Dear Nikken Friend,

Below is a selection of essential video training or tools designed to support you, your Nikken business, and your personal growth.

  1. A Better Way: This is a 20-minute business opportunity presentation delivered in May 2020. It is great for sharing with interested potential business partners and for personal training and familiarisation with how you may wish to share and present.
  2. Marketing Claims Masterclass: This is an essential workshop for anyone wanting to know what they CAN say when promoting the business or our products. This isn’t simply about playing safe in a heavily regulated environment – it’s about being attractive and compelling too. Get your people to YES with these great tools!
  3. How to Build Your Contact List: This training explores not just how to build a list, but what to do if you are well established in the business and have expired a warm market list. How do I build a compelling list now? If you have this question – watch this!
  4. How to Invite: The training for this presentation begins at 11:10 secs in (prior to this is an unrelated chat about my book launch which happened on the day of the recording). This training walks us through the steps we can take to invite people to engage with our products or business. Effective examples are given for both cold and warm markets.
  5. How to Introduce yourself and What Mistakes to Avoid: We often hear about establishing ourselves as a clear and compelling brand. But, is that relevant today? Is that helpful in our connections with others? Listen here to learn what to avoid and what we should do to gain people’s confidence in our introductions.
  6. The Nikken Connect Weekly Schedule: This call explores the importance of the Weekly call schedule and how to use it. Technology cuts me off before I finish my final sentences, but the message is there – what is it for? Why do I need it? How do I make the most of it? You don’t need to be overwhelmed with a volume of calls! Pick what you need and plug in!
  7. Getting Started Right in Nikken: Here you will find some essential steps you need to walk new people through to help them get started with strength. Duplication begins here!
  8. Great Tips to Help People say YES: Do you find you work hard but get a lot of no’s? Well, here are some ways that you can bend the law of averages and get more yes’s.
  9. Self Leadership: An essential class designed to help business owners develop the inner leadership skills required to achieve their goals. Here we define what self leadership is, why people who lack it fail, and how to develop it to win in business.
  10. Building an Online Business: Special Guest Heather Abbott joins me to discuss some basics for building an online business. Click here to learn more:
  11. The Most Profitable Skill: Why is getting people to attend meetings and events the most profitable skill you can master? Watch this video to get the answer to this critical question. You will want your team watching this too.
  12. How to Attract More People: Some great tips and ways that work to make yourself more attractive to those around you.
  13. Purpose in Adversity: If you are finding your Nikken journey challenging and are feeling a little discouraged – take some time to watch this.