April 17, 2017  |  Dave Johnson

This amazing book, “Medicinal Mushrooms” by Georges M. Halpern and Andrew H. Miller shares the history of mushrooms on a medicinal level, as well as possible uses for today. Mushrooms have been found in our culture for hundreds of years. Within the last 50 years major advancements in medicine have come from mushrooms. The most famous and well known is penicillin. Most all mushrooms share beneficial properties that heighten our immune systems and naturally help our bodies fight off elements. In this book they refer to a network marketing company, Nikken who offers a unique fourteen-mushroom formula that includes several rare species and exclusive strains grown especially for Nikken. “Nikken’s formula is the Rolls Royce of multiple-mushroom formulas. The global giant, Nikken, is a leader and innovator in the highest quality wellness technology. We strongly recommend checking out the company’s Web site.”

For more on this subject check out this podcast with Roger Drummer, who is considered to many as a specialist on this subject. He speaks on the attributes specific types of mushrooms have on our health, how our bodies need mushrooms and what they offer us in terms of health and healing. He discusses products by Nikken that use this medicinal resource in the most natural way. And how this products attribute helps our bodies achieve a higher level of health.