Slay or Sleep with your “Giant”

"The 'Giant' is an event/activity that we know we MUST perform frequently, in order to create our desired future, yet because we feel uncomfortable doing it, we constantly look for reasons to resist it at that moment in time.

We procrastinate mainly because we know there is no immediate reward for doing it now and there is no immediate painful consequence for NOT doing it now. There’s no instant gratification and it won’t hurt if we leave it until later. 

However, every time we procrastinate, our guilt over not doing it grows and we feel even worse. This in turn decreases our motivation and drive to do the other things we also need to do. It’s a downward spiral of despair and discouragement.

'Procrastination is an invisible disease which takes a talented individual with great potential and turns him/her, slowly, bit-by-bit, over time, into a complete and utter failure.'

So what is the solution?

The solution is the 'MCR' Technique:

1. Develop the right Mindset
2. Create a Consequence
3. Create a Reward

1. Always focus on slaying your Giant first, as early as possible in the day, while you are the strongest. The longer you leave it to slay your Giant, the weaker you are and the harder it will get. 

Repeatedly affirm to yourself and program your mind with these words; 

'I always do first, that which creates my future.'

2. You must understand, deep inside your core, this absolute fact: You either choose to SLAY your Giant or you choose to SLEEP with your Giant. It’s YOUR choice.

At the beginning of each day, your Giant will jump up and climb on to your back with his arms around your neck and his legs tightly wrapped around your waist. If you don’t get him off your back as quickly as you can, you will exhaust yourself, dragging him with you every where you go.

If you don’t get him off by bed time, he’ll be joining you in bed. The Giant in bed represents the guilt you will feel for not doing what you know you should have done. He’ll still be on your back as you get into bed. As you toss and turn he’s still there, tossing and turning with you. Imagine the kind of sleep you will get with him there all night long.

Hopefully, having to sleep with your Giant is now a consequence big enough to motivate you enough to slay your Giant before you get to bed!

3. If scheduling to slay your Giant after dinner is not working for you, change it. Set the reward of, 'I’ll only eat after I slay my Giant.' Now you have an immediate reward for slaying your Giant. Be creative and come up with your own personal 'reward' solutions."



“I met a new friend today.”

My husband of 57 years and I live in Wichita, Kansas.  Smack in the middle of the USA.  We have 4 children, one deceased, and six grandchildren. 

Bob’s background is Medical, Bio-medical and Electronic Engineering.  He is now retired from a J.O.B. 

I have a background in Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, and Tai Chi.  So I was open minded when Nikken was introduced to us. 

It is said that we get involved in Alternative solutions because of someone we love - that was so with me.  We have six grandchildren, but only two of them live close enough for my everyday involvement. 

One of these boys was found to be highly allergic to Chlorine, as well as very low in Vitamin C.  Chlorine is known to be toxic to humans, so I started looking for solutions. 

By mere coincidence, I happened to meet Betty Cook Jenkins who, at that time, had been involved with Nikken for over 10 years.  She had a leaflet about Chlorine in our shower and drinking water.  BINGO!  Who would have considered that?  As I said: Pure coincidence!

Well, about 7 years ago, this same grandson had a sleep-over planned for his birthday the following weekend, but Mom said: doubtful as you have the sniffles and a cough.  Betty comes to the rescue by loaning us the Air filter and plying us with gallons of her Pi Mag water.  Well, Tad was symptom free within 2 days, the party went on, and thus began my Romance with Nikken. 

 We are taught that relationships run in a 3 stage cycle: Romance, Disillusionment and True Joy.  I won't claim my disillusionment was with Nikken, but rather with myself. Excuses: I can’t influence others, I am too old, no one will believe me, etc.

Well, this past year, I changed my tune.  Dave has always been supportive.  To him, everyone is AWESOME.  I started trusting and listening to Dave.  My husband and four children were taught to be readers - but I was only a housewife. I couldn't take the time to read. Duh! I was busy cleaning and cooking and chauffeuring. 

 I started reading some of what Dave was recommending.  I subscribed to Darren Hardy, the Editor of Success Magazine, at Dave’s recommendation. (By the way, Darren sends three minute email lectures every weekday.  They coincide with what Nikken believes.)  Dave then introduced me to William Todd, coach extraordinaire. 

For the past 4 months, William has been coaching me with a program called “Ladder of Life."  Seven steps, 21 days at five times a day for each step.  I have just completed Session 5. 

I am a different person - NO! - I am the same person, but I realize that I am a unique person, not just one of the crowd.  God has a reason for my Earthly life.  Even at 80 years of age, He still has a job for me in His plan.

Last month, in January, we traveled to Logan, Utah for the Eagle Expo: a Nikken Conference.  You might ask - January in Utah? Really!  The first morning at breakfast, I looked across the table at my husband and saw him against a backdrop of snow capped mountains so close you could touch them.  Imagine this from the perspective of having lived in Wichita, KS for the last 31 years.  Hmmm. 

Then we went to the conference room, only to be treated to listening to a String Quartet from the Music Department of the University of Utah.  Later to be followed by Brody Craney's young son on that same stage, beautifully playing on a Grand Piano to the enjoyment of over 100 people. 

Brody later shared with us that his son had suffered an injury to one of his fingers at baseball practice two days before, but still performed beautifully even though hurting.  This is the kind of committed people we have in Nikken, both children and parents.  Friday evening we sat with Brody’s mom at the special dinner.  She was quite proud of her son and grandson.  Nikken is a magnet for special, moral and ethical people. 

Then there was “the Eagle Award” ceremony on Saturday.  We watched the faces of the people on stage.  Ben Woodward’s face showed admiration and joy at being a part of this amazing group.  Valerie Johnson’s face was full of pride and love for her husband as he spoke to us and shared their journey in Nikken. Barb Satterwhite’s face at receiving the Eagle Award was shining with Awe.

On the return trip to Salt Lake City Airport, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Paul Gabias from Canada.  He is an amazing individual who proceeded to teach me by example how to befriend a total stranger and find common ground with that person before introducing them to Nikken.  Then our other traveling companion, Scott Graham also from Canada, continued to befriend us until our plane loaded.  What a magnificent group of people.  No wonder Dave keeps referring to “I met a new friend today.” 

Ten4 Sample Approach

"Would you do me a favor?  I'm helping to promote a new all-natural organic alternative to the chemical-based energy drinks on the market. Would you or someone you know be interested in trying a sample and helping me evaluate it?" 
Get name and phone number and follow up.

Kenzen Ten4 
Wake up your body and mind the healthy way. 
Made with real ingredients all natural and organic. 
Matcha is the highest grade of green tea
Organically grown in Japan no pesticides or chemical fertilizers
Cultivation techniques used for 850 years
Grown in the shade under bamboo mats
The whole leaf is used. Hand picked and de stemmed and deveined

Made with whole food rather than chemicals, the natural caffeine component is balanced and complemented by other naturally occurring associated factors such as theanine, offering smooth energy lift without the jitteriness associated with artificially-made  stimulants. 

Benefits of organic matcha Green tea
Supports hormones that regulate appetite
Believed to assist in mental alertness and clarity
Calming and focus, used in meditation
Natural clean taste


87% of Americans say they were born for a reason, but only 13% say they know what that reason is.  There are two important days.  One when you were born and the other when you discover what you were born to do.  If people don't know what they were born to do, they live their life in a confusion of dead-end mazes.  So many people are frustrated because they don't have a purpose or a sense of vision for their lives. 

 Do you know who you are?  If you don't know who you are, then you don't know what you are here for.  You don't know what you are capable of.  Its one thing for people to not know who you are, but it's another thing for you not to know who you are!  If you don't know who you are then you don't know what you are supposed to do with your life.  If you don't know what you are here for, you will never do what you are supposed to do.  If you don't know who you are, you will let people call you anything and treat you anyway.  Many people today need a rebirth of their self-worth!  They need to know that they are unique, that they are special.  That they are somebody.  The youth of today need to hear that they are not some biological accident.  That they are someone, and there is a purpose for their lives.  We need to have a purpose.  A purpose motivates you.  It gets you up in the morning.  It keeps you going.  If you don't have a goal and a dream, someone else will use you to reach their goals and dreams.  It's important to have a purpose.  Before a young person can do drugs, they have to assign a lower value to their future.  They have to say: "I'm not as important as I thought I was."  Self worth is the cornerstone of discipline.  No one will discipline himself or herself if they see themselves as a nothing.  You need to believe that you are somebody, and that you have a purpose.    You are somebody.  You are going somewhere. 

You have to surround yourself with people who have the same purpose.  One is too small of a number to produce greatness.  There is strength in being with people who have the same purpose as you do.  John Wooden said that "The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team!"     If you are going to be successful in anything you do, you are going to have to have a team around you.  TEAM - together everyone achieves more!  Start living your purpose! 

What brings fulfillment in life is seeing your purpose fulfilled.  If you are going to follow the crowd, you better know where the crowd is going.  What losers call adversity, winners call opportunity.  There is no traffic jam on the extra mile!  Men will work eight hours a day for pay. Ten hours a day for a good boss. But twenty-four hours a day for a good cause.  If you are going to get to the top you have got to get off your bottom.      

 - Dennis Moore

The Costco Way!

Hello Nikken Leader!

I've been going to Costco at least a couple times a month for almost 30 years. It is astonishing that a good day of business at a Costco Store can be as high as $1 million in sales!

The most valuable real estate of a store is right where you first walk in. This is where Costco places high-ticket big screen televisions, expensive cameras, electronic notebooks…and Vitamins!  Nutrition products are big-sellers and Costco places pallets of supplements in this prime position. I decided to count the number of pages in the latest Costco Connection magazine advertising nutritional products - 24 pages!   

Obviously Costco is selling big screen TV’s and cameras, however I seldom actually see these purchased.  Rather, I see the cart filled mostly with basic consumable commodities. – The #1 selling product for Costco is toilet paper, approaching half a billion dollars worth of toilet paper every year!

I believe Nikken has a lot in common with Costco.  We both have some great big-ticket items, but the accumulative volume of consumable repeat products is astonishing. Over my long relationship with Costco I've bought a few televisions and cameras etc. but I have bought thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of groceries from them.  I would guess that the average Costco purchase is much the same as the average Nikken AutoShip purchase, which is $183.00.  Think about that!

In July, I accepted the "personally sponsor three" challenge. Let me share with you what my three new people are doing:  B signed up and ordered $332.20 he is happy with his purchases, but was not interested in AutoShip and had zero volume for August. J is excited about KVB, and has a nice AutoShip of $276.00 (3 KVB jars). D signed up with $154 in AutoShip in July and did $406.00 in August, plus has signed up his first associate. 

Let's look at what could be worth business-wise. An AutoShip of $276 per month is close to $3000 volume over one year!!!

The network marketing profession has already created thousands of millionaires and countless stories of people creating additional income.  The traditional and historical model for successful network marketers has been to find two or three people who in turn find two or three good people...and so on, until there's a whole lot of people doing between $100 and $200 a month.  

TEACH THREE TO REACH THREE!   A successful business is made from a whole lot of people each doing a little bit.

Many people come home from work all stressed, sore and sleep-deficient.  It’s an awesome feeling to give them the gift of a good roll out and share the features and benefits of a Kenko sleep system.  Some of the greatest Nikken testimonials come from using the Kenko Naturest Sleep System.  While I'm still promoting and selling sleep systems, I find many people that join Nikken are more typical of the story of my aforementioned three sign-ups. 

Although Costco sells a lot of expensive flat-panel TVs, they don't devote 25 or 30 pages in their magazine to them.  I recommend we follow the “Costco Plan.” Their store is always crowded with people purchasing enormous volumes of basic consumable commodities.  All of the super successful MLM's – Amway did 12 Billion last year – are like Costco. Their volume is made from lots of people buying small commodities. And just like Costco, we get to sell some awesome big-ticket items too!  

Our new compensation plan will profitably support the historically successful network marketing business model of a lot of people doing $100 to $200 per month volumes of auto-ship.  Please give this consideration, especially in light of our hot new product that will be launched in San Antonio.  It's going to be another consumable!

We want to have a clear business plan to show people how they can earn money. If a prospect asks:  "How do you make money in Nikken?"  all too many consultants get a deer-in-the-headlights look.

I'm convinced that if most people were shown a way to earn $1000 a month in less than a year, and it looked fun and easy, and they believed they could do it, they would join us!   And if they were earning $1000 a month, they would stay in and continue to grow. I love Rick Murphy's mantra:  TEACH THREE TO REACH THREE.  This should be foundational to our culture. 

I love the Packs (both the products and Clyde and Sandy!)  I totally believe in the WELLNESS HOME. Its great if a person has the resources to invest in the bigger items.  I do want a business plan that is as all-inclusive as possible. 

I love to ask a prospect:

"May I show you a way to create a $1000 per month income?  And I want to stress that this is not an idea about going to work and then getting paid $1000 a month. This is a simple and predictable business plan for creating a permanent and residual cash flow of one thousand dollars per month!  An 'annuity' if you will, because it will be based upon the cash flow of consumable repeat business volume."

This is a business plan based on proven product and business volume models that have been going on for years. We are a 40-year-old company with fantastic products. Once people start using them, they love them, and they buy them... forever!  Currently our average AutoShip order is $183.00.

When I show them the business plan I can go into more detail. But here's the gist:  Certainly you will want to set an example by being your own best customer.   If you become simply an "average," consumer, and find only two other "average" consumers, you now have created a small AutoShip business that will produce $549 per month. Teach three to do the same thing, and then teach those three to teach three, and you will be Silver in less than two months, and now earning over $1000 a month!  All with only three people who have three people - all having $500 a month AutoShip businesses. 

I tell my prospect that I could really hype this up, but I don't.  Exponential income is powerful stuff. Using just the average of $183 and only "three who sponsor three" shows that it is realistic. And fun and simple.

For almost everyone, an extra $500 or $1000 a month would change their whole life. 

I love it and thrill to it as much as anyone if someone wants to buy a Waterfall, a Wellness Home or sleep system, But more than anything I want the business plan to be all-inclusive. I want it to be easy for them to get in and get started. Practically everyone can join and get on AutoShip. The wellness home can naturally come about once they just get in!

Most fast growing companies have some type of "starting bonus". Our

"2 for the Win" incentive can be an effective equivalent. The big thing is to get people to make a one-year commitment and show them a business plan for substantial accomplishment in that one year.

Have a system and follow the system!  This is the essence of what all the fast growing companies are doing. If you draw this plan all out, you will see that you are a Silver with 6500 PGV.  It's the same model that I use to maintain high PGV.   If will do this it becomes much more likely your team will.  This is the One-Year Plan.  Continue doing this same thing for four to five years and you can become financially independent!


Dream Big - You can do it!

(Do get the book: The Four Year Career at

 Dave Johnson 


When you, the Wellness Consultant, come from your own emotional/heart/feeling center, you are more likely to arouse in someone else an emotional/heart/feeling response. This is the place where many people make their most important decisions.  -Rosie Bank

I Got 3 - Here's how!

In the July kickoff call Jeff Isom challenged us to write this down every day:

 "I am recruiting three new Wellness Consultants this month!"

Jeff is our Vice President of Sales.  He is a popular Humans Being More facilitator and a Personal Coach. He is an expert on the POWER OF INTENTION and is an ardent proponent for writing daily goals. The act of writing down your goals in life creates an attraction. These affirmations should always be personal, present, and positive.

Jeff said if we are going to realize our “why” then we need to learn how to focus our thoughts and anchor them with emotion and positive repetition, and they will become our reality.

Everyone knows that we become what we think about. Sterling W Sill explains that when we think about the same thing again and again, it goes deeper into the mind and becomes more permanent.

Of course this is not some passive, naïve, or empty hope.  It’s purposefully engaging your mind, its thinking in creative ways to plan and make it happen. If you will make the effort each day to carefully and thoughtfully feed your mind in the same way a gardener might feed a young tree, you will produce fruit.  You can make your thoughts real.   You can do this! 

"I am recruiting three new Wellness Consultants this month!"

Why three new people?  If you’re brand-new to Nikken then three new people could make you a Silver. If you are currently a Diamond, then perhaps just one more really good leg is exactly what’s needed for you to become a Royal Diamond.

When I was listening to Jeff's call, I began thinking... I would like three more legs. I'm going to accept his challenge! And just imagine if everyone in Nikken were actually doing this! And if this is going to happen, then let it begin with me.  Knowing that Jeff always has his iPhone near him, I texted him during the call and said, "It shall be done - I am recruiting three new wellness consultants in July  -  Or more!"

He announced on the call that he just received my text and read it – I thought, Well now I am  locked in. I will write this down and do it!

The greatest influence a leader can make is through personal example. Instead of  “I want YOU to go sign up three people” say, “Follow me, let’s go sign up three people.”  This is the same thing as bringing our kids to church with us, rather than trying to send our kids off to church.

If I were recommending Nikken products to you and somewhere in the conversation you were to ask if I used them, and if I told you,  “No…  I just want to sell them to you,” that would probably not go over very well!  Don’t just tell them -  Show them!

The only way to GROW BIG and to achieve the lofty goal of “Vision 238” is going to be through lots of people joining us. Everyone recruiting three new wellness consultants this month will lay a good foundation to actualize this.  As a true leader, I can't ask someone else to do things that I'm not doing!  Besides, it's fun and I'm actually seeing good things unfolding to the people that I'm sharing this with.   I just got this text from one of my new WC’s: “Not trying to get overexcited but I might have my first team member!”

The best half of the month is left.  Write and say, everyday:

"I am recruiting three new Wellness Consultants this month!"

Some people may be trying to “train” or “manage” their group into new growth.  I highly recommend that we lead by our good example.  Doing the same as what you teach is the best training.  Be all the leader you can be.  Be Kaizen!!!

Dave Johnson


“Come then, let us go forward together with our united strength.”  -Churchill

Affirmations can change everything!  Please listen to

“The Power of Affirmations” (episode #45) at:

A script that works:

Teach 3 to Reach 3

What if everyone got 3 new people and then worked with them to find their 3 new Business partners. What would happen?  That means every person who help their 3 to get 3 they now have 9

Business Building Basics

I was reflecting back when I first joined Nikken. My original sponsor never called me. I was anxiously seeking an opportunity, and I called him first. You might say I was a golden prospect!

He left the business after only a year. I had not seen or spoken to him for over 15 years until three years ago when he called me out of the blue. He said that he was coming to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, and asked if I would have lunch with him.

Over the course of catching up on everything, including a discussion about the philosophy of network marketing, he made a rather brilliant observation: "You know, I think the key for success is to simply find a good company and stay with it, work hard, and then just don't ever quit." 

Fascinatingly, in the last three years he has called and pitched me on five or six different opportunities! When we were both new to Nikken, I learned another golden nugget of wisdom from him. He often stated that: "The opportunity of a lifetime is only as good as the lifetime of the opportunity." Entering my Nikken career with the personal experience of four failed opportunities over a span of 15 years, made Nikken look all the more wonderfully encouraging. 

Did you know that the network marketing profession has been around for over 70 years!? Literally thousands of people have become millionaires over this time period. And success leaves clues. This is a predictable business. All of these millionaires had certain things in common. Every one had found two or three key people. Occasionally four. They in turn, helped their two or three people find two or three Key people. They were leaders looking for leaders. They in turn, taught their people to look for a few key leaders. 

They got very good at teaching a few people how to teach a few people how to recruit and train a few people, and so on. Next they taught everyone to use and share a product. Every successful business organization is simply two or three legs comprising a large organization where everyone is doing a little bit. Lots of people buying and consuming $100 to $200 a month. Month after month. 

mStrides is the ideal sizzle product to launch an empire. "Energy Medicine" is a buzzword. People are interested. It’s easy to make appointments. This is a unique and competitive advantage over everything else. Imagine the ideal introductory product - one that works almost instantly and consistently produces dramatic results. (no loaning or gifting necessary, nor waiting for two or three months to see any results.)

(see "the mStride approach" on this blog for a proven script you can use for making business appointments)

Kenzen Vital Balance is the ideal product for generating “residual income." Nearly everybody is interested in losing weight. No one wants to be overweight, but they're addicted to sugar. KVB is a meal-replacement shake that is unique in that it will optimize your brain chemistry to curb sugar addiction! The Ultimate price point for a product would be no cost at all to use. Many people will actually enjoy a reduction in their food budget. At around three dollars per meal, many people will dramatically increase the spectrum of their nutrient content at often less cost than the anemic and empty-calorie fast food that they would have been 

Ideally for income-stream longevity, you want a product that people would buy even if they're not getting a check or are involved in the business. Kenzen Vital Balance is the ideal "residual income" product. People tell me that they plan to take KVB every day for the rest of their life.


DESIRE: The starting point of all riches.

The essential qualities of a leader are:

  • A Burning Desire. You are hungry. You have some fire in the belly. 
  • Coachable. You have a mentor. You are working with someone who is where you want to be. 
  • Gumption. You are self-motivated.  You understand delayed gratification.  You love meaningful work. 

I invite you to join our leadership call every Saturday morning at 8 AM Pacific time
Call 567-314-0343 pass code is 83854 #

Let's go out and build an empire together!

Dave Johnson

The mStride Approach

"Scripting" is one of the most powerful ways to change everything.  You can borrow someone else's script and then loan it to others.  When you learn an effective script, and especially when you teach it to others your whole world will change! I highly recommend you memorize this script.  Add your personality to these words and make them a part of you.

Begin with a sincere and personal compliment - Example:

 I've always been impressed by how you genuinely really care about others....your high integrity...and...just plain gumption!

Make all of this a natural conversation - be interested, and not interesting!

I like you!      I would like you to consider going into business with me.     I believe we could do some great things together.

At this point they might ask - "WHAT IS IT?"

So you are interested?     

Be sure and wait for a response - Pace yourself - take time to listen!

Have you heard of the term "Energy Medicine?" 

Dr. Oz states that: "Energy Medicine is The Next Big Thing."  

also that:  "Energy Medicine is the future of all medicine."

This is high praise indeed!

And I'm excited to say that the future is NOW!

There is an "Energy Medicine" product that's already proven itself. It's done over a billion dollars in Japan, and I have an opportunity to help bring it here! 

We estimate this is going to be at least a $4 billion opportunity.

I have a very successful business partner I'm working with who has already built big businesses.  We believe this is something that everybody's going to need and want.

No one has it yet, and they can only get it from us!

And we're looking for some good business partners to work with and you came to mind.

Listen to their response.... And see if they're still interested.

Let's get together and see if this is something that we can do together.

Is there sometime next thursday that we could schedule a phone call with you and my business partner?

This can be a million dollar idea!

"Energy medicine is the future of all medicine. We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body - it's understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel."

    -Dr. Mehmet Oz

A Christmas Message

I just read a humorous Christmas story that involves an aging aunt who was going to send each young child in the family a card stuffed with $10.  In a hurry, she forgot to include the money.  Each child received an empty card inscribed with the handwritten note. “Go buy yourself a present.”  Without the accompanying $10, the note took on a completely different meaning than the aunt had intended! 


“Miss Thompson was a school teacher…and this is the way Charles Swindall tells the story about one of her students:


Teddy Stollard certainly qualified as one of the least; disinterested in school, musty, wrinkled clothes.  Hair never combed.  One of those kids in school with a deadpan face, expressionless…sort of a glossy, unfocused stare. When Miss Thompson spoke to Teddy, he always answered in monosyllables.  He was unattractive, unmotivated, and distant.  He was just plain hard to like.


 Even though his teacher said that she loved all the class just the same, down inside she wasn’t being completely truthful.  Whenever she marked Teddy’s papers, she got a sort of perverse pleasure putting “X’s” next to the wrong answers; and when she put ”F’s” at the top of the page, she always did it with a flair.  She should have known better!  She had Teddy’s records. And she knew more about him than she wanted to admit. 


The records read:  “1st grade:  Teddy shows promise with his work and attitude, but poor home situation.   2nd Grade:  Teddy could do better.  Mother is seriously ill - he receives little help at home.  3rd Grade:  Teddy is a good boy, but too serious.  H He is a slow learner.  His mother died this year.  4th Grade:  Teddy is very slow, but well behaved.  His father shows no interest.”


Well, Christmas came and the boys and girls in Miss Thompson’s class brought her Christmas presents.  They piled the presents on her desk and crowded around for her to open the.  And among the presents was a gift from Teddy Stollard.  She was surprised he had brought her a gift - but he had.  Teddy’s gift was wrapped in plain brown paper and held together with scotch tape.  On the paper were written the simple words: “For Miss Thompson - From Teddy”.


 When she opened Teddy’s present out fell a gaudy rhinestone bracelet with half the stones missing, and a bottle of cheap perfume.  The other boys and girls began to giggle and smirk at Teddy’s gifts, but Miss Thompson had at least enough sense to silence them, by immediately putting on the bracelet and putting some of the perfume on her wrists.  Holding her wrists up for the other children to smell, she said: “Doesn’t it smell lovely!!!”  And the children, taking their cue from Miss Thompson, responded with ooohs and aaahs. 


At the end of the day, when school was over and the other children had left, Teddy lingered behind.  He slowly came over to her desk and said softly:  Miss Thompson…Miss Thompson…Gee, Yah smell just like my mother!  Her bracelet looks real pretty on yah too!  I’m glad you like my presents! 


When Teddy left, Miss Thompson got down on her knees…and asked God to forgive her.


The next day, when the children came to school, they were welcomed by a new teacher.  Miss Thompson had become a different person.  She was no longer just a teacher.  She was an agent of God.  She was now a person committed to loving her children, and doing things for them that would live long after she was gone.  She helped all the children, but especially the slow ones - and especially Teddy Stollard.  By the end of the school year Teddy showed dramatic improvement.  He caught up with most of the students, and was even ahead of some. 


Well the year ended and she didn’t hear from Teddy for a long time.  Then one day she received a note which read: Dear Miss Thompson, I wanted you to be the first to know.  I will be graduating, second in my class.  Love, Teddy Stollard.   And four years later, another note:  Dear Miss Thompson, They told me I will be graduating 1st in my class!  I wanted you to be the first to know!  The university has not been easy - but I like it.  Love, Teddy Stollard.   And four years later, another note:  Dear miss Thompson, As of today, I am Theodore Stollard, MD.  How about that!  I wanted you to be the first to know.  I’m getting married next month, the 27th to be exact.  I want you to come and sit where my mother would sit if she were alive.  You are the only family I have now.  Dad died last year.  Love, Teddy Stollard 


Well, Miss Thompson went to that wedding and sat where Teddy’s mother would have sat.  She deserved to sit there.  She had done something for Teddy that he could never forget.”


In a way all of us are just like Miss Thompson, and the most wonderful feeling is to know that you have made a difference in the life of another person.  Ultimately, a well-lived life might be measured by the greatest good that one has done for the largest number of people.


I believe Nikken is the greatest business in the history of the world because we offer the most profound life-changing products combined with a compensation plan enabling anyone to positively affect possibly many thousands of people.


Nikken offers YOU a powerful tool to enormously magnify your personal influence for doing good!


Our best wishes for you and your family in this most joyous season!


Dave & Valerie Johnson

Training from Dennis and Ruth Williams

"Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another."-Richard Bach (Illusions)

How true this is!  "If it is to be.....It is up to me!"

Here's what I encourage you to do:  Watch the three "Legacy 238" videos below in order.  If we all get on board with the vision of this.....WOW!  Just think of what a difference it will make for you and your family and the world.

Legacy 238: Part 1

Legacy 238: Part 2

Legacy 238: Part 3

After you watch these videos, print out and study this document.  If you're not familiar with what the "ABC" is, go here to learn about it, and also information about the why and how of the Business 21 Club and Paragon Award.

To see the power of geometric progression talked about in the Legacy 238 videos, check this out:

Everything talked about in the videos will be a reality if you make a decision and a commitment and apply action!

We appreciate and believe in all of you!  Let's make the 3x3x3 a reality!!


Dennis & Ruth Williams

Bo’s Smart Start to Your Nikken Business

Dear Nikken Consultant,

Success is a step-by-step journey and when taken correctly, you can be only weeks away from a very good check…and one to two years away from serious residual income and greater freedom! Contact your sponsor and/or up-line support team leaders and create an exciting 90-day action plan. Use the Smart Start Guide. 

So here’s a question for you…

How would you like to have five new team members that meet the following criteria?


  1. Work the business five nights a week.
  2. Practice daily self-development.
  3. Attend all local and major functions.
  4. Promote all functions to the team.
  5. Practice the core qualities.
  6. Focus on building a large network of business builders.
  7. Have a strong product culture and customer base.
  8. Submit an activity report form to you every month.
  9. Follow a business plan religiously.

Imagine how fast you would bust out this year and next with five new team members like that!  So how do you get them?

I’m afraid you’re not going to like the answer…

To get team members like that – YOU have to be a team member like that!   So how are you doing on that?

Now if you’re not where you want to be, let’s try something different.  No more guilt.  No more beating yourself up.  No more attacking your self-worth.

Why not take this present moment as an opportunity for a fresh start?  Give yourself permission to win!

An ideal path for your new beginning is to attend the very next HBM Humans Being More Training! Taking a good look at your life as it is now and "creating the life you really want" can make all the difference in the world!

Here's to a New You and an exciting and productive New Month!


How to have your biggest year EVER!

There is a Monthly Rhythm to the Nikken Business. At the start of every month all Business Builders will want to contact many new people. That means talking with one, two, three or more people per day, and following up with them. The idea is to get as many people as possible in the first half of the month exploring what Nikken is all about – the Products and Business. The desired result is to build a network of consultants and customers. Ideally, you want to sponsor many people to find at least four serious business builders as fast as possible.

Start of the Month: – Plan your work and work your plan.

Each new month holds endless possibilities. Be open to the many good things that can happen. At the start of each month, contact with your sponsor and successful upline team leaders to discuss your goals and what you want to achieve. They will share their ideas and strategies with you to create an Action Plan. Important – do this every month.

Decide to go as far and as fast as possible every month. Do all you can to advance to the next level or higher. If you are very part-time, move from Senior at 1500 points to Executive at 5000 points, etc. For Business Builders, reach the Silver level A.S.A.P. That means a team of about 10 to 20 people doing 20,000, or more, total PGV - personal group volume points It is very possible for many people who are not yet Silver, to reach that level in one month. Some people do it over two or three months. Silver can be done with a committed decision and the required activity. Business Builders: decide and commit to reaching Silver this month or next, to contacting many people and sponsoring several consultants, and them helping them to sponsor as well. Do it as fast as possible. 

Be aware of any specials or contests that Nikken is offering this month and use them to your advantage. Do all you can to win any and all trips, contest and incentives. These can boost your business forward to make much more money and winning them can be a lot of fun. Talk with your sponsor/ upline.

The Process: – Informing rather than ‘selling.’

By getting 100% informed via the 5 Stages of the Sponsoring Process (the Process), people can make a sound business decision about Nikken. If your goal is to build greater time and money freedom, you do not want to just sell some products but to build a business, a network of consultants and customers. The more people in your network, the more products are consumed and sold every month, and the bigger your check!

In this business, we want people to become fully informed and to ‘sell themselves’ on Nikken, via the Process. This Process is usually two or more events where people get exposed to the products and business, where they get good information and get their questions answered. The Process includes these basic steps, below. You want your guests to go through this Process in a week or less, or as soon as possible.

It can happen in a few days, the sooner the better. It usually happens in this sequence, but not always:

  1. Information – initial contact, as well as audio and video materials, 3 way call with a successful consultant, internet, brochure. Not all at once, but a little at a time.
  2. Product Demos – seeing and experiencing the benefits of the various products by using them during presentations, having fun with ‘energy tests,’ and experiencing 100% stress relief with a Rollout (sleep system demo).
  3. Nikken Event or a One-on-One – usually an “In-Home” or a Wellness Preview  - a Presentation to a group, large or small, covering the Products, Business, and Testimonials.
  4. Decision- to join and be a Business Builder, or a Member / Customer.
  5. HBM – Humans Being More and Business Fundamentals Training. A two-day event where you can really see the ‘heart of Nikken,’ remove limitations, discover greater possibilities for your future, and be trained on the Business Basics. Attend as soon as possible.

Steps 1 to 4 can and should be done as quickly as possible, usually in a week or less. Do HBM when you can, as it is held a few times per year in most large centers. No one has seen all of Nikken until they have been to HBM one or more times. Attend as soon as possible and bring people with you!

ABC = your sponsor / upline (A) helping you  (B) to present to someone else (C).

Doing lots of ABCs and 3-Way Calls is very, very important. Your experienced upline team members can be the helpful by assisting you in person and with 3 Way Calls. They can help you contact people and present Nikken, to answer questions that your prospects and new recruits have; they can help them to decide on what product order to start with, and give them an exciting vision for the future! Do ABCs (‘live’ in person, or as a 3-Way Call) with everyone on your team. All the top leaders still do ABCs. You should, too. Use all forms of ABC with audios, videos, 3 way calls, Nikken events, etc.

Earning Money:

The Nikken Compensation Plan, based on the monthly calendar, encourages and rewards consultants to take action today, to get started now and to advance as far as possible this month. What you do this month affects your Nikken advancement, income and earning potential the following month. By advancing to higher and higher levels, from Senior (5%) to Executive (10%), you earn higher commissions. At Silver (20%) you maximize your commissions on anything you purchase and / or sell, and on the activity of your group.

Run for Silver – The business starts at Silver. Launch your business!

It is best to Run for Silver in your first month or two, or as soon as possible. As you Run for Silver, don’t just focus on the very minimum you need to do, which is twelve thousand (12,000 PGV - total personal group volume) over 3 months. You want to “Run Through the Tape” by aiming towards a higher goal.  Nikken gives you 90 days to get 12,000 PGV and go Silver, try doing 12,000 PGV in just one month and gain more momentum!  Run for Silver and help your most excited / committed consultants to do the same. Some people have done over 60,000 PGV to achieve the 60 K Club.

For Silvers and above:

After you have reached Silver, the main question you must ask yourself and your Business Builders is, “Who is going Silver this month?” By helping three others to reach Silver, you can advance to Gold and qualify for Nikken’s Lifestyle Bonus. 

Keep personally sponsoring at least one or two new people every month to become a SOLID Silver, while helping your Business Builders to reach Silver, Gold and higher.

Volume is King!

The volume that you and your network create this month determines what you and your team will earn the next month. We all get paid on the 15th of each month based on the previous month’s volume of our network. If you want a good income on the 15th of next month then create a lot of activity NOW. High volume is a direct reflection of many people being helped by the products and the business. When you help many people, you earn a high income.  Money is a certificate of service rendered.  Contact many people, sponsor as many as possible and help your new team members to do the same. This is done better and faster with ABCs. When you do this and help your team to do it, that is good DUPLICATION = BIG VOLUME.

In Summary:

Start each month with Vision, Enthusiasm, an Action Plan for you and your team, and get going! Reach out to your sponsor and upline team for guidance and help. Plan out your month and the volume you want to create. “Who is going Silver (or Gold) this month?” Also, contact your team members, frontline and downline, to congratulate them on their activity and advancement last month.

To create a bigger team and higher income, keep sponsoring at least one or more consultants monthly and focus on helping your most excited and committed Business Builders to reach Silver and Gold as soon as possible. Get your PGV (Personal Group Volume) to 10,000 or more points per month. When you have a few strong Business Builders on your team, creating that kind of monthly volume is not difficult. More volume = more income for everyone!

You can reach Platinum in a year or less when you have at least six frontline Silvers or three Golds. When they are ‘solid’ Silvers with big teams and at least four serious business builders, they can be earning from one to two thousand per month. With at least six ‘solid’ Silvers, you can join the “100K Club” and be earning $100,000 per year or more. Start every month correctly and go for it!


Enjoy the journey,

Bo Tanas

Nikken Royal Diamond.

Former Consultant of the Year


I first heard this profound and poetic thought spoken by Jim Rohn on a recording...

Time is the inexplicable raw material of everything. With it, all is possible; without it, nothing. The supply of time is truly a daily miracle, an affair genuinely astonishing when one examines it. You wake up in the morning, and lo! your purse is magically filled with twenty-four hours of the unmanufactured tissue of the universe of your life! It is yours. It is the most precious of possessions... No one can take it from you. It is not something that can be stolen. And no one receives either more or less than you receive. Moreover, you cannot draw on its future. Impossible to get into debt! You can only waste the passing moment. You cannot waste tomorrow; it is kept for you. You cannot waste the next hour; it is kept for you.

You have to live on this twenty-four hours of daily time. Out of it you have to spin health, pleasure, money, content, respect, and the evolution of your immortal soul. Its right use, its most effective use, is a matter of the highest urgency and of the most thrilling actuality. All depends on that. Your happiness -- the elusive prize that you are all clutching for, my friends -- depends on that.

If one cannot arrange that an income of twenty-four hours a day shall exactly cover all proper items of expenditure, one does muddle one's whole life indefinitely. We shall never have any more time. We have, and we have always had, all the time there is.

Arnold Bennett

A great compilation of quotes about time is at:

Do it Today!

Dave Ramsey says, “Goals are bite-sized visions, goals convert vision into energy.  Goals must be specific and measurable.   Goals that work must have a time frame.”  With this in mind, are you thinking about what you want 2014 to look like?


My son Jarom drew a Nikken “Success Mountain.” Once you make the decision to climb it, find a good guide(mentor) and start taking a few steps – everyday! 

success hill.jpg


"You see, SUCCESS doesn't just suddenly occur one day in someone's life. For that matter, neither does failure. Each is a process.


If I could come to your house and spend just one day with you, I would be able to tell whether or not you will be successful. You could pick the day. If I got up with you in the morning and went through the day with you, watching you for 24 hours, I could tell in what direction your life is headed.


The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. If you make a few key decisions and then manage them well in your daily agenda, you will succeed.


You will never change your life until you change something you do daily."

-John Maxwell


Now is the time to begin the climb.  I want to see you at the top!


Dave Johnson

"Masuda Strides"

Dear Nikken Friends,

Nikken has a history of very quick product results.  mStrides are redefining this reputation.  There is proving  to be a greater improvement when going from MagSteps to the new mStrides than going from nothing at all to the old MagSteps!

mStrides is unquestionably a multi-billion dollar product.   I feel like it’s 1975 and I’m at the very beginning with Mr. Masuda.  Maybe the “M” in mStrides is for “Masuda Strides” or “Money Strides”!  “M” can also represent “multiply” for multiplying your business. 

The Domino Effect - The Power of Geometric Progression (Following from Dave Ramsey’s Podcast)

When you begin your business, initial growth might seem small, but it has a geometric scope.  If you begin with the end in mind and work towards it everyday, what may seem to be small incremental improvements grow and become extraordinary.

A physics paper was written describing the astonishing power of the domino effect:  A domino can knock over another domino 50% bigger than itself.  A little two inch domino can actually knock over a three inch domino, and the three inch domino can knock over a four and a half inch domino.  As the dominos become exponentially larger, the twenty-ninth one will be higher than the Empire State Building, and the fifty-third, larger than the radius of the earth!  The 62nd domino would nearly span the distance from earth to moon.  With this same progression, the 133rd domino would equal the diameter of the entire Milky Way Galaxy.  This is mind-boggling!   This is geometric progression.  This is also your NIKKEN compensation plan! 

By consistently working on what may appear seemingly small things everyday,  your NIKKEN "domino" business will provide disproportional results, extraordinary results!

The multiplication factor is putting your time into the things that are most productive, then teach your people to do the same thing...

“The most valuable thing I can do with my time is to be face to face with a “class A” prospect who I’ve been sent to see by someone I have respect for and time to tell my story under favorable conditions... The second most important thing I can do with my time is getting on the phone and getting more appointments to do that. And the third most important thing I can do with my time would be to get some more names to do that!”

- Paul J. Meyer

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon. . . must inevitably come to pass.”

- Paul J. Meyer

I know you can do this!


see the "domino effect" in action:

The Best Corporate Speech - EVER!

Kurt Fulle delivered what will soon be remembered as the Gettysburg Address of Nikken at the Nikken Leadership Conference last week.   


Lead the Nikken Revolution – Nikken President & CEO Kurt H. Fulle

Good morning, everyone!

For the record, I want to state that yes, I’m asking all Nikken employees to step outside of the box, and I’m stepping outside of the box as well.

How else can   there be a Nikken revolution?

I want you to understand where Nikken is headed and the simplest way to do that is to tell you why this year, our theme for the North American Leadership Conference is the Nikken Revolution.

We’re not here to encourage civil disobedience, but we are here to overturn established systems that simply do not work. We are not here to make sudden or reckless changes. But we are here to effect and transition calculated moves for a better, more secure future, for those who want it. Now a revolution can be daunting, but our revolution comes directly from the Heart of Nikken.

Look closely at our logo for this year’s Leadership Conference:

By excerpting “love” in green with our embedded Nikken logo, our Nikken Revolution is balanced or tempered with heart, with passion. Love is written backwards in our Nikken Revolution to suggest that in our world, we need to reflect the love within the revolution, and that reflection is within each individual, within each of you.

Self-reflection can be a difficult process but it is necessary for growth. How many of you were squirming in your seats when you went through certain exercises during Humans Being More training? But it produced positive results, didn’t it?

Humans Being More training captures what Zen Buddhists call “beginner’s mind.”

Great leaders retain the mindset of the student and are open to learning. And the more we learn, the more we see the need to change, to transform. Retaining the mind of a beginner is the Zen way of thinking. Effective leaders consider themselves perpetual beginners. And as such, they remain humble.

There is always some amount of resistance to change, but I would like to remind you that the goal of all Nikken changes is to improve the greater good and thereby facilitate better long-term results. That’s where a little bit of love goes a long way. The 5 Pillars of Health and Humans Being More really are about caring, self-development, change, achieving something better, something sustainable and something for generations to come. It’s about building a legacy. It’s about our ongoing efforts to grow as a greener company, because we love humanity and we respect planet Earth. The Nikken revolution is full of passion and Nikken green.

Pat spoke about how important it is for her to look in the mirror and like what she sees. I think all of us can relate to that. We should all ask ourselves every day  “What am I doing? Why am I doing it? How can I do better?” In asking these questions, we are really asking ourselves if we really like what we see in the mirror each morning. Who among us can claim to have no room for change?

You are our company leaders and I want to relate how you can lead the Nikken revolution. As you undergo continual self-reflection and like what you see in your mirror, how can you duplicate and motivate others to do the same? In other words, you continue to develop as “humans being more” but how do you attract and influence others to do the same? And let me be clear, as you develop your own potential to be the best person you can be, you are actually growing your Nikken business. Nikken is a vehicle by which you not only can improve the image in your personal mirror, but Nikken is also a superior tool in helping you advance the cause of wellness by creating, and then expanding your own business.

Let me pose a few questions that will illuminate the beauty and simplicity of the Nikken business.

  • Where else can you earn an income stream, simply by making yourself a better person, using whatever definition you choose to define better?
  • Where else can you reach out a helping hand to someone in need?
  • Where else can you transform lives with the basic necessities of life: clean air and water, whole food nourishment, the closest thing to sunlight you can get, and skin care that helps the largest organ of your body defy premature aging?

                                                                                                                                                And most groundbreaking of all, who else has a business model, that provides products, which permit a sleep deprived society to enjoy a rejuvenating night of sleep? We call it a Naturest sleep.

Our core Nikken products address the basic elements necessary for healthy living. I believe we set the standard for the rest of the world. This is why the timing is perfect for all of you to revolutionize your circle of family, friends, acquaintances and those you have yet to meet. Now more than ever, the general population is ready to look at alternative health solutions and alternatives to a 9 to 5 job, a job that many have lost during the protracted economic downturn of the past several years.

Nikken products address challenges in a way that no other company has attempted. We’re alone in offering an integrated, comprehensive approach to dealing with multiple aspects of daily health: rest and relaxation, a safe environment, nutrition and skin care.                                                             

We are the only ones to provide a complete solution. Nikken has the Circadian rhythm covered. From the time you rise in the morning and put on shoes with Nikken insoles, to when you go to bed at night with a Naturest sleep system, our products integrate easily into daily living.

At Nikken you create success by being role models. The more you live as humans being more, the easier it is to attract others who want to be like you—whether they want to be helpful the way you are, to be their own boss the way you are, to be as caring as you are, or to earn a healthy income as you do.

Having met many of you, I know how dramatic the success stories can be. You have a proven track record of success, repeated over and over. Any one of us, who has heard the glowing testimonials from Consultants who have benefited from the business opportunity, knows that Nikken has solutions that people want and need. Our solutions are literally life changing.

I’ve learned a great deal over the years from our most successful Nikken Consultants. Soon we will be approaching our 40th anniversary in 2015, and the commitment and desire of many of these Top Performers still remains unwavering.

In conversations with them, and observing them speak at events and interact with people, it is easy to identify the characteristics they have in common:

  • Successful Nikken Consultants attend Humans Being More training multiple times. They are master business-builders but continue to be students.
  • They look at and assess what they see in their personal mirrors on a regular basis. They are never complacent.
  • They have experienced failure and do not get discouraged.
  • They hold themselves accountable and do not blame others.
  • They work hard, play hard and enjoy doing both.
  • They’re not afraid to talk about money, to make money and to help others do the same.

You cannot create a successful business without talking about money. It shouldn’t be embarrassing. In the world we live in, money is a necessity. It doesn’t make you a bad person, an unkind person or a greedy person to want money. Prosperity is everyone’s birthright.

Creating wealth when you have nothing is a revolution. An entrepreneur will recognize an opportunity when it is presented. Some of our most successful Consultants created wealth through Nikken, at a time in their lives when they had virtually nothing. They were once down and out, but recognized what Nikken had to offer, and ran with it. They revolutionized their lives. These Consultants embraced Humans Being More training and continue to live as Humans Being More. They were successful at getting a large group of people to consistently do a few simple actions over an extended period of time. Their organizations grew because they led their revolution.

A healthy society is supported by the Nikken belief in helping others. This is a business in which the members — you — are cooperative instead of combative. It is not a zero-sum process where you make good at someone else’s expense. It is the opposite, where in building your downline you are doing good for yourself and for your group.

This is truly an inspired concept —  to do well in life by helping others to be more. Humans Being More. This belief defines who we are, and who we continue to strive to be.                                                                       

A few people manage to accomplish this in one aspect of life or another.  Personal trainers and nutritionists can help people maintain a healthy body. Psychologists and social workers treat problems such as substance abuse and alcoholism. Clergy can provide support for belief systems to families and communities. Financial advisors offer their expertise in helping people protect and grow their net worth.

But what group of people has the vision, the will and the commitment to become successful by helping others in all these ways?

You do, as Independent Nikken Consultants. I don't know of any other group or system that has this purpose. It’s a testament to this purpose that Nikken has withstood nearly four decades filled with environmental disasters and economic turbulence. Yet for all our past achievements, we have so much more to do, and our potential is unlimited.

The Nikken revolution begins with each one of you.

You are the future of Nikken. You are the ones who can lead your organizations to new heights of health and wealth! You are the Nikken Revolution!

Thank you.


Rollbacks and go to Humans Being More Training

Rollbacks and go to Humans Being More Training

Then roll more backs…

and take more people to Humans Being More Training!

People occasionally kid about this, but I assure them that this goes deep into my core philosophy. In the first place, I'm practical, and these are the two most basic aspects of this business.

The rolling of the back is something that's always done, and there's a very sound reason for it.  It entails a transference of positive energy from one person to another, every time you do it.   I've never seen it fail. There is always something positive that takes place every time a back is rolled.  You establish a relationship with people; a bond of trust from which you can build.

Humans Being More Training is a program that is one of the backbones of this business (every pun intended!)  It anchors people into Nikken as they absorb the core values of this wonderful company we are all involved in.  When they come out of it, they've usually made some pretty firm decisions about whether or not they're going to make a commitment to this company and to the people involved in it.

Usually they become more focused. They have clear goals with a bonding to Nikken and its five pillars of health philosophy.

When I first got into the business, 90% of the people we sponsored went through Humans Being More Training within 90 days or less from the time they signed up.

This speaks volumes to me of why people get into this business and stay in this business.   For me it also underscores the fact that many network marketing companies don't have this kind of high-level training, and tend to have people fall away much more quickly. That's because so many of these other companies are not goal directed, and Nikken is.  They don't have a philosophy, and Nikken does… a Life-changing, life-altering, life-enhancing philosophy.  If there's anything for you to get out of at all in should have the same values as your company; to believe in the same things.

I often say that rolling backs endears people to the products. Humans Being More Training endears people to the company. It becomes the heart connection to the whole process.

It's like an electrical circuit that all of a sudden becomes complete!

It's more organic than it is mechanical. I've also found that it's a defining process as well. People who get excited only about making money and never really get endeared to the company will very often drop out after a while. People who get excited about what the company stands for and the philosophy behind it are the ones who will stay.

And those are the people you want to build this business with!

Reid Nelson, Royal Diamond