I have Diabetic Neuropathy. 100% of the time, my feet feel like the bones are being crushed in vice grips. Dave put the Nikken Kenko mStrides in my shoes and after 10 min. my feet feel warm and the pain is totally gone.”  
-Annette Alfonson

"11 years ago, I was recovering from chemotherapy and unable to sleep through the night. Even though we were skeptical, within three weeks I was sleeping through the night, and waking up refreshed and energized. We had everything we needed and everything we wanted."

— Mary Bernard


Why Should YOU Choose Nikken?

Nikken® has been in the business of offering over four decades of superior, magnetic, 100% organic products, thermo technology's and other innovative self care products. When Nikken offered a 40% discount to new customers the last week of January the response was staggering. The consumer has faith in Nikken products, the market is there all that is missing is you.

Other Points to Consider: 

  • Nikken has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Nikken is ranked #75 out of 853 home businesses according to mlmrankings.com.
  • Nikken's internet popularity percentage is 91.32%.  
  • Low start-up cost 

In Your First Month You can Earn Retail Profit

In this short five minute video we will show you how to earn retail profit in your first month as an independent Nikken self care consultant. 


The Nikken Compensation Plan and Bonus Incentives

You will be working with over 26 years of experience

"My favorite concept for measuring success is that the person who does the most good for the greatest number of people is the most successful. Perhaps a business’s capacity to aid ones ability to positively impact the world might be the best measure for choosing the ultimate career. "
-Dave Johnson

Our mission statement is:  As Magnetic Leaders it is our mission to build strong families of visionaries that will make a difference, influence the future and build a legacy of physically and financially healthy individuals. 

We believe everyone should have a healthy body, healthy family, healthy finances, healthy mind. All of these contribute to a healthy society. This is what Nikken calls the five Pillars of Health®.

Speaking from experience... starting out on your own is intimidating but when you work with us we work together that is what makes our network strong. You will have access to a mentor and you can mentor. Your success will depend on your hard work but we want to give you the tools to make that hard work profitable.You will have access to calls and webinars like the ones above that will keep you informed, educate you and inspire you.  When you sign up you will have a personal web page (PWP) that includes a web shop. You will have the opportunity to travel, meet your peers and get in-depth training. Join me in San Antonio, Tx October 20-23 for the annual Nikken International Field Convention. 

Want to know more? Request more information and we will send you a welcome package to help get you started. 

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