Our 3 Favorite Things in November

NEW Nikken Products!

Nikken introduced three new "stocking stuffer" gifts just in time for the holidays. These products bring the bling, the warmth & comfort and the smart technology you expect from Nikken.  

Kenko ThermoGloves

Kenko ThermoGloves

Kenko ThermoGloves are exclusively made with Nikken Far-Infrared Technology for soothing warmth, and copper threading for antibacterial properties, Kenko ThermoGloves help ease muscular and joint discomfort of the hands, wrists and knuckles. These exceptionally comfortable gloves provide mild compression to help decrease swelling while the open fingertips allow for ease in gripping and feeling.

Kenko Perfect Link® II (Gold)

Kenko Perfect Link® II (Gold)

Kenko Perfect Link® II (Gold) is beauty with benefits. Fine craftsmanship, exclusive styling and advanced magnetic technology that creates a personal environment that replicates Nature—these make up the Perfect Link II, in gold. 


Dress Socks

Dress Socks

These smart black socks are super-comfortable. Made with an ideal blend of fibers, your feet will enjoy a constant, comfortable temperature — staying fresh and dry all day long. If we had known how much women would love our men’s dress socks, we would have called them unisex dress socks!


Reformulated Favorites

Nikken is always updating their technology in an effort to bring you the best active wellness products on the market. Nikken products are always environmentally savvy utilizing the best organic ingredients. 


Kenzen Ten4® Energy Drink Mix

Kenzen Ten4® Energy Drink Mix

A Nikken best seller and personal favorite is the Kenzen Ten4 Energy Drink Mix. Nikken removed the sugar and added brown rice solids to make this the healthiest energy mix on the market. 

Wake up your body and mind the healthy way. Kenzen Ten4® is now made with USDA certified organic ingredients, contains no sugar and is only 8 calories per serving. Matcha green tea is known as “nature’s own energy drink” while New Zealand kiwi is the most nutrient-dense of the superfruits. Whether it’s 10 am or 4 pm, you’ll experience hours of energy, a feeling that supercharges you mentally and physically. 

Kenzen® Digestion Complex 4-20

Kenzen® Digestion Complex 4-20

New studies show that there are four enzymes critical to the digestive process. Many digestive products on the market contain only one or two of these notable enzymes and do not provide optimal digestive support. Kenzen® Digestion 4-20 contains all four of these important enzymes, making it a superior formulation for digestion, absorption and weight management.

Kenzen® Clarity

Kenzen® Clarity

Whether you’re a student who wants to excel in school, a professional who requires quick thinking on the job, a senior who wants to maintain memory and focus, or anyone who requires mental sharpness, Clarity helps support your brain power! 



You Can't Beat Nikken Incentives!!

Extra cash, an all expense paid trip to Mexico... how could this not be a FAVORITE? 

Cash Incentive

Set Your Sights on Silver this November and December - A Fantastic Rank Advancement Incentive!
Achieve the rank of Silver in November or December, 2016 and be rewarded for your hard work with a one-time cash bonus of $1000. Satisfy the 2016 Silver requirements found in the current policies and procedures manual in order to be awarded this great incentive.


Now close your eyes and picture yourself here on an all expenses paid spa getaway! White sandy beaches, placid ocean, epicurean delights and a 2:30pm seaweed wrap... my bags are already packed! You will also be a member of the prestigious Team Kaizen (they even have team jackets).

 Contact us link to find out more.  


Special Black Friday Promotion

Black Friday is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. This is the day that merchants finally start see black (making a profit). This year to make it even easier for you to earn more, Nikken offered an unprecedented, new 6 day Black Friday promotion! 

Changing Our World in a Wonderful Way

In just over a month Nikken will become an unprecedented pathway towards personal health and wealth. Nikken products are the answer for total health. The newly simplified compensation plan makes building a business more realistic than ever before!

I was reading the new edition of "Mach2 with Your Hair on Fire" by Richard Bliss Brooke, who went from working at a chicken processing plant to becoming a multi-millionaire:

Here’s what happened…
I changed.  I changed who I hung out with.  I changed what I read, what I watched, and what I listened to.  I changed my opinions… about the world and about myself.  I changed what I said to myself.  I changed the chemistry of my body, and I changed how I felt.  I changed my attitude (and my altitude).  I changed what I believed.  I changed my habits.  I even changed what I loved to do, and as a result I changed my skills.
It wasn’t easy, but it was just as simple as the decisions I’d made early on.  I just decided to be different and to do different things and then I kept deciding those new decisions over and over and over again until they caught hold.  And then, all I did was hold on!
Change is possible for all of us.  You may have heard lots of clichés about how we cannot change who we are… but just ask yourself if you’ve changed.  What events or insights in your life have changed what you believe and how you act?
Think about people who have come and gone in your life.  Think about events—some joyous, some tragic.  Think about wisdom you have gained.  Have you changed?  If you have, you can change even more.  I suggest that if it is on purpose and by design, you can change more in the next year than you have your whole life.  And in the next four years, you can become a whole different person, manifesting entirely different results.
Excerpt from "MACH2 with Your Hair on Fire," Page 10 written by Richard Bliss Brooke

Many successful people are ordinary people doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. They recognized an idea and got excited about it, then acted upon it. For all intents and purposes you effectively have been given “inside information” that almost no one knows about.

Drugs and surgery are NOT the answer! Getting a good night’s rest, proper nutrition, drinking plenty of clean and pure water is the answer. Nikken and YOU can play a big part towards changing our world in a wonderful way by making the Nikken lifestyle available to everyone.

I know this is going to be big and I hope you decide to be part of it!

An ideal playbook for raising your game in 2017 is "Mach2 with Your Hair on Fire" by Richard Bliss Brooke.


Self Care through Active Wellness by Dr. Ash

1. Read the label:

    A) Don’t eat anything that lists the 1st 3           ingredients as sugar, fructose, or corn           syrup

    B) Don’t eat anything where more than             1/3 of the total calories per serving are         from fat

         E.g. 100 calories per 1 cup serving has 30 calories per serving from fat = Ok

         100 calories per 1 cup serving has 50 calories per serving from fat = not ok

    C) Even better: Don’t eat anything that has more than 7 ingredients and don't eat anything         where you cannot pronounce the ingredients! 


2. Drink Water

Water: drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day and 2 glasses for every caffeinated beverage. An additional glass for every     25 lbs. overweight as fat cannot be metabolized without water


3. Use a Fitness App

Use the My Fitness Pal app (or an app of your choice) to log food and exercise daily. 3500 calories eaten over what you         burn = 1 lbs. of fat. If you eat an extra 100 calories per day that you don’t burn you will gain approximately 1 pound a month or     10-12 pounds per year. 200 calories is 22-24 lbs. in a year!! 


3. Use It or Lose It 

If you don’t use muscle you lose it. Muscle is what burns calories. We eat the same but lose 2-8 lbs. of lean body mass a year if not exercising so we gain weight annually. Therefore walk or exercise aerobically 30 minutes a day or 10,000 steps. Use a pedometer to track your steps.


5. To Calculate aerobic heart rate:

220 minus your age times 70-75% for low and 80-85% for high.

E.g. a 40 year old: 220-40=180    

180 x 75 = 135 (low)  or  180 x 85 = 153 (high)

Therefore keep heart rate between 135-153 during exercise.

If you are out of shape use 70 & 80%. If in shape use 75 & 85%.


5. Exercise Daily for a Shorter Time

Better to exercise a shorter time (30min) daily than 1 hour 3 times a week when you are not fit because of the after burn     effect = your body increases metabolism and builds more muscle for hours after the exercise to get ready for the next time you ask it to exercise.


* Dr. Ash has a BA in Biology, followed by a BS in nursing and went to Osteopathic Medical School to become a Family Physician. She has worked in Family Practice, ER , Hyperbaric Medicine,  Travel Medicine and Urgent Care since 1982 and now works in Ventura at Community Memorial Hospital in there Centers for Family Health Clinic. She is a Platinum Wellness Consultant in Nikken and loves educating others about prevention and wellness as well as how to have a quality of life in balance.

Our Three Favorite Things in October


Nikken's cash bonuses!! Who doesn't love extra cash? Nikken offers extra cash for building your business and they plan to have a cash incentive every month. There has never been a better time to be in Nikken. 

The 2017 Nikken Summit site launches with a special promo rate of just $69 to register (per consultant). Salt Lake City, Ut will play host to this years summit in January and will offer hands-on training that will give you the edge to realize your dreams of freedom and prosperity. 

The Nikken International Field Convention in San Antonio, Tx. was the place to be!!! The energy was great, we got to try new products and the new, elegant, simple Nikken comp plan was introduced. This is what folks had to say to about the conference, the content and Nikken. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 2.14.00 PM.png
This particular situation with Nikken was my dream. Young, old no matter who you are this suits your lifestyle. We are looking for people that want to do something. So come see us
— Yoko Tsu
Nikken is a lifestyle that makes me feel good about myself and I can share that with others.
— Braden Passey
I am so glad I am here at San Antonio because I need the next step. I want to advance.
— Kenneth Graham

Explaining the Simplified Comp Plan to Current Consultants

Dennis Williams told me about a recent phone call he had with a less active Gold Consultant where he shared the changes that have transformed the Nikken opportunity.  I was inspired when he rehearsed that conversation with me!    The following is Dennis’s script you might borrow and share with someone!

You can click here to download a PDF copy of the script.

Dennis Williams hit the ground running once the new nikken compensation plan was announced and started contacting people. Dennis gives you his script for a successful new comp plan conversation.

The 'Compass Heading' of Growth through Balance

Ladies and gentlemen a big round of applause for Mike DiMuccio, celebrating his 19th anniversary as a Royal Diamond in Nikken.

Meeting Masuda

Meeting Masuda

What a privilege it is to have a special Spotlight this week on Mike DiMuccio. Just a few days ago he celebrated 19 years as a Royal Diamond and we thought it might be fun to share with you some fun facts about him and his journey that you may not know about.

Question: How old were you when you joined Nikken and had you done anything
like this before?

I was 27 when I joined Nikken mid December of 1991. I had first been
introduced to Amway as a 13 year old through a close friend of my father. It
was suggested by my father that I familiarize myself with the business
concepts being taught, even though I was too young to actually participate.
I did learn to 'draw circles'. However, it only had my attention for a short
time. At 26 I was re-introduced to NM through a friend and participated in
the program for @13 months. You could say, here is where I 'cut my teeth' on
NM. I fell in love with the whole concept, though I only managed to make a
little money selling the products. I look back on that experience as
preparation for Nikken, which immediately followed. I took what I had
learned and 'launched' my Nikken business in a big way.

Question: How many countries have you visited with Nikken and which has been
your favourite place?

I have been to around 22 countries so far, but can't really to point to one
as my favorite. They each offer a rich, unique cultural experience and the
people attracted to Nikken regardless of country are the finest I have

Question: What has been your most embarrassing moment in building your
business? Oh my I have a had a few! The one that stands out was on stage at
a large (7000+ person) event where I was really on a roll explaining the
concept of "the processional effect" using the example of the bees
cross-pollinating the flowers, while collecting pollen. Well, I had just
discussed something about conception and everything I said had the audience
going in ONE direction on the matter (you can imagine), while I was
delivering my points. I just kept getting deeper and deeper into the mud.
The audience was in hysterics and I was beet red!

Question: What has been your most memorable moment and why? I have so
moments that are just priceless! But one that I come back to often was when
I interviewed Mr. Isamu Masuda while on a President's Club cruise in the San
Diego harbor. (see attached pic) I had asked one specific question that
turns out for me to have been a true measure of this man's character and
confirmation of Nikken's divine destiny. I asked him if he expected the
incredible success he and Nikken was enjoying? He paused, reflected and then
replied through his translator said, "No. I was just interested in my health
and thought others may be as well". WOW! Such a humble response. My
interpretation - he was an inspired man, following his heart and the results
were a measure of consequence of this sincere alignment.

Question: Ballpark figure - how much have you earned with Nikken as a
business builder?

My earnings exceed $20M.

Question: What one piece of advice has helped you most in becoming a
successful leader?

Knowing and reinforcing the knowing through learning, mentoring and building
on personal experiences that a disciplined and committed mind, focused on an
outcome can achieve desired results. The one caveat, the outcome we are
striving for should serve a purpose beyond ourselves. And, if your strategy
is not working, change the strategy, not the goal.

Question: What would you say to someone today who is considering joining

Everyone's life is on a trajectory. Most people are unaware, or are too
distracted to look far enough ahead to realize they are heading where they
are going. To view life through the lens of Nikken means to evaluate our
daily choices in relation to the 'compass heading' of growth through balance
in the Five Pillars of Health. With this as our new definition of success,
everyday can be viewed as a good day, or not so good day in each pillar. It
is far easier to make modest adjustments to our trajectory this way, which
lead to a compounding effect and subsequently HUGE changes for the better
with time. Think of an airplane course correcting every hour, versus off
course by 2 degrees over the distance of an ocean! The results are
staggeringly different. Nikken supports our five pillars of health through
the products, opportunity and a global community of like minded people. We
have great value to offer our fellow man.

Are You Afraid to Balance Your Checkbook?

I was sitting at an intersection this morning on the way to my daughter's school to my right there was a Payday Cash loans store and a Title Loans store. In front of me was another Cash for Titles store and to my left an abandoned outlet mall. Spooky! The facts and figures in the above infographic are dismal and there is a good chance you fit in one or more of these demographics. 

I know I am preaching to the choir here so enough said except you could own your own business. No really, you could. Even the person sitting in front of the screen full of self doubt. It is true that owning your own business is risky. It is a fact that *90% of startups fail and that 50% of new businesses will not last four years. Some common first time business owner mistakes include: 

  • Incompetence: nonpayment of taxes, lack of pricing knowledge, and many more.
  • Lack of Managerial Experience
  • Lack of Product Experience

Nikken eliminates these areas of concern. Nikken supplies the product, pricing, the warehouse, the shipping company, technical and customer support. When you decide to become an independent Nikken consultant you will have a mentor that make sure you have the proper business training (ie. taxes), product training, training in sales.  You purchase (for a very low price) your online store from Nikken erasing the hassle of having to create your own webpage. Nikken even supplies marketing materials for your social media feeds. 

You may set your own schedule based on how much you want to earn a month. You can work as part-time entrepreneur or a full-time entrepreneur. I haven't even mentioned the best part. You will be selling a product line that transforms lives. It is the tears of joy as pain or discomfort melts from someone's face, not so much, the paycheck that will motivate you to work harder and share with more people.

Don't take my word for it, do your due diligence before you make a decision to commit. After all, this is a self care business and your active wellness is the first priority. Ready to learn more? Click the button to receive your free welcome package. 

What is Your Water Bottle Made Of?

Municipal water systems around the US have been making headlines and spawning growing public concern over drinking water. Naturally the public is turning to bottled water as an alternative drinking source but is bottled water safe? *Studies conducted on the 10 most popular US bottled water brands have produced some alarming results.  Up to 38 toxic chemicals were identified in these bottled water brands. 

*Recent studies conducted on the plastic bottles shows that the BPA replacement used to manufacture these bottles speeds embryonic development and disrupts the reproductive system in laboratory animals. 

There is a safe, cost efficient alternative to bottled water on the go. The PiMag Sport Bottle exclusive to Nikken. The PiMag technology naturally filters tap water cleaning the water, making it better tasting with a silky smooth texture.  The PiMag tech adds minerals and adjust the pH for acid/alkaline balance. 

The construction of the bottle is completely biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and bisphenol or phthalates free (BPA/BPS).  

For more information or to order click here

Water is not a beverage choice.
— Dr. Gary Lindner, physiologist & Self Care Ambassador
*ewg.org (oct. 15, 2008) comparison of the 10 most popular US bottled water brands
*“Chemicals Used to Replace BPA in Plastic Accelerates Embryonic Development, Disrupts Reproductive Systems.”
www.UCLAHealth.org 2/1/16: “BPA Replacement Not Safe” Taste for Life  6/16
Independent Nikken Consultant  

Our Three Favorite Things in August

Good bye Summer! Hello our favorite boots with our Kenko mSteps and Nikken Sport Socks! The mornings are starting to have that crisp cool feel that comes with Autumn but before we say so long to August here are our top three favorite things.


The first week in August was National Cleanse Your Skin Week. Now most of us really do not need to be reminded to cleanse our skin but are we doing enough to put our "best face forward?" Read our The Skinny on Better Skin Care blog post to learn more. Your face will love you for it.


There are so many bone health misconceptions today! It is also a sad a fact that most do not consider bone health to be important until they are into there fifties. From birth your bones are one of the major contributors to an overall healthy body. The Bare Bones - Bone Health Facts covers basic facts about your skeletal system.

We were lucky enough to pin down lifelong athlete, Rachel Dayton, long enough for her to tell her amazing story and give valuable information about protecting your bones for life. Watch Bone Health w/ Rachel Dayton.  


Dr. Gary Lindner, physiologist and Self Care Ambassador is now hosting his popular webinar series "Self Care Awakening" on it's own YouTube channel. This makes it easier for everyone to find the crucial self care information they need quickly and if you subscribe you will be will receive an alert when new content is available. 

Dr. Lindner's self care concept is revolutionizing perceptions of health care. Many chronic disease concerns can be eliminated with the addition of ... visit the Self Care Awakening YouTube channel to learn more and don't forget to subscribe. 


Study and Do the Things that can Change YOUR Life


When you change, then everything will change for you!  -  Jim Rohn

Nikken is all about change.  Change your water… or your sleep and you will change your life.  When you introduce whole foods such as JadeGreenZymes or KVB, OsteoDenx, etc., the changes in your body can be transformational. 


You are the average of the 5 people whom you associate the most with, and joining our Nikken CORE community can assure you will be surrounded by like-minded successful people. 

Your commitment to the CORE activities each day can invoke massive change.  You become part of a group who share the same ideals and culture.  “Teach Three to Reach Three” is a proven team-building strategy through associating closely with many successful people.  Please take a look at my short presentation on this:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRwgMdj0zcU

The happiest people are doing something they love to do and they’re really good at it.  Find 5 of these kinds of people and hang around them! 

You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do!

Success is in the Follow Up


I was reflecting back when I first joined Nikken. My original sponsor never called me. I was anxiously seeking an opportunity, and I called him first. You might say I was a golden prospect!

He left the business after only a year. I had not seen or spoken to him for over 15 years then he called me out of the blue. He said that he was coming to Idaho, and asked if I would have lunch with him.

Over the course of catching up on everything, including a discussion about the philosophy of network marketing, he made a rather brilliant observation: "You know, I think the key for success is to simply find a good company and stay with it, work hard, and then just don't ever quit." 

Fascinatingly, in the last three years he has called and pitched me on five or six different opportunities! When we were both new to Nikken, I learned another golden nugget of wisdom from him. He often stated that: "The opportunity of a lifetime is only as good as the lifetime of the opportunity." Entering my Nikken career with the personal experience of four failed opportunities over a span of 15 years, made Nikken look all the more wonderfully encouraging. 

Did you know that the network marketing profession has been around for over 70 years!? Literally thousands of people have become millionaires over this period of time.  All of these millionaires had certain things in common. They had found two or more core people. They in turn, helped their core people find two or more core people. They were leaders looking for leaders. 

With repetition you get very good at teaching a few people how to teach a few people how to recruit and train a few people, and so on.  Every successful business organization is simply two or three legs comprising a large organization where everyone is working together towards a common goal. The beauty of Nikken is the products are needed by everyone. There isn't a person out there that could not benefit from better sleep, better water, better air....

As a point of fact all Independent Nikken Consultants started as a customer and have amazing Nikken self care stories to tell. However, they would not be reaping the benefits of becoming an Independent Nikken Consultant if it had not been for the follow-up

The essential qualities of a leader are:

  • A Burning Desire. You are hungry. You have some fire in the belly. 
  • Coachable. You have a mentor. You are working with someone who is where you want to be. 
  • Gumption. You are self-motivated.  You understand delayed gratification.  You love meaningful work. 

If you possess these qualities and are looking for an opportunity to earn extra money or launch your own business then I want to follow up with you. Please fill out the form below for more information and your free welcome packet. 

Name *



A Sticky Subject


Not all athletic/kinesio tape is created equal. 

We hope everyone is enjoying the olympics in Rio this year. We can't help but notice this year's olympic fashion trend is kinesio or what is also called athletic tape. Fun or functional, seems to be the biggest question out there regarding this "sticky subject." 

Athletic tape is widely used to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, enhance performance, support muscles and possibly reduce or enhance range of motion and help with rehabilitation. Some athletes use it to enhance proprioception, this is your own awareness of the position of your body. For example this enables an athlete to know where their arm is when they throw. 

Nikken's DUK (Dynamic Underlayer Kinetic) Tape does all the these things but combines the power of negative-ion and far-infrared technologies to create a superior tape. Nikken Far-Infrared tech absorbs natural energy from any source and then reflects that energy in far-infrared wavelengths creating a a warmth that eases muscle and joint discomfort and gives you a refreshed feeling. 

Coming Soon: Nikken DUK Tape in slimming black. 

Coming Soon: Nikken DUK Tape in slimming black. 


Dr. Bill Higgins uses kinesio tape in his practice but really became impressed with Nikken's DUK Tape when patients wanted to buy the tape. 

sources used: 



The Bare Bones - Bone Health Facts

One in three women over the age of 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures.

One in five men will too.

Bone health is important to any gender and every age. So the bare bones are:

  • During your life you constantly lose and grow bone
  • Peak Bone Mass (PBM) is when your bones are the most dense. This usually happens between the ages of 18 -25. 
  • The more bone you have at PBM, the less likely you are to break a bone or get osteoporosis. 
  • After PBM you can lose more bone than you form.
  • In midlife, bone loss usually speeds up for both men and women
  • In the 5-7 years after menopause women can lose up to 20% or more of their bone density
  • Approximately 1.6 million hip fractures occur worldwide each year, by 2050 this number could reach between 4.5 million  and 6.3 million. 


quizical skeleton
When the products provided my body the energy necessary to heal itself, I took a closer look at the vision and mission of Nikken and decided that this was a perfect fit for me.
— Rachel Dayton

Did you know the skeletal system is quite possibly the most important system in the body? 

Your skeletal system acts as a mineral bank for the rest of the body. When your body needs something it makes a withdrawal from the skeletal system bank. We have the technology to help replenish that bank. 

Want to know more... well you really just need to know more. 

This Saturday at 8AM/PDT, athletic superwoman, Rachel Dayton will be sharing important information about bone health and her success with Nikken's Bone Health Pack. Click the image for more information and to watch the show. Your bones will thank you. 

Want to learn more about the bone health pack click the button. 

Independent Nikken Consultant
sources used: https://www.iofbonehealth.org/facts-statistics (16AUG11)
https://www.nof.org/prevention/general-facts/ (16AUG11)

The Skinny on Better Skin Care

National Cleanse Your Skin Week

Happy national cleanse your skin week but is just cleansing your skin enough self care for your body's largest organ? First some skin facts:

  1. Skin plays a major role in regulating your body temperature by behaving as your body's thermostat and activating sweat glands when your temperature rises. 
  2. You get new skin roughly every 28 days by shedding dead skin cells everyday. That is approximately 9 lbs. every year. 
  3. Your skin has approximately five different types of receptors that respond to pain, touch, temperature.
  4. There is a party of harmless bacteria that lives on your skin helping immune cells fight disease causing microbes.
  5. Changes in your skin can denote changes in your health whether good or bad.

Your Skin Endures Enough... 

Most environments are harsh enough on your skin and over cleansing or using harsh chemicals on your skin contributes to dehydrated, unhealthy skin. Nikken looked to Mother Nature for gentle, cleansing ingredients when they formulated their True Elements Marine Organic Skincare Line. True Elements respects the natural balance of your skin while cleansing and nurturing your front line of defense against the elements and seriously, we all want our skin to look good. 

The True Elements skincare line is gently crafted using seaweed varieties and ingredients that are abundant in natural minerals. These are well absorbed by skin and in combination the different ingredients can work synergistically to offer remarkable benefits.

Each True Elements product is made without the synthetic fragrances and pure essential oils in some cosmetic preparations that may cause a sensitivity reaction. In contrast, True Elements makes use of the milder extracts of essential oils and fragrances such as linalool, limonene and citral. Natural enriching oils — shea butter, sunflower seed oil, palm kernel oils, and olus oils — are added for skin nourishment.

The seaweed species in True Elements are harvested off the coast of Brittany in northwest France, and the harvesting method ensures that the seaweed yields are sustainable. These skin care preparations are natural, organic, and free from parabens, GMOs, mineral oils, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, PEG, EDTA, synthetic colorings and fragrances.

For men and women, True Elements Skin Care is a complete line of products that cleanse, tone and moisturize — to enhance, protect and care for your skin using nature’s own secrets. 

Sources Used: Forefront Dermatology


Our Three Favorite July Things

July went by in a flash! These are our top three favorite July things: 

Nikken Promotions!

Who doesn't like promotions? We love them and Nikken had some truly awesome promotions. We hope you didn't miss out on the FREE shipping promotion that went from the 26th-28th but if you did Nikken has more promotions planned so stay tuned. 

If you are an independent Nikken consultant, Nikken had a couple of amazing incentives going on. 

Nikken bought your morning coffee or tea if you placed the most retail orders via Nikken's mobile app in July. Who doesn't love it when someone else picks up your coffee tab? 

This promotion we are really excited about and it is still going on through the month of August. 

Cash prizes for growing your business... now that is an incentive! We honestly don't know a lot of people that could not use extra cash. That is the beauty of owning your own Nikken business, Nikken takes care of the inventory, billing, shipping... you earn your financial independence and work with a company that truly cares about helping people thrive.  


Whether you are a Nikken customer or an independent Nikken consultant you are family. We are all united in the Self Care community and have chosen to be healthy by choice and not by chance. As a Nikken customer we know you are enjoying your amazing Nikken products and we hope you will take the next step towards gaining financial freedom and become a Nikken consultant. 

If you are a Nikken consultant we were excited to introduce the Nikken Core Consultants group. Core Consultants adopt a routine of daily and weekly behaviors that help to contribute to substantially improving your business as well as your life. 

Independent Nikken Consultant Ben Woodward introduces the Nikken Core Consultants group in this YouTube video.

We also introduced a new Core Consultant Newsletter. This is a weekly newsletter is designed to inform, inspire and to celebrate accomplishments of Nikken Core Consultants. If you have not signed up for your newsletter yet please email support@magneticleaders.com to get the link to do so. 

New Nikken Product Demonstration Playlist

Nikken technologies have always been cutting edge and they are constantly seeking to improve their products. As a Nikken customer or an independent Nikken consultant you can feel better knowing these new technologies and how they work. We have put together a YouTube playlist to keep you updated on the latest in Nikken tech. You can access that playlist here


Week in Review and a Look Ahead - July 16 - 22, 2016

Week in Review

There is no doubt about it the Nikken community is hyped after Monday night's Pathfinders Prime show w/ Rick Murphy and his special guests. Rick spent a day with Nikken CEO Kurt Fulle talking about a new compensation plan. If you missed the show you can watch by clicking here

On Tuesday's Leadership Call Ben Woodward talked more about what it means to be a core consultant and the tools that come with this distinction. The core newsletter is designed to:

  • Inform
  • Inspire
  • Recognize and Celebrate Achievements in the field

Whether new to Nikken or a vet this newsletter is for you. To get the link to sign up for the newsletter please email support@magneticleaders.com. If you missed Ben's show you can watch the recording here.

A Look Ahead

This week's show line up is exciting, informative and fun! You can't love what you are doing if you are not having fun and as a Nikken independent consultant you will be having fun. You work for yourself, set your own schedule, work at your own pace... be your own BOSS. Our shows give you the tools you need to succeed when you own your own Nikken business. The background on our shows are: 

  • Monday's are prime time with Pathfinders Prime hosted by Rick Murphy. This show is *self care for finances. Rick and guests keep you informed on what is happening with Nikken corporate and give you the tools to succeed as an entrepreneur. Showtime is 7PM/PDT
  • Wednesday's are educational when you watch Self Care Awakening hosted by *Dr. Gary Lindner. Dr. Lindner has identified five key elements (water, air, sleep, weight, and energy) that can help you be healthy by choice and not by chance. Showtime is 6:30PM/PDT
  • Saturday's show Stump the Doc hosted by *Dr. Ash puts you in the drivers seat. Dr. Ash answers your health questions and gives you invaluable health and self care advice. Showtime is 8AM/PDT

This weeks shows

Saturday's Stump the Doc show will not only be informative but a lot of fun. Dr. Ash will be joined by Dr. Gary Lindner, live from Israel. Sparks Johnson is stepping in as guest host. Tune in at 8AM/PDT

Pathfinders Prime this Monday is "The Need for Speed." This show will cover how to focus on key activities that allow you to efficiently and effectively build your modern Nikken business.  It is not only what you DO - It is what you can DUPLICATE!  Understanding these key principles will not only work for you, but allow others to see a business THEY would also like to do! Tune in at 7PM/PDT

Self Care Awakening this Wednesday is "Activity Matters" and will be hosted by entrepreneur, athlete and mom Karen Messersmith. Karen is a physical therapist and owner of Athletes Aligned in Lodi, Ca. Karen has some amazing tips and heart warming, triumphant stories that will make you choose to be healthy by choice and not by chance by getting up and being active. We also hope to see Dr. Lindner on the show, live from Israel. Showtime is 6:30PM/PDT

To watch/participate in a show: magneticleaders.com/nconnect or by telephone:

 Dial: +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) Webinar ID: 976 690 439

 International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=vrAAK90iH5vdG94xTblqXSNEPVcus_eF

*self care for finances is taking control of your own financial situation.

*Dr. Gary Lindner is a physiologist and Self care Ambassador

*Dr. Ash is a osteopathic family physician



Is Lack of a Sleep Turning You into a Sleep Zombie?

Are you are one of the seven out of 10 Americans* that are plagued with sleep problems? Lack of sleep or not sleeping well has been shown to lead to:

  • Weight problems in adults and children
  • Anxiety symptons in adults and children
  • Depression
  • Immunity problems

This only a short list of problems that can be induced by a lack of quality sleep. OTC sleep aids or sleep medicines are not necessarily your safest option. For many people the problem is just not being able to get comfortable.

In 1953 "The Father of Modern Sleep Science" Dr. William C. Dement, MD, PhD turned the study of sleep into a scientific field by recording brain activity and eye movement of subjects while they slept all night. During this study Dr. Dement was able to document actual sleep patterns (five stages) that people complete during a night's rest. 

In 1970 Dr. Dement founded the world's first Sleep Lab at Stanford University. This lab used it's research to identify several sleep disorders and discovered that "drowsiness is a red alert."  Dr. Dement came to the conclusion that "you are not healthy unless your sleep is healthy." Further studies support this and add that quality sleep enables us to live longer and lead more productive lives.

Nikken founder Isamu Masuda in an effort to achieve overall wellness identified five areas of health. What is called the Five Pillars of Health. These pillars are Healthy Mind, Family, Society and Finances. The foundation for these five pillars is a great night's rest on the Nikken Sleep System. 

Years of research and product testing has lead to a new and innovative sleep system using DynaFlux Magnetic Technology, orthopedic support and all natural materials that cocoon your body in sleep inducing comfort.  Dave Johnson has been sleeping on a Nikken sleep system for years. Below he demonstrates why the latest incarnation of the best sleep system on the planet is even better.

Don't be a sleep zombie. One simple change could dramatically improve the quality of sleep you are getting every night. To learn more about Nikken's amazing sleep system click here. 

*as reported in Time magazine, Life magazine, US News & World Report and CNN

Week in Review and a Look Ahead - July 9-15, 2016

What a week!

This week went by amazingly fast! The good news is it was a very productive week. I want to thank everyone for watching the Nikken Connection shows and inviting guests. We want everyone to have a healthy body, mind, finances, family and to live in a healthy society. Nikken products and the Nikken business model gets everyone moving towards this balanced lifestyle. This week Ben Woodward introduced a "working" plan for a new daily rhythm we will have more information and supporting tools on the way. We will keep everyone updated on our progress. 

Please watch Ben's presentation here

This weeks Nikken Connection shows

Special thank you goes out to Dennis Williams and Karen Messersmith for stepping up to the plate and filling in for our regular cast. Dennis's Monday night business building presentation helps you get started with your own business. He then gives helpful tips for growing your team. Karen's "Movement Matters" show was incredibly informative as to why you need to get up and move, any kind of movement is beneficial. You can watch the recorded shows on the magnetic leaders youtube channel.  Don't forget to click the subscribe button to get the latest content automatically.

New Product Demonstration Playlist

We are building a new playlist on the magnetic leaders youtube channel for product demonstrations. We posted two new videos this week that demonstrate how Nikken's new Dynaflux technology offers superior magnetic coverage and performs far better than past technologies. These demonstrations include Nikken's insoles and the Nikken sleep system.  

A Look Ahead

Join the knowledgeable Dr. Ash for "Stump the Doc." 8AM/PDT  

Monday nights are prime with Pathfinders prime presented by Rick Murphy. This Monday Rick will be using the Nikken business model to prepare for the Nikken Field Convention and showing you how to do the same. Showtime: 7PM/PDT

This Wednesday join Sparks Johnson and cast for "Water Matters" part of the Self Care Awakening series. Water is arguably our most precious resource not a "beverage choice." Take the first step and be healthy by choice and not by chance. Showtime: 6:30PM/PDT

Week in Review and a Look Ahead - July 5-9, 2016

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend! It was beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Dr. Gary Lindner, physiologist and Self Care Ambassador's "Self Care Solutions" show was a huge success and another must see. Dr. Lindner  delves deeper into three of the five key, self care elements: water, sleep and weight. He then offers easy to adopt "common sense" solutions to issues with all three. 

A Look Ahead

Upcoming Shows for this Week: 

"It Is What You Start" w/ Dennis Williams & Dave Johnson

Please click the link below to join the webinar: 


Or iPhone one-tap:  16465687788,976690439# or 14157629988,976690439#

Or Telephone:

    Dial: +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)

     Webinar ID: 976 690 439


   International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=vrAAK90iH5vdG94xTblqXSNEPVcus_eF

Turn Up the Heat! 90 Day Push

What are our favorite things about Nikken? What sets Nikken apart?

Here are our top three favorites:

The Products

Nikken products have enhanced and improved the lives of so many for over 40 years. Nikken is constantly improving their ground breaking technologies and their 100% organic nutritional products and you can always be certain a Nikken product is a top quality product. 

The Philosphy

Nikken's five pillars of health is the foundation of a well balanced life. When you improve your physical and financial health you also begin to strengthen your mind, your family and when these essential things align society benefits from this balance.  As a Nikken customer you can improve the health of your body and your mind. As a Nikken independent consultant you can maintain your healthy body and mind while ensuring healthy finances. 

Only Self Care company in the world

As a Nikken Independent Consultant we are all Self Care Advocates. Self Care is the choice to be healthy by choice and not by chance. Nikken products and the self care lifestyle set us apart from other alternative health care choices making the choice to be healthy easier for the consumer.

Self Care is not just about your physical health it is also about your financial health. The Nikken five pillars of health is a prescription for a well balanced, happy life and self care is the medicine to fill that prescription. 

So, what would make this better?

Nikken is and always will be committed to bringing the very best in self care products to the market and now Nikken is committed to present the very best self care for finances business model around the world. 

Jeff Isom, Nikken VP of Marketing/Sales announcement in the July kick off call was just the beginning. I had a meeting with Nikken CEO Kurt Fulle and Royal Diamond Ben Woodward to discuss the future business model and a NEW compensation plan watch the video below. 

Every successful person in Network marketing that I know including myself and all Nikken leaders launched their business’s with a big push, often described as a 90 day blitz.  Nikken just announced they are dramatically improving our Compensation plan - to be announced at the Fall Nikken Field Convention in San Antonio, Texas this October 20-23 - Just 90 days away! This plan will be more streamlined, enable an organic flow from customer to consultant with no encumbrances. 

This would be a really good time to launch your own business or grow your business even more with a 90 day push towards getting people to San Antonio, to see the new vision of Nikken's amazing compensation plan.

Nikken has provided a 90 day planner for you to download that can help you remain on track. Log in to your mynikken.com then go to the Business Success Suite the 90 day planner is on the left hand side under Helpful Office Tools. 

Your life can change in 90 days. Let's make the Nikken Field Convention THE EVENT of the year.