Dear Nikken friend,

Years ago, Tom Hanson told me a story that’s really stuck with me. Tom often drove by a beautiful home situated on an impressive hill. One day curiosity and courage came together, and he turned up the long driveway, knocked on the door, and introduced himself to the homeowner.

Alex turned out to be very friendly. He was a Russian immigrant with a heavy accent. In their conversation Tom asked Alex how he became so financially successful. “Alex appreciated the opportunity to live in America – most people don’t appreciate, or understand this wonderful blessing!”

Harvard University did a poll of millennial’s asking this question: “For you personally, is the idea of the American Dream alive or dead?” It’s disturbing that half of them don’t believe the American Dream is there for them.

I am reading The EMIGRANT EDGE – How To Make It Big In America, which seems to confirm that familiarity often does breed contempt! “More than any time in recent history, we need this powerful reminder that the immigrants of our country…arrive on these shores with gratitude, unafraid of hard work, and eyes beaming with all that possible.” There is a large disproportion of immigrants who are business owners and who are self-made millionaires.

Success leaves clues, and the author identifies
7 common traits:
One: A voracious openness to learn
Two: A do-what-ever-it-takes mind-set
Three: A willingness to outwork others
Four: A heartfelt spirit of gratitude
Five: A boldness to invest
Six: A commitment to delay gratification
Seven: An appreciation of where they come from

Of all of these traits, he believes the most important is a heartfelt spirit of gratitude. He elaborates that perhaps the most insidious impediment for success is the feelings of entitlement which pervades our culture. A heart that’s filled with gratitude can protect one against this!

How do you currently measure up to the 7 traits that are common to high achievers? The book challenges you to ‘channel’ your ancestors who first landed in the new world. Imagine what they would think about your opportunities or your difficulties. Would they be proud of you? Can you do better than you are presently doing by further developing the 7 universal traits?

I highly recommend you listen to an interview with the author, Brian Buffini. This is one of the best all-time interviews I’ve listened to!

Tony Robbins has said that controlling our focus is the single most important thing in life. What you focus on is how you feel. Your emotions — especially the ones you feel consistently — are the most powerful driving factor of your life. As we move deeper into the 21st century the number one skill for you to acquire is learning to control your attention, ward off distraction at every turn and stay focused on what’s really important to you. -Darren Hardy

Ben and I invite you to be a fully participating partner in our Nikken Campaign of Well Being. 2018 is not going to happen to you…You’re going to happen to it! You can make 2018 your very best year ever!

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Listen to one of the very best podcasts I’ve heard! The Immigrant Edge

Read “(NIKKEN) is about finding people to sponsor, sponsoring the people you find, and teaching those you involve how to do the same.” From: Learning The Business, by Michael Clouse.