall for Healthy Water

Filtering our tap water is convenient, cost effective and the best way to provide ourselves and our families with healthy water. Our personal choice for water filtration is the Nikken Waterfall. Imagine if we could create fresh spring water in our own home or office? This is the strategy behind the Nikken Waterfall. The Nikken Waterfall System is an advanced, technically sophisticated, well designed countertop home filtration system that converts tap water into fresh spring-like water. Using a multi-stage filtration process which cleans, alkalizes, mineralizes, ionizes, energizes and oxygenates the water, the Waterfall produces a light, velvety fresh-tasting water which is highly absorbable and healthy.

Put simply, the Waterfall produces water the way nature intended water to be. Free of contaminants but maintaining an alkaline pH with minerals that are added back after the filtration process. The water is run through a magnetic field that provides a water structure as it occurs in nature.

The Waterfall Gravity Water System has a modern, compact profile and fits conveniently into most kitchen environments. All Nikken water products are designed to the highest standards, using non-leaching, and free of BPA and other estrogenic chemicals. With its Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association, the Waterfall meets rigorous standards for performance, capacity, and integrity, removing a variety of drinking water contaminants.

The Nikken Waterfall meets contaminant-reduction specifications of National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) Standards 42 and 53 and reduces objectionable tastes, odors, colors, aesthetic chlorine, chloramines, VOCs and mercury from municipally treated tap water. This is considerably better performance than you’d get with many conventional faucet or pitcher–type or water filters. The filtration efficiency is equivalent to more complex and expensive water filtration systems costing $1000’s of dollars.

The water tank components are bio-degradable plastics that will not leach potentially harmful chemicals into the contents of the tank. Nor will they release these chemicals into the soil. The Waterfall is environmentally responsible in several ways. It reduces the number of discarded plastic water bottles that become trash in landfills. This also decreases consumption of fossil fuels used in manufacturing those bottles. The waterfall is made with recyclable and biodegradable materials, including a polymer that does not leach chemicals into water as some plastics will.

Features and Benefits that we like most about our Waterfall:

  • Simple operation
  • Multiple-stage filtering process, advanced water-contaminant reducing technology
  • Certified filtration to reduce contaminants, NSF Certification
  • Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association
  • Natural, gravity-fed filtration – no need for electricity
  • Minerals added back to adjust pH to create alkaline water
  • Filter life LED indicator (The filter-life LED indicator turns from green to red when it is time to replace the filter)
  • Fits perfectly onto kitchen counter-top
  • Non-leaching and BPA free materials
  • Made of bio-degradable plastics for no environmental impact
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Cost effective solution for healthy water
  • Does not require a power source which makes it perfect for power outages or travel

The Waterfall is good for your family, your pocketbook and our planet!

Be Healthy by Choice, not by Chance.