Developing Posture

Dear Nikken Friend,

Randy Gage said, “Hope is what gets people into the business. Belief is what keeps people in the business.” For many, when they join Nikken, it is the aspiration of what lies ahead that is attractive. Maybe they might win a free trip, receive a cash bonus or develop a passive income. But this hope will only take them so far. It must mature into a firm belief that such a hope can become reality.

I recall a lady I worked with a number of years ago. She was struggling in the business. At a push, national monthly events would generate just 30 people. And it was the same 30 people each time. They were good people, but she knew that in order to grow, things needed to change. So, she turned to her up-line who lived on the other side of the world. He offered to come to her market with a commitment. “I will spend one week with you and your team. I want you to arrange one event per night in a different part of your country where you have potential. You get the people in the room and I will sign them up.”

She was grateful…and scared. But, with a huge increase of personal and team effort, her and her thirty people went to work. They held a meeting every night for a week and averaged 50 people per night at each meeting. Not only that but they recruited about 10 people a night as a result. Wow! As a result of this week, her confidence grew massively. She developed a posture that saw her move from wanting to recruit the “big fish” to believing that she now was a “big fish” in her own right. It was awesome to see. But, as her rank advanced to one of the top positions in the region, I wondered if such a discovery could be made earlier? Or must it wait until such a huge breakthrough? I have learned, we don’t need to wait for big breakthroughs to suddenly discover our belief in what we are doing or in ourselves.

When we develop posture (which I define as a deep-seated confidence that is impressive to others) we shift in our messaging. We move from saying, “I will give this a try,” or “I hope I don’t get rejected,” to “I’m going to nail this thing!” and “Who’s next?”

The truth is we can begin with posture before we even generate our first commission check. We can develop posture before we have even signed someone up. Let me explain:

A Stradivarius violin is worth millions of dollars – even if you don’t know how to play it. A Lamborghini is still an incredible supercar – even if you don’t know how to drive. It’s value isn’t dependent on you as a person. I couldn’t help but notice when I was house hunting not too long ago, that the salesman showing Kim and I the homes we were looking at probably couldn’t afford them himself. This isn’t a criticism. It is an important point. He was great at selling them and was certainly well qualified to do so – even though he didn’t own one of them himself. Likewise, most crew who work for the airlines probably couldn’t afford to sit in first class where they serve their passengers. Most waiters at high end restaurants probably eat at more affordable locations. My point is this: we live in a world where it is common practice to promote, sell, and advertise goods and services or opportunities that the individual themselves may not at the present moment be able to enjoy. So too with Nikken. You don’t need to wait until you have a huge downline, a big paycheck, a top rank advancement or a seismic psychological shift to muster up the belief that you can do this. You can.

Nikken has been in business for 45 years. It has experienced ups and downs, great moments and heart-breaking ones. What tenured business hasn’t? But here it stands. Now, more relevant than ever. More needed than ever. In a world where fear and uncertainty appear like the reigning king and queen of the pandemic, we come through with a voice of assurance. A message of hope. With just a small, low risk cost to start, people can tap into a home-based business, build online, offer health and wellbeing to a world in desperate need of it and make a difference. They can find security and community. A place of belonging.

To all who are reading this – we are so glad we belong together. Let’s extend our reach and share the love. We have the Stradivarius, even if from time to time we know we can play it a little better. But let’s not leave it on the shelf. Its music must be played.

Ben And Dave