Tapping Into The Law Of Attraction!

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We are all aware of this important law and universal principle, the law of attraction, but too many people don’t know how to fully tap into it and take maximum advantage of it. Dr Tara Swart, a professor at MIT and Kings College has shared some interesting insights as to how we can take positive control and action with this inspiring influence and make great changes for good as a result.

Before you read the six points below, I want you to think of this question: If you could have your ideal life and business in the next five years, what would it look like? I want you to get specific, be visual, write it down and make it real so that you can utilize all of these points to make them happen. I know they will help and that each of us can have more good happen in our lives if we know how to use this law better.
Here are Dr Tara’s six steps:

1. Abundance – Dr Tara describes ‘abundance’ as the belief that there is enough of everything to go around. She defines it in a relationship with ‘lack’, explaining that whether we believe in one or the other will have different consequences on our lives.

For instance, those who believe in abundance will develop resilience through tough times thanks to the trust that things will get better. She believes they also exude generosity, which is infectious and leads to human connections.

On the other hand, those who operate on the basis of ‘lack’ will be primarily motivated by fear, and tend to think in negatives. This is why she believes adopting an abundant mindset is an essential part of the Law of Attraction.

2. Manifestation – Dr Tara admits that the concept of ‘manifesting success through positive thinking’ has often been dismissed by other members of the scientific community. And she concedes that thinking of a good thing doesn’t necessarily mean that will make it happen.

Instead, she explains that manifestation is about constantly trying to make our dream happen, however big it may be. It requires that we are true to what we really want, and focus on this, instead of chasing other goals. For instance, one could work hard to obtain a promotion and reach financial stability, when the dream was really to retrain.

Manifestation is about channeling your ultimate goal in everything that you do. Scientifically speaking, manifestation works by literally ‘breathing’ what you want. It’s focusing all your senses on imagining it and visualizing it – what it looks, feels, smells and tastes like.

This, Dr Tara explains, makes the dream more tangible in our brain, therefore more attainable. It also requires to slowly build the mindset and skills necessary to making the leap.

3. Magnetic Desire – More than positive thinking, magnetic desire is the strength of conviction that leads you to achieve something that was thought achievable.

Dr Tara explains that studies on optimism have shown that ‘an individual’s mindset and determination to achieve their goals dictates what happens to them.’

It’s a combined effort of channeling optimism that we can indeed make good things happen to us, as well as the emotional intensity that gives us the strength and confidence to turn our optimism into reality rather than hoping in vain.

In practice, magnetic desire requires building up one’s confidence to see the change through research, vocalizing what we want and visualizing it as well.

Dr Tara describes it as nurturing the seed of ambition our dream carries. It also demands making concessions and going through possible set-backs in order to move forward.

4. Patience – Like every project, building the skills to achieve our goals and working on our attitude towards life doesn’t happen overnight, which is why Dr Tara explains we need to be patient with ourselves.

By vocalizing and visualizing our dreams, we ease the brain into thinking they are indeed attainable and that ‘we can do it.’ The act of repeating to ourselves that we have the strength it takes to reach out for what we want will take time.

However, even though it’s tempting to give up when our progress seems to be stagnating, Dr Tara says it is important to not throw in the towel.

5. Harmony – At the core of rewiring our brain is the idea that the mind and the body need to exist in perfect harmony in order to bring all the chances to make our dreams come true. This will give us the balance and mindfulness to make good choices that advance our goals.

Harmony between our logical brain (the cortex), our emotional brain (the limbic system) and the gut, and understanding the signals they send us, is at the core of unleashing our brain’s power, Dr Tara explains.

And we can only truly understand them if we’re in harmony with our mind and body. The expert advises to keep a log of what happens when we follow our emotions instead of doing what’s expected of us in a journal. This can help us identify when we need not compromise. Compromising, Dr Tara says, can drive us away from what we really need and from achieving our deepest goals.

6. Universal connection – being connected with people and the world – Universal connection is the idea that we’re all connected to each other and the universe. It is about the way the world impacts on you, and the impact you have on the world, Dr Tara explains. Living in harmony with the world produces a sense of belonging and purpose which is beneficial to the brain. Compassion and collaboration with others releases oxytocin and dopamine, which contribute to pleasure.

Universal connection also suggests that it’d be more advantageous for us to be proactive about our lives rather than be the victim of unforeseen circumstances. There are many ways to tap into the potential of universal connection, from volunteering to raising awareness on social media about issues you care about.

The Source – the whole brain – also relies on our interactions with our friends in order to thrive. The quality of our relationships has an impact on our mood, our way of thinking and our behavior.

Dave and I invite each of you to join us in making the road ahead a deliberate choice where we walk confidently towards our best lives together.

Dave & Ben

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