Foundational to our good health is lots of pure and healthy water. Ultimately, your best protection from all the various pollutants that pervade our water sources is to have your own water treatment system.

There are many good choices available to remove all the bad stuff from water, including the Nikken Waterfall. Much can also be added to raise the health potential of your water, such as alkalinity, structured or micro-clustered, mineralized, magnetized, low redox, and the magic of “living or pi water”.

The Waterfall gets rid of the bad while adding all of the good. Perhaps the only downside of owning a Waterfall is it may turn you into a “water snob!” The water is simply delicious; it has a healthy clean taste and a silky smooth texture. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of the very best water available at our everyday low price of only $327.

When something is healthier and more enjoyable, you will want more of it. Since this water is healthier and tastier the compound effect of adding pi mag water to your daily routine is bound to become a healthy habit.

Conversely, if someone ingests something possibly harmful for an extended period of time, the compound effect can accumulate which can negatively affect our health.

Plastic Water bottles are everywhere…recent studies indicate that most bottled water contains minute particles of plastic.  What are the health implications if these micro-sized bits of plastic are consumed, especially if consumed regularly and consistently over time?

Nutrients are digested and assimilated by digesting food into tiny particles so it can move through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. It would seem that very tiny bits of plastic could easily do the same, perhaps even crossing the blood-brain barrier and then bio-accumulating, adding to our toxic body burden.

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The Waterfall could also be a real hero for Mother Nature. Imagine if everyone had a Waterfall instead of buying bottled water! “Experts estimate that by 2050, there will be as much waste plastic in the ocean by mass as there are fish,”

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Aren’t you glad you own a Waterfall? Don’t you wish everyone did!