Individuals can not only change the world but have a duty to do so!

Dear Nikken Friend,

Ask yourself: What can I do that might have the greatest contribution to our world?

If you really knew we had the biggest breakthrough since penicillin, how big is that? How would you approach people?

If you really knew that doing this with ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION, you could change your life forever… Would you?

If you really knew that you would transform the life of the next person you talked to…helping someone – not for the reward – but for the sake of making a life-changing difference for them, how would you feel?

How can I fall in love with what I do….again?!?! I highly recommend growing each day through reading, listening to, watching and associating with things that are positive and uplifting and avoiding things like the plague, all things that are negative or destructive.

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Listen to and share with lots of people, How to be Healthy
Watch and Share, What is Grounding?
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We’re always and ever grateful for your anxiously engaged participation in the righteous cause of Nikken!

Dave & Ben