I just got an email from Peter Diamandis: I am on a global search to find my four key hires to join my personal team…If any of these positions interest you, or you know someone who is amazing and wants to join my personal team… you’ll be working alongside tremendous company. My organization, the Abundance Group, is filled with an extraordinary group of rockstars. They are amazing and make life a joy...

What a fantastic attitude, this guy exudes total confidence!  I am watching John Maxwell on Confidence, Courage & Decision-Making.  He says:

If you’re going to be really good, you’ve got to grow. Focus on those things that matter most. What areas are the most important for a person to grow in?  What things are the most essential for my success?

Number one is confidence. Great leaders are confident in themselves; they’re confident in their vision; and they’re confident in other people. The result of that confidence is that people have confidence in their leader.

                        A confident leader gives people confidence!

We think of leaders as being charismatic…  Confidence is the core of charisma. When you see a person that has charisma, the very core of that ability is that they are confident in themselves.

Many years ago, John went into a McDonald’s restaurant and asked for a Diet Coke, and the girl behind the counter said, “We don’t have Diet Coke; we just have Coke.” He replied, “I don’t want that.  Just give me a cup filled with ice.”  And she looked at him and said, “I don’t think I can do that, sir,” (as she’s looking on her register, and there’s no place to push the button for ‘cup of ice’) John smiled really confidently at her, and said, “Yes you can!!!”  And she looked back at him and said, “okay!”  Then she went over and got a cup, filled it with ice, and she was as happy as a clam.  As John walked back to the car, he realized what confidence does for people!

 Nothing sells like confidence!  

I wish everyone could become a confident person. Once you’re confident, once you truly know you can help people; when you truly know that you can add value; that you can help take another person to a whole new level in their life, then others will buy in to your confidence!In short, the less self-confidence you have, the faster you will give up trying to get whatever you want. When I see a person who quits quickly, I see a person with low self-confidence. If you worry about what other people think of you, it’s because you have more confidence in their opinion than your own.  I see people all the time wondering, ‘I wonder what they’re going to think’…. Who gives a crap!  Since when did you feel so low in your self-image that you lowered your opinion of yourself so much that you’re letting someone else walk into your life and trample all over it. They don’t have that right! And yet I see people do it all the time.

The above are notes taken from this most essential-to-watch video!


Just like Peter Diamandis, We’re Putting a Team Together, and this week we personally sponsored two amazing new Rockstars, and one of those has already sponsored their first awesome team member!

We have fantastic new enhancements unfolding over the next few months creating what surely will be the best moment in history for building a business with Nikken.

Grow yourself, grow your team, and grow your profits by watching this!


We have great confidence and belief in you, and we love you!

Dave & Ben