Transform Someone's Life

Dear Nikken Friend,

You can actually transform someone’s life when you share Nikken! Luis Kasuga speaks of ‘emotional salary’ or a ‘spiritual paycheck’. Here are some testimonials I just got:

I sure am having some wonderful moments! When I realize how good I feel and that lots of positive stuff is happening around the rough moments. The water and mineral salt link you sent me has made such a difference. I’m actually able to drink enough water and instead of being up in the night eliminating the water, I’m actually sleeping more, and my blood sugars are steadily going down. My mind is more calm and at ease also. I thank you for coming into my life. ~ R. H.

And here’s another one:

Just wanted to share… I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with ‘Membranous Neuropathy’, an autoimmune disease that affects the kidneys and results in excess proteins being released back into the body. I got her started on our Immunity (2 pills 3x/day) and after just ONE WEEK she sent me a message:

“I have to thank you again for the Immunity Formula!!! This already helped my inflammation A LOT! I am not in nearly as much pain as I was and made it through a day without taking a nap. I had done some research on mushrooms and as it turns out in Chinese medicine, they use certain mushrooms to treat the kidney disease that I have. You could not have picked a better product for me! Thank you soooooo much!”

I love our amazing products with their amazing results!! -from Teri

When I got this note, I sent her the link about our waterfall and kidneys.

Today I left to add Total Veggie Drink Mix to Autoship for Nikken Bucks, good deals on selected products.

Dave & Ben