January 1, 2017 | Magnetic Leaders

Audience First!

EveryBODY can benefit from Nikken products! That’s our ambition, and we’re sticking
to it!

Now which BODIES in that everybody will you be selling to? Who is your market? Consider demographics like location, ethnicity, income, age, and gender. Lifestyle is another key consideration. Are your targets soccer moms? Athletes? College students? Are they defined by the condition of their health?

Once you’ve identified who’s included in your market, tailor the tone, message, and lingo in your bio accordingly. Do a bit of research on what others who also service your market are doing. Consider what works for them and what doesn’t.

Take notes!

Once you’re ready to write, begin with your name. This is a good place to establish how you prefer to be addressed. Use relevant accomplishments in your opening lines. If you’re a Nikken Consultant, your target will either have a need for Nikken products or a passion for their life changing benefits. Let the accomplishments you choose speak to why you are a solid choice as an Independent Nikken Consultant.

Don’t be afraid to share something personal. Interesting hobbies make great talking points in sales presentations and networking events. Consider your audience carefully here. You want to be personable yet relevant.

Check your grammar!

If you know you’re grammatically challenged, get some help writing your bio. At the least, install the free version of Grammarly. There are mixed opinions on the POV (point of view) one should use. Your relationship with your audience should guide this decision. If you’re unsure, use third POV. Keep your bio short and sharp! For most circumstances, 250-300 words is best. Use active voice. Honor brevity. Harness ego. Be willing to look at your draft critically and edit, edit, edit!

In your conclusion, mention a goal or your works in progress. If it is interesting to your audience, include it. Finish with a powerful statement that shows your strengths and you may have a bio that goes to work for you each time it’s read.