New CIAGA for a New Body!

Dear Nikken Friend,

New CIAGA for a New Body!

Having a healthy body is a wonderful blessing! The human body comprises around 40 trillion cells. If your cells are healthy, then you are healthy – and if very many of your cells are sick, then you will be sick.

If you give your cells everything they need – and don’t give them anything they don’t need, your cells will be healthy, and then you will be healthy.

The Healthy Cell Concept – Optimize all the Good and Minimize all the Bad

Good nutrition is an indispensable component for being healthy. For optimum nourishment, the USDA recommends 7 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Too many of our population have far fewer servings; some people don’t eat fruits and veggies at all!

Fruits – especially berries – contain unique and powerful nutrients that can offer profound health benefits. Some of the most potent of all berries aren’t regularly available in the standard American diet, such as maqui and elderberry.

On May 1, 6 PM Pacific, Nikken will launch our fourth version of CIAGA on Zoom.

CIAGA is an acronym for nutritional support of: Circulation, Immunity, Anti-inflammatory, Gastrointestinal & Adaptogenic. Us old-timers remember the original CIAGA in beautiful cobalt blue glass bottles. The downside of using glass bottles was that it required high-temperature pasteurization; this compromised nutrition content and destroyed enzyme activity.

Our next formula was completely new, introducing Maqui and other Berries to the formula with our now familiar plastic bottle with a healthier processing of “flash-pasteurization” which rapidly heats and quickly cools the product, making it shelf-stable with much less nutritional detriment. (If you’ve tasted orange juice out of a can compared with orange juice in a plastic bottle, then you know the difference between regular canning and flash-pasteurization!)

The next version of super CIAGA improved the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) but disappointingly upped the calories big-time, with the addition of organic agave syrup.

Our newest product has the highest ORAC value ever, and is made into a powder using low temperature processing technology similar to how our JadeGreenZymes product is made. Nikken is concentrating and preserving all of the high nutrient goodness into a convenient and stable powder in a similar looking plastic jar. Our new Organic CIAGA is now very low calorie, and sweetened with Monk Fruit that has a great many health benefits all of its own.

Now you can optimize your diet with the very best of fruits and veggies with nature’s ultimate powdered fast food, CIAGA & JadeGreenZymes. Combining these two products can give your body nutritional awesomeness!   You have the potential to transform your health, and by sharing their nutritional goodness with others you can transform your wealth!

Dave & Ben

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