From One To Another One

To the World You May Be One Person…
But to One Person You May be the World!

The world’s biggest problems, when solved are the world’s biggest opportunities.  A huge deterrent for a quality life is to be in chronic discomfort; this is the #1 reason why people first seek medical attention. The typical offering is symptomatic relief through dangerous drugs and side-effects.  We can offer everyone a non-medical technological miracle that’s all upside with no downside whatsoever. Everything to gain and nothing to lose. Wow!

Have you listened to our daily 10-minute Sizzle Call?  Mon – Friday, at 5:30 pm pacific we do a live interview with someone who has received dramatic results from using our products.  

Call 701-791-9218. Here are two recorded samples:  Tracy  & Evalee

Just a moment ago as I’m typing this, I got a call from ‘No ID’ – immediately after picking up, a nice lady told me I should give the NFIB lobby some more money. I told her I was cutting back on so many different contributions, but thanks for calling. I then asked Kathy how long she had been with NFIB; she said 27 years! I asked her, since this organization supports small business, would she be open to doing a side business of her own that had it all, income, making a difference, and really fun? Of course, she asked what it was. I told her that we are bringing some pretty amazing non-medical technologies that were developed in Japan to our market here in the US. And for many people, this could be a better answer for the relief of discomfort that so many people are looking for.  I told her I had an interview with a lady who had suffered in agony for 11 years from an auto accident and in less than 5 minutes with a $20 product, she had total and blessed relief. I told her I could text her this interview – which was fascinating – and would give her a good idea of what we do and its business potential. Already sent! When you turn the conversation, the telemarketer will either be interested or will say they have to go…either way you win. Now these kinds of calls become an opportunity to keep you in practice!

Ultimately, only action determines success.  Everything you want is on the other end of a phone.  Let go of fear and call! Success is earned one single day at a time, one step at a time, in the midst of your day, all of these single steps are adding up and accumulating. One decision at a time.  One phone call at a time. One phone call can be transformational! One single meeting at a time – Yes, that meeting that you didn’t want to have, then you decided to do anyway – A lady called me about insurance, and I agreed to meet with her.  Today she’s a Nikken Silver!

Today millions woke up praying this same prayer: “Please help me figure out a way to help me make extra income.”  And also: Please help me find something to relieve the agony that I suffer.” A good strategy is to pray to be led to these people, and then go serve them.

David Bednar offers a valuable perspective on the importance of each individual: One-by-one influences everything I do, every day of my life and every place I go.  For example, as I stand to speak in a meeting, I do not see a congregation of 100, 1,000, 2,000, or 20,000 people.  Rather, with the Lord’s help I strive to see 100, 1,000, or 20,000 ‘ones.’ I have learned there are no such things as large congregations; there are only large gatherings of ‘ones.’  We do not speak to audiences; we speak to assembled ‘ones’…. there may be only one size of audience that is of lasting importance, – and that is just one, each one, you and me, and each one of the children of God.

The best way for you to make a positive difference is to join a team, but also consider yourself as the ‘One.’ A difference-maker who will touch many other ‘ones.’  Just ‘one’ may feel insignificant, but remember that a small ripple can gain momentum and build a current that is insurmountable.  YOU be the ‘ONE’. That One who makes all the difference!

From ‘One’ who believes in You!

Dave Johnson

See: The Rule of One

If you read 10 pages, could it change your life?  What if you read 10 pages tomorrow, and the next day…What will 10 pages every day do to your thinking and your life?

Here is a worthwhile book: