I have discovered the universal key, the answer to every challenge you may encounter regarding your Nikken business.

Such as: How can I get a bigger check? How can I win the trip to Italy? How can I get my group to be motivated? The list is endles

…and this universal answer to everything is: Sponsor a New Person!

This simple pattern of one by one influences every aspect of life. A leader who has an organization of ten thousand people, indeed has a large business! This can also be thought of as an association of ten thousand ones. One by one, one person at a time is how we grow a team!

Early in my Nikken career, I doubled my entire organization in a single day… I sponsored my first person, and my organization went from one to two! Over time I sponsored more people and helped them sponsor more people, eventually creating an empire.

It’s all about having a club that people want to belong to!”  -Ben Woodward
Sponsoring is the gateway through which all the really good stuff happens…

“The most rewarding, the most frustrating, the most profitable thing you will ever do, is to learn to lead high quality people well. To learn to bring someone on that’s a high-quality person; build a relationship, have clear communication, lead them well, and build the culture of the company… Building a team of high-quality thoroughbreds that are all winning, and YOU had something to do with this! This is a rich thing. This is a business that’s got a soul.”
-Dave Ramsey

“The beauty of this business you’ve engaged in is that you are not having to pioneer something new or something that’s never been done before. Actually, you should be excited that the network marketing profession has already created thousands of millionaires and countless stories of people replacing incomes, quitting their jobs to work for themselves, or creating additional income streams. Network marketing is the ultimate business model for creating leverage – both of time and of income. Network marketing will allow you to own a business that you can design to fit around your life, while traditional business requires you to fit your life around it…. and hence it owns you.” Building an Empire –Brian Carruthers

Desire is the starting point of all achievement. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat. -Napoleon Hill

Have a burning desire that is greater than your fears.

A why that makes you cry. A life purpose zestfully pursued. Total resolve and wholeheartedness. A Definiteness of Purpose that inspires enduring enthusiasm for the cause.

B e l i e v e

Intense Belief – there is a direct correlation between the depth of your belief and what happens in your reality. If you believe in the absolute rightness and goodness of what you are doing, you will succeed! People will join you when you become the right person.

Really great men have a curious feeling that their greatness is not in them but through them. -John Ruskin

What if God really cared about your work? The thought that God is really with you and helping you, to think that He actually works through you and your job.

A Transfer of Enthusiasm. People like to buy from someone who really believes. You can’t kindle fire in others hearts until it is burning in your own!

The System and the Culture: Teach Three to Reach Three.

TEACH 3 TO REACH 3 is all about finding two or three people who have two or three people who have two or three people…and so on and on… with everyone being a ‘Quality Enrollee’ (500 in monthly customer sales) Be a leader by teaching everyone to find 3 Leaders and teach them to have 3 Leaders.

What kind of business would this business be if everyone in it were just like Me?