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I’m getting more and more excited about our new BDZ Formula. A key component of BDZ is a highly bioavailable trace mineral source extracted from pristine Icelandic sea vegetation. Every metabolic process occurring at every moment in your body can only function correctly if the proper balance of minerals is continually being supplied to your system.  Our supplier has a short YouTube video: Aquamin

The most all-time successful recruiting tool in the history of Network Marketing was a cassette tape titled: Dead Doctors Don’t Lie! Dr. Joel Wallach extensively practiced veterinary medicine and was also a gifted pathologist. The unusual title of his tape came from research revealing that medical doctors on average have a shorter lifespan than the population at large, indicating that perhaps doctors don’t know everything there is to know about health!

I bring this up because the premise of his tape is that almost all disease is caused by trace mineral deficiencies. His fascinating presentation covers specific conditions that respond spectacularly to nutritional support. Listen to Dead Doctors Don’t Lie!

As you listen to his talk, you will note that all of the important nutrients he refers to just happen to be part of the BDZ formula! Q&A along with active links for further study here

This product can change your life! BDZ is packed with a plethora of important, patented nutritional factors that have been clinically validated to support bone/joint/vascular and overall anti-aging.

May You Never Know What You’re Preventing!   A part of my Personal Health Assurance Policy is 5XDay BDZ

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