Dear esteemed NIKKEN TEAM member,

We met new friends last weekend who have been hurting for many years. She has fibromyalgia; he has a bad knee and back. Starting with a MagFlex, Kneewrap, and KenkoSeat, this is his report:

I must say I am hesitantly impressed with how they have helped my back and neck. I wore the back and knee all day yesterday. Usually, driving for that many hours would have me in a lot of knee and back pain. After 3 hours of driving, I would (normally) get out of the truck and not be able to stand straight. Yesterday, I was never in a lot of pain. Today, I worn both and actually feel pretty good.

Someday, when I can afford it, I want to get the sleep system. I think it will be amazing…if the knee and back really work as well as it appears to be working…I also someday want to get the water purifier. (They’re good people – I will follow up!)

There are millions who are hurting and would love to have and use our products…IF they only knew about them – this is our important task!

I believe everything happens for a reason – there’s no such thing as mere coincidence. Then why, at this moment is this opportunity placed before YOU? Consider that you are much more powerful and capable than you’ve so far allowed yourself to be.

This is your chance to shine. And NOW it is up to YOU to answer the high calling of being a person of influence. From this moment and onward your life can be much more!

Our challenge for you is: Make NOW your turning point!

Every person of great accomplishment has one thing in common. Invariably there was a distinct and defining moment in their life that caused them to make a clear and resolute decision, and this changed everything.

“When you change – everything will change for you!”

“Extraordinary success is sequential, not simultaneous. What starts out linear becomes geometric. You do the right thing and then you do the nest right thing. Over time it adds up, and the geometric potential of success is unleashed…Success builds on success, and as this happens, over and over, you move toward the highest success possible!” – Gary Keller

Now is your opportunity to soar.

We love you!!!!

Dave & Valerie