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New Power Call Schedule!

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Weekly Round Up and a Look Ahead - Week 3 March 2016

 Happy last day of Winter! 

I went skiing yesterday with my friend Gary Hall and had an amazing time. We stopped for a breather and Gary told me an amazing story of a friend of his who is an alaskan dog sled racer. She set off on the Iditarod with only her Nikken ThermoWear to protect her from the cold. Listen to Gary's story. 

You can get Nikken's ThernoWear, for a limited time, 25% off of the regular price. Valerie and i never hit the slopes without ours and when the mountains thaw we wear our ThermoWear when we go hiking or camping. ThermoWear is designed for body temperature control using
far-infrared technology which absorbs the heat and then distributes the heat for maximum comfort. Click here for more details. 

We now have an easier way to access the Zoom Broadcast.

All you now need to remember to catch the live video broadcasts is This link will take you straight into the live Zoom broadcast. For a schedule of upcoming broadcast click here.

Have you reserved your seat at the Spring Wellness Expo, yet? 

Royal Diamond, Susan Carver has been fervently working on the agenda for the Spring Wellness Expo and it is looking awesome! You will not want to miss a day of the expo because there is something new, exciting and educational every day. This week we released via our social media sites just a couple of enticing session titles featuring the heart of Nikken, Julie Tara and Royal Diamond William Todd.

My favorite concept for measuring success is that the person who does the most good for the greatest number of people is the most successful. Julie Tara recognizes that most people have a desire to do the most good and affect a change in the world. Julie will teach you how to make the change you want to make. 

Have you ever watched William Todd presenting on the stage? If you have then you know that he has control of the whole room and the undivided attention of his audience. William will you teach you how to master your presentation skills and engage your audience.

Want to succeed? We want to help. Go to to reserve your seat. 

Next week we will talk more about getting an amazing nights rest so that you can take full advantage of the longer days. We will also address the growing concerns of lead in our water supply and how you can keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. 

Weekly Round Up and a Look Ahead - Week 2 March 2016

I hope everyone had a happy Brain Week and everyone knows a little more about how to take care of their brains. Healthy Mind is one of the all important pillars in the five pillars of health. If you didn't read my Healthy Mind blog post please catch up on it this weekend. 

If you live where Daylight Savings Time (DST) is observed remember to set your clocks forward. It is exciting to think the days will be getting longer but also sad to think we have to leave the comforts of our beds an hour earlier. Sleep is one of the most important things you will do in the next 24 hours. Visit our products page and watch the informative video about our bodies and sleep. 

if you live in the US the entire month of March is National Sleep Awareness month. Next week is especially important as we have our sleep patterns interrupted by DST. We will talk more about the importance of sleep next week. 

The zoom broadcasts this week were all very carefully thought out, informative and inspiring. We hope to post links to those as soon Nikken has them posted. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the new Magnetic Leaders website. Your comments are always welcome. We will start working on The Royal Alliance site soon and want to make sure it is a site that will give everyone the tools they need to succeed. 

Social media is an amazing way to reach and help folks that are in need. If you need help getting started or just pointers Nikken has released it's Social Media Guide and you can get that here.

Have a happy, healthy week.

 Love Dave

Independent Nikken® Consultant

Healthy Mind

Nikken founder Isamu Masuda developed what he calls 5 Pillars of Health® — Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. When you maintain these 5 pillars they form a foundation for a healthy lifestyle that creates a sense of serenity and balance.  Obviously you need all five pillars but I want to blog about the healthy mind pillar because this is National Brain Awareness week in the United States of America. 

It does not take a neuroscientist to tell you how important to your overall being a healthy brain is we instinctively know that when our brain is "in a fog" judgment, responsiveness and an overall feeling of well being is impaired.  When we use prescription drugs this "fog" can become amplified. Most of us would prefer an organic solution. 

Nikken's Kenzen Ten4® wakes up your mind the healthy way made with organic ingredients. Organic matcha green tea known as "nature's own energy drink", New Zealand kiwi widely regarded as one of the most nutrient-dense super fruits and 80mg of natural, organic, caffeine work together to super charge your brain and body for up to 6 hours. Kenzen Ten4® is also formulated to burn calories and boost your metabolism. 

You can use Kenzen Ten4® in conjunction with Kenzen® Mental Clarity.  Kenzen® Mental Clarity is a multi-action formula that contains cordyceps sinensis and other nutrients to synergistically help improve brain circulation and increase cerebral function. 

If you want to take this even a step further you can combine these two supplements with Kenzen® Mega Daily 4®.  Kenzen® Mega Daily 4® includes every type of vegetable phytonutrient; red, orange, yellow, tan and green that help to keep your brain functioning correctly. 

All of these are eligible for a 25% autoship discount. Go to scroll down to Nutrition & Skin care on the left hand side and click on Kenzen® Organic-Based Nutrition to order and for more information. 

The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are a matter of personal experience. Dave Johnson is an independent Nikken consultant.

Why You May Need to Change Your Strategy by Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward has been involved in many different roles in business. This has afforded him a unique perspective on what works but more importantly when it works. Timing is everything. 

You can read Ben's blog here:

Nikken is the Real Deal and My New Career

Valerie and I were invited to a friend’s home in April of 1976 where we saw an “Opportunity Meeting” and I was spellbound!  I was transfixed with the idea of reproductive and residual income.  I got so excited that night I couldn’t sleep! 

WOW - that was forty years ago!!!

 Like many others, we began with Amway.   We personally sponsored more than 40 people over a 4-year period.  Although we gained invaluable experience we always spent more than we ever earned.

 When my dad got cancer, I became interested in natural health solutions and joined a nutritional products company, and another one… and another one!  Mind you I wasn’t jumping from one company to another; they just kept going out of business!

 After working almost 8 years with the last company, it disappeared.  After many years of doing something that I passionately loved – it was gone – now I had to go get a job.

In July of 1990 I discovered Nikken.  We have been full-time in Nikken for almost 26 years and I have discovered a whole new way of life.  We’ve had the honor and joy of bringing a whole lot of friends along the way with us!

 Recently Nikken has undergone tremendous changes and some leaders have decided to go do something new.  We want share with you that Valerie and I have also chosen to begin a new career path beginning next week…actually I have already been working it and the results have been remarkable!  I was just visiting with a Diamond and she exclaimed that we all should have done all this 10 years ago, and being right at the beginning of something new and exciting has awakened fresh enthusiasm in me!

 Let me share the most recent example of how our new opportunity works.  Tuesday was my first time meeting a new friend.  In getting to know Chad I found out that he loves competitive weight lifting and works out regularly with lots of other very serious competitor’s.  He also has an uncle who is a very successful chiropractor.  He’s 31 and searching for his life’s mission.  After getting to know him, this is my first correspondence:


Hi Chad,


I’m Dave Johnson who met you last night at the Honeysuckle building.

I was wondering if you would do me a favor?  Valerie and I work with energy medicine products.  Many chiropractors and physical therapists are using a kinesio tape to speed or aid recovery.  It has really caught on since high-level athletes have been seen wearing it at events.   

We are marketing a tape that in addition to the kinetic effect common to all tape brands, ours has an added substrate of materials that can provide pretty remarkable results by adding negative ion and far infrared technology.  

I would like to give you a complementary roll of it to try and also share with your power lifting buddies to test.  I can also send a box to your chiropractor cousin in Alaska.

 If you would like to learn a little about what it is and does, my wife interviews a Physical Therapist discussing it.  Pretty interesting!


 When it was released at a small sales meeting in SLC, the company gave out some boxes for the audience to try and I interviewed some with my iPhone:

 Let me know if you would like a free box.  I enjoyed getting a chance to meet you!


 This is his response:

 Hey Dave, Chad here;  I watched your videos and was very quite impressed and would love to give it a shot and possibly bring you new clients.  Let me knowJ

 And the chiropractor is my uncle in Alaska.  Lol not my cousin J

 On a follow up call we talked about the water webinar and he said he knew about structured water from when he sold Perfect Water™ as an Amway distributor.   I met with him today to visit more and demo the product.  Chad has great possibilities!

 Throughout our network-marketing career spanning 40 years including 25 years in Nikken my objective was all about sponsoring everyone.  That has been the definition and modus operandi of MLM.  Typically over 95% of a Network Marketing companies products are consumed internally by their distributors!  This WAS the case for Nikken as well.

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing our new business because it’s super easy to start conversations with people about our awesome products.  (DUK Tape should be called Prospecting Tape!)

 The world has changed.  30 years ago I could place an ad such as: “Exceptional Opportunity to Earn” in the newspaper and could get many leads.  Today no one would respond to something like that.  Asking someone “Do you keep your business options open?” used to be extremely effective.  Because of there being so many MLM companies today, people have “opportunity overload!”  Unless someone lives in a cave, they have already heard these kinds of approaches. 

Now we are entering an era where regulators are looking at Network Marketing with increased scrutiny.  The defining difference between a legitimate business and a “pyramid scheme” is if that company has retail customers.  It has been predicted that all of the changes Nikken has already made will soon be required of everyone by law. 

When having retail customers becomes a business-building requirement, an important question a company and its distributors should ask is:  How many people will continue to buy your product even if they don’t get paid? 

Many MLM companies are simply not retail customer friendly.  Their business plan is centered upon everyone joining and buying a starter pack of some kind and paying bonuses based upon pack sales.  If front-loading with a Starter Pack becomes illegal will such a company survive?  This is truly a relevant question:  Is your product good enough for people to continue to purchase it without a comp plan?

Once in a while a new idea (even when it’s forced upon us!) comes to an old industry and completely transforms the way that industry does business going forward.  For Nikken it has been disrupting and wonderfully transforming.

 My goal is to have 20 or more regular autoship customers giving me an automatic above 1500 in retail volume every month, qualifying me for those extra 225 Nikken Bucks.  

Before this reinvention when Nikken was essentially a “Wholesale Buyers Club” the average order per distributorship was around $150 and very little commissions were paid on retail profit.  Almost all income was based upon leadership bonuses.  Now I am hearing of new consultants sharing the products and earning checks of over $1,000 their very first month!  Now imagine being a leader and instead of your team members only consuming $150 a month, they are now doing $1500 a month because they have a base of retail customers! This is why our new career will be with the new Nikken.

This will become the easiest and best way to create new Silvers.  If you lead the field by doing 1500 with 15 to 20 retail customers, then 3 to 4 of them will eventually ask you if you are making any money with this and consequently upgrade to Wellness Consultant.  If you “Teach 3 to Reach 3” with the model of everyone doing 1500 retail, your 1500 plus your 3 new consultants 1500 adds up to 6000 and you are Silver in two months!  Teach your 3 who are doing 1500 to find their 3 to do the same.   They will attain Silver and you achieve Gold!

We have value pricing for customers and pay excellent retail profit to new people.  More product movement is the water that will raise all the ships.  The dramatic boost in opportunity to new people on the front will translate into enormous opportunities for the business builder.

Nikken is the real deal!

Dave & Valerie Johnson



Weekly Round Up and a Look Ahead for March Week 1

So much happens during the month of March. Daylight savings time, it begins to feel like Spring, and everything feels fresh and renewed from the snow. March is National Sleep Awareness month.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recognizes insufficient sleep as a public health concern linking it to  motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, medical and other occupational errors.  It is estimated 50 -70 million American adults suffer from a sleep disorder. Many of us just have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep and several factors can be attributed to this problem. 

All this month we will be talking about how Nikken technologies may be able to help with this problem in your home. We will look at the problem, break down the technology and listen to people that have suffered, tried the Kenko sleep products and now sleep through the night and what impact this has on their lives. 

We are excited for the new call schedule that rolls out next week and will keep everyone informed on how that it is going and what the topics/times are so keep checking the events link. 

Looking back on the week I started March off talking about PiWater and Nikken's PiMag technology. March is also national nutrition month. When talking about nutrition, water seldom comes to mind but water is the foundation of a healthy nutritional diet. Most folks go through a day in discomfort do not realize that all they may need is several glasses of water to feel better. A simple solution to so many ailments but not all water is equal. The pollutants we have inflicted on our environment has changed the very water we drink. Listen to my Morning REVolution call below.

Dr. Gary Lindner  widely published researcher and specialist has been an advocate for Nikken for over 18 years. Dr.Gary uses Nikken as a platform to educate and bring awareness about making healthy choices. Dr. Gary is a physiologist and when he looked at Nikken products on a physiological level he realized the science backs up the technology. Dr. Lindner is on a mission to change our perspective on water and does so eloquently. Take a look. 

Highly successful Royal Diamond, Ben Woodward feels the formula for success is to divide your time between "working in the business and working on the business". He breaks this formula down for you so that you may apply this formula to your best business practices.


Have a great weekend everyone! 

resources used:



February Business Round Up

February was an exciting month for those of us in the Nikken business. The last week of January, Nikken offered newly registered customers 40% off their entire order the response was phenomenal. During the month of February Nikken launched it's 25% discount on autoship orders campaign and autoship orders skyrocketed.

To me this means several things. First the public has faith in Nikken products and wants to use them. Second Nikken's new pricing plan is working and more consumers are coming on board. Lastly, the changes Nikken has made had to be made.

The markets are changing. What is important and relevant to the consumer is becoming more apparent. We must be able to adapt to take this data and use it in our own individual business strategies. There is an old saying; "Give 'em what they want." This is a sound business strategy. Give the people what they want but the blessing of Nikken is we are giving people what they need.

Nikken products are not a fad, they are not the thing of the moment that will be forgotten in a year. The Nikken total wellness solutions were made by people that saw/endured pressing health and wellness needs and they developed products that alleviated or lessened the needs and improved other areas of health. 

So if you are new to Nikken where do you start? If you have been in Nikken for awhile how do you adapt? Linda Morris adeptly applied several techniques to capitalize on Nikken's 40% customer acquisition campaign. She relayed all of those techniques to William Todd in a February Morning REVolution call that you can listen to here.


When you own your own business as an independent Nikken consultant you are not on your own. Those of us that have been in Nikken for awhile want to insure that you succeed. You are encouraged to have a mentor and to mentor. Rachel Dayton knows that starting out on your own can be intimidating. Listen to how Rachel's mentor shaped her into the successful business woman she is today. 

The time to act is now. The elements for you to be a success are available to you. Gain your freedom and improve your physical and financial health. Mike DiMuccio eloquently explains why the time is now.

February Health Round Up and a Look Ahead at March

I would like for us all to keep in mind that February is American heart month. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for men and women, beating out cancer. Awareness and prevention are your best weapons when combating both. Nikken's Hearth Health Pack has been specially formulated to offer potential benefits for cardiovascular and antioxidant health. I use it daily and I just feel better. I feel stronger. Listen to Annie Eng explain how and why she formulated these power packed juices and why these may benefit you. 

It is estimated that 60 to 70 million americans are affected daily by some type of digestive disorder by the American Nutrition Association. Brody Craney and I talked about these disorders and how Nikken's Jade GreenZymes has helped to ease the suffering of so many and how 100% organic Jade GreenZymes made from barley grass may help you and your loved ones as well. 

March is national nutrition and sleep awareness month. The second week of March is national brain awareness month. Stayed tuned as we bring you vital awareness information and how you may be able to improve all three of these areas. 

Weekly Round Up and a Look Ahead - February, Week 3

There was so much going on this week that is useful, inspiring and educational that I really can not highlight just a couple things. I encourage you instead to click on the EVENTS link and go back through each day and catch up on what you missed or listen again. 

The Spring Wellness Expo registration is booming! The first 200 people to register are automatically registered for Humans Being More and the bonus content Sunday morning. Next week is the last week to register at the best price. Registration prices go up March 1st. We received word this week that Nikken CEO Kurt Fulle will be attending the expo and Bo Tanas will be giving a presentation. Want to know more? Visit and go to the A/V library there is a video that is sure to convince you that Orlando is the expo you can not miss this year and remember it is a tax deduction. 

Nikken January results are in and we killed it. PGV increased substantially over last year and I am sure everyone's checks increased. 

Stay tuned next week for more amazing product, self-improvement and business tip calls. We are also making some big changes to the Magnetic Leaders website. Look for those to roll out over the next several weeks. 


Clif Notes

Clifton Jolly reports on Dr. Weintraub's study into Nikken products and the magnets in the medical field.  Below is a compilation of some of his notes:

n“Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) is a common and often disabling complication of diabetes mellitus (DM).... As many as 8 million diabetics in the United States will experience neuropathic pain at some point in their lives.”

So began a report in the May 5, 2003, issue of the Archives of Physical Medicine* that concludes:

“the present study provides convincing data confirming that the constant wearing of static, permanent, magnetic insoles produces statistically significant reduction of neuropathic pain.”

The insoles used in the study (which were developed and are marketed by Nikken*) were described by the researchers as a non-invasive, non-prescription product/treatment that affords both “safety and minimal cost” for more than 80 million sufferers worldwide.

When the Weintraub study was published, all three networks reported the news:

ABC-News, NBC-News & CBS-News

“Magnets may provide effective relief ... Dr. Michael Weintraub says it’s only a certain kind of bipolar magnetic insole that seems to help enough to make a difference.”

“...a simple device may be able to help.... A non-traditional treatment is getting results.”

“If you think all those... claims about magnets are a bunch of hooey, think again. A new study shows wearing magnetic shoe insoles may help....”

* The Archives of Physical Medicine is the world’s leading publication on rehabilitative medicine and is part of the AMA (American Medical Association) family of scholarly journals.

The researchers are quick to point out that “studies are needed ... to confirm and extend these results.” And Dr. Michael Weintraub (New York Medical College Department of Neurology and Medicine, and lead academic in the study) warns:

 “Not all magnets are created equal!  As important to the results of our tests as any of the other control features – the randomization, the double blinding, the placebo control – was the consistency of the product technology.”

The consumer product used in Dr. Weintraub’s test are “commercially sold under the brand name of Magsteps® by Nikken Inc.”

Dr. Weintraub’s study included 48 investigative sites in 27 states. There were 11 university-based centers and 37 private practices involving nearly 400 persons. The historical significance of this study, Dr. Weintraub says, is:

“This is the first randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to scientifically demonstrate the merits and clinical benefits utilizing static magnets. The same protocol used in drug studies was used for this trial.”

Dr. Weintraub concludes that not only is magnetic therapy “comparable or superior to that observed with various conventional drugs,” it has the advantage of being non invasive and is also less expensive and has no side effects.

Many professionals believe Dr. Weintraub’s study will become an important scientific event in the growing field of “energy medicine,” of which Dr. Weintraub says: “we must keep an open mind.”

Dr. Weintraub points out that the benefits of magnetic insoles are contingent upon the right regimen and the physical characteristics of the magnet:

“I would stress that these results were not accomplished with the periodic application of magnets as has been done in other studies, but by the constant wearing of magnets.”

Historic research reports new hope for 80 million people published in Archives of Physical Medicine*: Nikken Magsteps® described as non-invasive and “cost effective with no side-effects.”

Nikken Corporation of course is very pleased by the growing scientific interest in their consumer products. For decades they have appreciated the anecdotes received from their customers extolling great benefits associated with the use of their products. However, even such dramatic conclusions by such a prestigious group of medical professionals will not affect current marketing methods.  Nikken does not sell any products as therapeutic devices and prohibits Independent Wellness Consultants from making therapeutic claims. Nevertheless, this study may indicate a broader range of benefits for magnetic products than we claim.

 “This report appears to verify anecdotal reports we have received over the past 20 years. We have long recognized that our customers believe they receive benefits that go beyond a good night’s sleep in a stress-reducing environment and the benefits of a joint-warming wrist wrap or stimulating insoles. What this study indicates is that those beliefs have a scientifically verifiable foundation in fact.”

Weekly Round Up and A Look Ahead - Second Week of February 2016

Spirits are high, energy is renewed as the second week of February moves forward to the third week. The Morning Revolution Calls this week were ripe with amazing stories, astounding results and plans for the future. 

First a very exciting announcement! Annie Eng formulator of Nikken's Heart Health Pack will be presenting at the Spring Wellness Expo! The good news does not stop there. Kurt Fulle CEO of Nikken will be in the house and if you book now you get the bonus content on Sunday included with the registration price. Book Now!

I talked with Ruth Loh Tuesday about the power of Nikken products and how they change lives. Ruth talks about how the Eagle Wellness Expo re-energized her love for her Nikken business and Nikken Family. I feel like the true power of being a member of the Nikken family is that love. Listen to Ruth and I here

Ben Woodward recognizes that you make progress through change. He talks about the importance of a healthy mind, the foundation for The Five Pillars of Health. Improve your mind by forming the habit of making good decisions and learning something new everyday. Listen to the complete audio here. 

All of the calls this week on The Morning REV were amazing. You can recap here.  

Wednesday night's zoom broadcast was "Nikken On Guard for Your Health"

Feel like there is something missing in your life? Most of us feel that way. We are unbalanced. Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances most likely one of these or more are not going the way you need them to and this is why you feel unbalanced. Rick Murphy presents Nikken On Guard a plan developed by Dr. Gary Lindner and Rick to bring these five things into balance using Nikken products and the Nikken business plan. Watch it here.

Next week look forward to an all star cast of powerful speakers bringing you motivational topics, product information, self-improvement topics and training. 


Weekly Round Up and a Look Ahead - First Week of February 2016

Hello All, it has been a busy week here at Magnetic Leaders but an exciting week ushering in this new era in Nikken.  I would like to recap this week's highlights and also give you a preview of the upcoming week. 

First up, I talked with Susan Carver about the upcoming "must not be missed" Spring Wellness Expo in gorgeous Orlando, Fla. Susan is working with Rick Murphy to organize a high energy, motivating, social event that will help make the 2016 year your most successful. You can listen to that call here or you can visit the Expo library on the site and then register while you are there. 

I then talked with Ben Woodward. He made the amazing decision to step down as president of Nikken to enter into collaborative entrepreneurship as a distributor. Ben gives you his business plan for being highly successful. We are all united in the new Nikken. Get Ben's plan here

Tomorrow morning at 8AM Linda Morris, Paige Murphy and I will be talking about the benefits of True Elements. Nikken's organic, marine based skin care line. Everyone who is careful with what they put in their body also needs to be aware of what they are putting on their skin. Tune into The Morning Revolution Call.

Monday night Pathfinders will be hosting a very special zoom broadcast with Nikken leaders: Julie Tara, Susan Carver, Bernadette McBurnie and Kerrie Percey! Get more information at

I just want to say thank you to everyone for being with me on my Nikken journey and I am proud to be with you on yours. 

Act As If You Already Are

Someone has said, "He that would move the world, must first move himself."

We have developed a fairly good control over some of our body members; for example, I have great authority over my finger. If I tell it to bend, it bends. If I tell it to unbend, it unbends. If I give my feet an order, they obey immediately, and we will have (much further) succeeded when we get that same kind of control over our thoughts, our emotions, our tongues, our industry, our faith… Some of us have mistrained our appetites to a point where we tend to "think" with our stomachs; that is, our appetites frequently have more influence in directing our lives than our reason…

The one business of life is to succeed, and one of our greatest Christian duties is to organize and supervise ourselves for righteous accomplishment. We must be more successful in disciplining the mind and training the will. Someone has pointed out that "planning" is the place where man shows himself most like God. Who could be more Godlike than one who intelligently plans his own life? He is the one who blueprints accomplishment and builds the roadway of success. The highest paid man in the army is the general. He is the one who "thinks" and "plans" for the army. But each of us is the general of his own life, and each is also his own soldier. As generals, our job is to work out a better program for ourselves as soldiers, and the more skillful we are as generals, the more successful we will be as soldiers.

William James said if you want to have a quality act "As If" you already had it. If you want to be friendly, act "As If" you are already friendly. How long does it take one to learn to be friendly? It takes just one-quarter of a second, just long enough to make up your mind to practice the "As If" principle. If you want to be brave, act "As If" you were already brave, don't go around telling everyone how scared and weak you are. It is the axiom of the theater that each actor should live his part.

On one occasion Theodore Roosevelt was decorating one of his generals for bravery. He said, "This is the bravest man that I have ever seen." He said, "He walked right behind me all the way up San Juan Hill." Theodore Roosevelt was a sickly child. He began life as a weakling, not expected to live; but he trained himself to think courage, strength, health, and vitality, and that is what he got. One of the things that frightens me most as I go about is to hear so many people talking weakness, failure, and sin. The most widespread disease in the world is the inferiority complex. And when we think inferiority, that is what we get.

(Someone) described his problem by saying, "I can't concentrate." I said, "What do you plan doing about it?" He said, "There's nothing I can do; I just can't concentrate."

One of our most unfortunate weaknesses is that we sometimes think we are under sentence to remain forever as we presently are. Yet one of the most exciting ideas in life is the possibility of changing ourselves for the better.

William James said, "The greatest discovery of my generation is that we can change our circumstances by changing our attitudes of mind."

A lot of people want to change their circumstances, but few are willing to change themselves.

It is a very significant point of view that every human being has been given two creators. One is God, and the other is himself. That is, the creation of man is not something that was finished and done with in the Garden of Eden. The creation of man is still going on. It is taking place today, and it took place last week, and it will take place next month, and you are the creator. That is, you are currently creating the enthusiasms and the industry and the courage and the faith that will determine what your lives will be throughout eternity.

Someone has asked this interesting question: "How would you like to create your own mind?" But isn't that exactly what everyone does?

William James said, "The mind is made up by what it feeds upon." The mind becomes what God intended it should be, only when it is fed on enough upper soul experiences. It has been said "the mind like the dyer's hand, is colored by what it holds." That is, if I hold in my hand a sponge full of purple dye, my hand becomes purple, and if I hold in my mind and heart great ideas of honor, righteousness, industry, and the love of truth, my whole personality is colored accordingly.

Our self-dominion is made more effective when we make love to the right kind of ideas, and refuse all lower soul experiences.

Edward Everett Hale once said,

"I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."

(Notes are taken from: Sterling W. Sill, Conference Report, Oct. 1963)

Developing Culture: Jon Gordon

I listened to a fantastic podcast with John Gordon and below are some notes 

I was so impressed with what I heard that I ordered his book

 "The Energy Bus" and I encourage you to do the same!

- Dave Johnson

“No one ever creates success alone. Everyone needs a positive team with supportive people.”

It Starts With Leadership and Develops Into a Winning Team

We don’t just talk this game, We Play It!

Be In Control & Have A Desire, A Focus, A Vision

    Identify what you desire    

    There is an energy to thought

    What we think about we attract

    What we put our energy and attention to shows up more in our lives

Start thinking about what you want not what you don’t want

We are Winners NOT Whiners!

Healthy Culture equals Business Success

You lead from where you are

Set the example in your attitude.  

Maximum effort AND continuous improvement

Be a great teammate!

Key People Have 3 Traits

1.  Positivity!

        Have a great attitude about what they can do

       A strong belief in themselves and their team

2. Effort 100% they’re willing to work hard everyday:

    Humble, Hungry, Learning, Growing, Improving EVERYDAY.

    Willing to work harder everyday to get better

    Someone who applies “The Continuous Improvement Rule” to their life

    They see themselves as a work in progress

3. Someone who is a great teammate

    Works well with others - 

        AM I SELFLESS?  

        Do I serve?  

        Do I encourage?

    Am I a germ or a big dose of Vitamin C to the others on my team?

    Be positively contagious!

    Do I encourage others to get better?

You don’t have to be great to serve, but you have to serve to be great!

“My job everyday is to just invest in others to make a difference, to encourage others And make a difference in the world and peoples lives.”

Life will pay whatever price you ask of it

Everyone needs a mentor!

I had just taken a new job!  I was opening a new territory.  I was going to do something I had never done.  Sales!  Straight commission sales, with a very “exciting” product - commercial light bulbs! 

The company prepared me for this scary undertaking with a short training at their home office.  The culmination of our “Light bulb Education” featured the company owner, Jerry E. Anderson.  Standing enthusiastically before us he exclaimed that we could be very successful - if we did the right things - and that he would personally help us.   

He told us that part of our job assignment would be to call him every day.  He also taught us how to make a log of all the contacts we made along with the important details.  He required us to use carbon paper and send him the carbon copy so he could review our daily activities.

He said that calling him every day and mailing him our activity list every week was mandatory.  It was part of the job description.  I did this and I became one of the top salesmen!!!  

Brian Tracy states:  "If you could find out what the most successful people did in any area and then you did the same thing over and over, you'd eventually get the same results they do."

Later when I joined Nikken, I had the good fortune of working very similarly with someone very successful in my up line.  Right from the beginning I called Charles Ritchey every day - usually more than once.  The mind of the student soon resembles the mind of the teacher - and so do the results.   And when I sponsored people, I would tell them to call Charles everyday too!

Success is achieved by the daily accumulation of doing the fundamentals. 

The word commitment means a pledge or promise to do something; a dedication to a long-term course of action.

You are in the prospecting business!  Accept it and don’t ever forget it!  You must get face-to-face with a steady stream of qualified prospects.  Once you have developed this ability, there is nothing that can stop you from being successful!  From Double Your Contacts, by MJ Durkin

Master the art of contacting and booking appointments!

Dave Johnson

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