Let's Do This - Talk To Lots Of People

Dear Nikken Friend,

I will forever remember a story I heard over 40 years ago at a training on how to recruit people into the business done by Amway Diamond Jerry Meadows. Afterwards, a man came up for some extra help. This man explained to Jerry that he just couldn’t seem to be able to sponsor anyone. Jerry asked him how many people he had talked with during the past week.  The man explained that he had some other commitments during that particular week and so he was unable to speak with anyone. Jerry offered understanding, saying that everyone will have weeks like that, but then he said, “Tell me, how many people were you able to talk to the week before that?“  The man thought for a moment and offered: ‘No One.’ “This is fantastic!” Jerry then exclaimed…”Do you realize that you have been sponsoring 100% of the people you are talking to!!!”

The easiest way to fail is to never try.  I hope you don’t have the same numbers as the guy in the above story!  After hearing this story, I vowed that I would always push myself to go and see the people.  This has changed everything!

Inviting people to take a look at Nikken is the Gateway Skill

‘Inviting people’ is a skill that can be learned, practiced and improved upon. Decide that you really want to build a successful business.  Decide you want to make a difference in another person’s life by sharing the gift of wellness with Nikken. Be genuinely open and interested in others; ask questions and listen.  What are they looking for? What do they want or need? Is there something Nikken offers that may help them?

Regardless of what your definition of happiness may be, a little thought will convince you that your own happiness (and success) is largely dependent upon the sort of relationships you have with other people.  Success in the Nikken business is all about building relationships. It’s about learning to connect with people and truly loving and caring about them.

Nikken is an opportunity to serve others by recognizing and solving problems.  This creates opportunity and beautiful compensation. Every day that you meet someone, think about how you can serve them.  You don’t necessarily have to approach them about Nikken at that instant. Build a contact notebook with names and some notes about them that will remind you of their individual interests and needs.

Somewhere along your relationship timeline with them, you can reach out and ask them if you can show them something that your company came out with that you believe will be of interest to them.  Having more energy, balance, relief, a new kind of water, etc. Then make an appointment to do a ‘Show-and-Tell’ or if they’re out of town, send them an audio or video link directed towards an interest.  Follow up with them with a 3way with upline or another expert. Do this again. Do it, and do it, and do it again…and then you will succeed!

Just do it!

Dave & Ben

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